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									Heliopolis & Nasr City:                          Down town:
Virgin , Marly Gift Shop, C&CO(Heliopolis        AUC Bookshop, Nahdet El Mahrousa, El
club), Heliopolis Bookshop (Heliopolis           Balad Book Shop(Infront of AUC), On The
club), El Maairgy Bookshop(Roxy), Magad          Run, Bookshop, Khaled Bookshop, El Shrouk
Stationery, Wave(El-korba), Dar El Sherok        International), Omar Book Store, Lehnertd
(El-korba), Book Center(El-korba) Air Port El    Book store, Egypt train Station & Mubarak
(Goumhoria Book store), Dar El Sherok (City      Subway Station (El Goumhoria Book store),
Stars), On The Run ,World Gym, Konoz (City       Costa Caffee, Zodiac, Cilantro, , Pottery café
Stars), Alfredo, Planet Africa, Pietro , Costa   (Infront of AUC), Beanos Café.
Coffe (Heliopolis Club), Café Mo, Zodiac,
Cilantro, Segafredo(City Stars), Aroma, ,        Bab El Luk:
Beanos Café, Makani, Tres Bon, Harris Café,      El Adeeb Kamel El Kelany Bookshop
Wow Gift Shop , Arab Academy for Graduate
School ,Ceramic Café, Africano, Zine Coffee,     Garden City:
Maged Ayoub Sedhom Jewelry                       El Araby Bookshop , Roze El Youssef Book
Madboly Book Shop, Wave (Mohandessin),           Haram:
Wave (Lebanon St ,Volume One, C&Co,              Cilantro, Sbarro, On The Run.
Malibu, Gozour Center, On The Run,
Colombus Café, Trianon, Charwoods,               El Manial:
Lipstick, Costa Coffee, Spectra, Pasqua Cafe,    El Kelany Bookshop.
Café Mo, Cilantro, Zodiac, Logic Training
Center, , Beano’s Café, Makani, Living           Universities:
Room, Shooting Club), Arab Academy for           Cairo (El Gokkar), Zakzeek, Assyout, El
Science and Technology Graduate School           Menia, El Wadi El Gedeed (El Goumhoria
of Business, IMI (International Marketing        Book store)
Institute), , Sports Cafe, Zinc Cafe, Tarakeeb
Training Center, Planet Africa , Beano’s         Giza Sq:
(British Council)                                El Ahram Bookshop, Dar El Shero2
                                                 (First Mall)
Bakier Book Shop, Volume One, Stop               6th of October & Cairo-alex Road:
and Shop , Shell Shop (Degla) , On the           Costa Caffee, Beano’s , Trianon (Carforr), On
Run , Spectra, Green Mill, La Casetta,           the Run(Shak Zayied) , On the Run 6 Oct),
Samia Allouba, Sakura Suchi, Cilantro,           On the Run Dream, Bernasos book shop .
Deals Automotive, , Shell Shop (Nasr St.) ,
Columbus Café, Beanos’s Café, Cata Comb,
                                                 Cilantro, Beanos, On the Run, Harris Café
Greco, Redens Hotel, Piraeus Bank, NSGB.
                                                 Sporting Club.
Romancia Book Shop, Zamalek Bookshop,
                                                 Sharm El sheikh:
Arabica, Orangetta, Nile City, Costa Coffee,
Maison Thomas, Cilantro, Mom & Me,
                                                 CUFF & COLLAR:
Beano’s café, Arabica, Vivant Cafe, Costa
                                                 Korba, City Stars, Obour building,
Cafe, Eldiwan‫ ن‬Bookstore, Ali Masoud Book
                                                 Mohandessin, Maadi, Alexandria, Tanta,
                                                 Mansoura, El Mahalaa

                                                 El Rehab City:
                                                 Bernasos book shop.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S                                           PARAMODA GARDEN
(Naser City, Ibn Elnafes St.)                               (Behind Tiba Mall)
Career advising

                   With today’s economic recession, finding job opportunities and
                  holding on to the job you already have has become more difficult

                                          sional advice ab out your CV?
