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									Hstory of iso 9000

Kern & Sohn is one of the prominent precision instrument producers in the world.
Founded and incorporated in Germany, the company has been awarded the ISO
9000:2001 certification in recognition of their quality control management.

160 Years Old Legacy

Kern & Sohn was founded by Gottlieb Kern, who belonged to a family of accomplished
European artists and stonemasons, in 1844. The family has a history of about 160 years
of growth and producing high quality products. In 1870, Albert Sauter, the step-son of
Kern, joins the Board of Directors of the company, and three years later, Kern & Sohn
became one of the largest precision balances manufacturers in Germany.

During the last quarter of the nineteenth century, Kern & Sohn brought a number of
innovations and modifications in their designs and manufacturing in order to improve the
accuracy of the instruments they produced. In 1886, Gottlieb Kern passed away. Sauter
takes over as the President. The period was marked with expansion and technological
development and by the turn of the century, Kern & Sohn was already the leaders in a
number of fields.

In 1903, Albert Sauter's son Gustav takes over the company and surviving through the
two devastating world wars, Kern & Sohn carried on its work to produce top quality
scales. Throughout the twentieth century, Kern & Sohn has proved to be one of the
leaders in the German industry and have earned an international reputation for their

Modern Day Operations

Kern & Sohn is continuing its tradition of being the leaders in manufacturing precision
instruments and introducing new innovations to enhance the accuracy of its products.
Kern & Sohn deal in a variety of scale products, including laboratory balances, industrial
scales, medical scales, test weights, basic scales, with ground-breaking solar powered
scales and other related accessories.

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