                   Want profes
                                         Want to develop yourself
                                      & improve your qualifications?

                      Want to have the answers to all the
                      problems that face you on a daily basis
                   With our Career Advising section we will solve all your business- related problems
                  Because we want you to be good at what you do!
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                         Send all your queries on
     4             & get professionals to answer you!!!!
     Dear Sir,                                                                        Hi,
     I need your advice regarding my situation, and I need to know                    I am working in a big multinational company in the HR department
     whether I am taking the right step or not. I am an electronics and               as a Junior HR Specialist. I joined this company almost 1 year ago. I
     communication Engineer. I graduated in 2002, and was working as                  am a business graduate, and always thought I would be a very good
     a maintenance Engineer at a leading company in Egypt for mobile                  marketer, but I could not find a good opportunity. So, when the HR
     maintenance.I then left it and joined another company in the same                opportunity showed up I took it. I think I’m going to settle on the
     field at 2005. In this company, I Started out as an engineer, then I got         HR career and I want to make some studies. I already took some
     promoted to technical support and training supervisor after 4years.              courses here and there, but now I want to focus on getting good
     But at the start of the economic crisis, the company decided to                  HR knowledge & studies. I know that everyone is taking the HR
     downsize the staff so I left the company and stayed at home for 4                Diploma, but I want to do something different. Are there any other
     months. I tried to send my C.V. to many companies but unfortunately              courses I can take?? I am mainly working in training & recruitment
     I got no reply, so I decided to start my own career. I thought about             but I would like to learn about compensation & benefits and other
      opening a service center office, by which I will help most of the               areas of HR as well.
      customers in repairing their mobile phones by using my knowledge                                            Best regards,
      and expertise in this field. I was thinking about dealing with the shops                                        Khaled
      first to get the defaulted mobile phones from them and use them as
      spare parts instead of opening useable ones. I will also try to take            Dear Khaled,
      some necessary courses that need to be done for anyone who wants                First, I’d like to congratulate you on your way of thinking
      to work in this field.Do you think this is a Good project or not? I have        Seeking ways to do things differently is definitely a positive sign that
      more than 7 years experience in mobile maintenance and I also have              you have a lot more to offer than others! Everyone is recommending
      many certificates from well established names in this field. I was also         the HR Diploma since it is the most known post-graduate study in
      responsible for training all the company staff on the new technologies          the HR field in Egypt. There is also the HR Certificate from the AUC,
      during my last position as a "training supervisor”. I am aware that             the Certified Professional in Human Resources & Compensation
      working inside an agency is different from opening a business of your           Certification Program (CPHRC) which EHRMA is offering in
      own, but I am worried about losing my experience and the last 7                 conjunction with IHRME (USA). After you complete two years of
      years I worked so hard for if I settled for working at any company in           experience in the HR field, you can go for the PHR (Professional

                                                                                                                                                                      Career advising
       a different Field.Sorry for the disturbance and the long e-mail, but I         in Human Resources) Certification which is being offered by HRCI
       hope you can advice me.                                                        through the AmCham. You can also take it as a self-study, and
                                     Thanks a lot,                                    only sit for the exam at the AmCham.I want to draw your attention
                                          Ehab                                        Khaled that certifications differ from certificate programs because
                                                                                      certifications include an experience component. Certificate programs,
      Before starting any private business, there are a lot of preparations           on the other hand, award certificates once a course of study has
      that need to be done. No one can tell you whether it's a good or bad            been completed and do not require previous work experience. This
      idea before making some studies first! You need to study the market             is why you need minimum years of experience for getting the PHR
      you are going to operate in, who are your competitors, whether they             certification. I would advise you to sit with your manager to discuss
      are doing good or bad, where are you going to position your company,            which one of these programs/certifications are more suitable for
      which clients are you going to target....etc. You need to do some sort          your role now, collect full information about them (content, duration,
      of a feasibility study, and if you decide to go for it, you should work         timing, cost...etc.) weigh all the pros & cons. of each option, then
      according to a business plan. I advise you to also understand the               select the most suitable one and go for it. Wish you all the best with
      financials involved in the process very well. To put it simply, you need        your career.
      to know how much you will spend and how much you are going to                                                 Best regards,
      get in return (profit). If you know someone with experience in this field,                                    Mona Khairy
       it will definitely be a good idea to discuss this initiative with him/her to                      General Manager - MULTISKILLS
       build on according to their experiences and avoid falling in the pitfalls
       they fell in. Good luck with this adventure :)                                      I graduated last year from the Faculty of Arts, English Section. I
                                      Best regards,                                        first worked as a KG English Teacher because I really love children,
                                      Mona Khairy                                          and I was very happy. Then, I did summer training in a multinational
                           General Manager - MULTISKILLS                                  company as an Administrator Assistant, and I was really good that
                                                                                          when they had a vacancy they called me and offered me a job. I
                                                                                          was told that they will give me a small salary during the 3 months
Dear Career Manager                                                                       probation period and that they will increase it after that if I work hard
I saw an advertisement about the career advising and I wanted to thank                    and proved to be successful, they even told me the amount I will
you for it, it has been very helpful and I always read your work.As you                   take. The problem is that it has been four months since and no one
may see from my CV that I attached, I am a sales representative and                       is telling me anything! Although, everyone is always thanking me for
it is a very tiring job. I have worked with this company for 2 years.                     the quality of my work and keep telling that I’m doing a great job! I
I planned to be promoted to marketing afterwards, but unfortunately                       like the company very much and I want to continue working there,
they rejected me because I don’t have the needed experience. I wanted                     but my parents & friends are pushing me to leave. I have another offer
to work in the marketing field but it seems impossible now. I am not                      similar to the one I am in now, but I don’t want to leave this particular
happy in sales anymore and I want to work at big company. I think that                    company. I don’t know what to do and I am too embarrassed to talk
career shifting is my best option for now, and that it will help me reach                 to my manager as everyone is telling me to do. What do you think I
my goal to work in the marketing field.I would appreciate your advice.                    should do? I feel very confused.
                               Mohamed                                                                                 Thank you,
 Dear Mohamed,
Thank you for your kind words & appreciation                                              Dear Maha,
Sales could be an interesting job for those who like it and a very difficult              I know how embarrassing it may seem discussing your increase with
one for those who don’t. I understand that you accepted working in this                   your manager, but I’m afraid I will have to join the others in advising
company as a Sales Representative in the hope that one day you may                        you to do so.You had a clear deal with your manager when you
be able to shift to Marketing.Well, that’s not a bad strategy Mohamed,                    started working. You kept your part of the deal, and they should keep
but to implement it properly you should equip yourself with some tools                    theirs! One thing you need to know Maha, in life no one is going to
to succeed. I would advise to:                                                            come & give you your rights on a silver plate. If you have a right, you
1. Clearly identify your areas of weaknesses & Strengths. Work very                      have to ask for it.You say you are happy where you are working and
hard on Strengthening your weaknesses and maintaining & developing                       you don’t want to leave. If you don’t talk to your manager, you will
your strengths Further.                                                                  end up working with the same salary without getting the increase you
2. Take some specialized studies in the marketing field.                                 were promised and which you rightly deserve.I recommend that you
3. Work on improving your English language.                                              sit with your manager, remind him/her of your previous agreement
4. And Above all you need to make some outstanding results in your                       when you were first hired, and see what action will he/she take. If
current post so that your managers would recognize your talent and                       they don’t increase your salary as agreed, then tell them about the
give you other opportunities in the fields you show interest in.                         offer that you have and if they don’t do something by then, I believe
Once you accomplish some positive results in a/m areas, you will                         it will be best for you to leave & join this new company.Don’t confuse
become in a better position to reach your goals whether in your current                  yourself, Maha. This is your right and you have to ask for it. As long
organization or elsewhere.                                                               as you are going to discuss it with your manager in a professional
                             Best of luck,                                               way, then there is no need to be embarrassed at all.
                             Mona Khairy
                  General Manager - MULTISKILLS
                                                                                                                        Best of luck,
                                                                                                                       Mona Khairy
                                                                                                            General Manager-MULTISKILLS
                    Welcome to Bestseller                                              4. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
Bestseller is multi-national company founded in 1975.                                  5. Innovative, detail oriented, and business talented.
We design and sell clothes and accessories targeting young men and women,              6. Willingness to work positively and effectively with managers and associates
children and teenagers. Our first shop was opened in 1975. Today, we have              to accomplish the organization’s goals.
more than 4,200 shops and 12,000 wholesale customers in 41 countries;                  7. Complete bestseller Management Training successfully.
including Egypt since 2006 now we are operating 7 shops including our brands           8. Able to adapt to change quickly & to handle multiple projects simultaneously
(VERO MODA, JACK & JONES and NAME IT) with more expansions to come.                    9. Possess supervisory skills and is able to manage a team of more than 7 people
The foundation of our positive results is the people at Bestseller, who have           10. Basic computer skills
maintained their commitment to the Bestseller culture and philosophy over              11. Outgoing, dynamic, team-player, able to train and delegate tasks, able to
the years. We proudly preserve our individuality and take pride in our job and in      lead, develop, and motivate.
being the best. We have created a company that is recognized to be a winning
team.                                                                                  Cashier
A Shared Spirit                                                                        1. Responsible for greeting customers and receiving them in a nice way since
Bestseller’s strategy is simple:                                                       he/she represent the shop image, being on the cash counter.
Employ motivated people. Train them to be the best they can be. Offer them an          2. Responsible for invoicing customers’ items accurately and cashing the right
environment in which they can flourish.                                                amounts from customers.
A Never Changing Culture                                                               3. Responsible for double-checking the received cash, cheques & credit cards.
Long ago, Bestseller decided to lay down the cornerstone of an ethical code of         4. Responsible for packing customers’ items properly into the shop bags.
conduct. This simply means treating others as you yourself wish to be treated.         5. Responsible for processing the exchange of merchandise on the system after
A Global Culture                                                                       the approval of the shop manager.
In Bestseller we wish to treat all colleagues involved in our company in such a        6. Ensure the approval of shop manager before processing any discount
way that they feel part of a family. This is the most important drive behind the       7. Responsible for handling the cash register and making sure it is balanced
success in expanding the Bestseller brand to new markets.                              with the items invoiced or exchanged.
Philosophy                                                                             Minimum Requirements:
In Bestseller we can tell so much about people’s attitude from the little things.      1. A High School diploma is required; A technical degree or others are an advantage.
We can train people for a job, but we cannot easily train them to have the             2. Computer skills are necessary.
right attitude. We want to treat all colleagues equally. We call our managers          3. 0 to1 year experience in cash handling and operating cash register or any
by their first name, and it feels good. The managers are always supportive             related field.
even when mistakes are made. We are all committed to the well-being and                4. Experienced in customer service, direct contact with people, & selling techniques.
positive development of our colleagues. Together we must build a solid base of         5. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
experience from which new employees can benefit.                                       6. Innovative, detail oriented, and sales talented.
                                                                                       7. Trustful and has the capability to deal with cash and is highly concentrated.
                         Bestseller VIsIoN                                             8. Willingness to handle pressure, customers, and long working hours.
One World                                                                              9. Dedicated and responsible
Our world is built on fairness and opportunities. Cultural differences are an
advantage, which will promote quality, extraordinary results and good values.          Sales Associate
Always trying to give more than we promise we try to meet remoteness with              1. Plan and prioritize personal sales activities towards achieving agreed
closeness.                                                                             business aims, including costs and sales - especially managing personal time
One Philosophy                                                                         and productivity.
We make Bestseller’s 10 Basic Principles come alive. We are humble and together        2. Manage product/service mix, pricing & margins according to agreed aims.
we work hard. We base our co-operation on trust, partnership and honesty. We           3. Maintain and develop existing and new customers through appropriate
treat all people as individuals but we think and act as a team. Therefore we           propositions and ethical sales methods, and relevant internal liaison, to
succeed.                                                                               optimize quality of service, business growth, and customer and satisfaction.
One Family                                                                             4. Attend internal meetings which are necessary to perform duties and aid
The backbone of Bestseller is our family feeling. We help each other and have          business development.
unlimited faith in our relatives. We show our identity in the good examples we         5. Attend training and to develop relevant knowledge, techniques and skills.
set for one another. We are proud of our family. It is both our link to the past and   Minimum Requirements:
the foundation of our future.                                                          1. A High School diploma is required;
                                                                                       2. 0 to1 year experience in Sales field.
                          lIst of VacaNcIes                                            3. Experience in customer service, direct contact with people, and selling
Shop Manager                                                                           techniques.
1. Manage and motivate staff, ensure relevant HR procedures are followed.              4. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
2. Plan, forecast, report on sales, costs and business performance, according to       5. Innovative, detail oriented, and sales talented.
company requirements.                                                                  6. Willingness to handle pressure, customers, and long working hours.
3. Manage cash and payment systems in accordance with company procedures
& policies, at all times with staff & customer safety as the uppermost priority.       Our Representatives
4. Plan and implement shop merchandising, layout and customer traffic flow so          Julien AbouShakra – Office Manager
as to maximize sales, customer satisfaction, appearance, image and ergonomics          Hicham Akoum – Operation Manager
for customers.                                                                         Dalia Gomaa – HR Officer
5. Manage and maintain effectiveness of IT & other essential in-store systems.
6. Attend meetings & contribute to company strategy & policy-making as required.
7. Develop personal skills and capability through on-going training, as provided                                     coNtact INfo
by the company or elsewhere subject to Company approval.                                         Address: 5 Syria St, Misr Plaza Building – Mohandseen, Cairo
Minimum Requirements:                                                                                   Tel: +2 02 33 44 99 47 Fax: +2 02 33 44 99 42
1. A minimum of a High School diploma is required; a BA degree is a plus.                                        Website:
2. A minimum of 3 years of business experience preferably with retail sales                         Email for recruitment:
experience and a proven demonstration of skills in a similar field.                                           Working hours: 9.30 am – 6.30 pm
3. Experienced in customer service, relations, and problem resolution.                                    Working days: Monday through Saturday
                  HOW TO WRITE
                  A JOB -ATTRACTING

Feed YOUr Brain

                  by Dina Shaker

                            our curriculum vitae is the single most important weapon in your        Education
                            armory when it comes to job hunting. So if you are looking for          A pretty self-explanatory section. Here you list your university degrees,
                            a job, then it is very important that you understand how to offer       or, in case you have not actually graduated yet, the educational program
                            yourself in the best way to an employer. A CV resume is quite           you are/were enrolled in. If you happen to have more than one degree, list
                  simply an advert to sell yourself to an employer. So the purpose of your CV       them all. When you have been working for several years and have had a
                  is to make you attractive, interesting, worth considering to the company          few different jobs, your actual education loses its direct importance and
                  and so receive a job interview.                                                   can even be left out. Then it is the jobs you have had and what you have
                  In today’s competitive and fast-moving job market, you only have 30               done that defines your knowledge and skills, not what education you once
                  seconds to impress a potential employer with your CV. To give yourself            took.
                  the best chance of securing an interview, you need to make sure your CV
                  works for you. By following a few simple rules, you can maximize your             Language Proficiency
                  chances and stand out from the other applicants. A prospective employer           Today, the marketplace is more and more internationalized. Companies
                  will often make a snap judgment the second they read it and even the most         have offices, branches, and/or business in other countries. If you know
                  qualified people on the planet can find themselves rejected if the resume         some foreign tongues, you are naturally more valuable to an employer
                  fails to come up to scratch. So how can you give yours the edge?                  who frequently has business abroad. Thus you should list the languages
                                                                                                    you know -- and how well you know them -- in your CV.
                  CV Heading
                  In the CV heading you should write your general information. It is essential to   Remember to be positive about yourself. Rather than estimating your skills
                  write down your name, surname and your local address. Other information           in some language as “poor”, list them as “basic”. It simply sounds better.
                  like your E-mail address and phone number are also very important for the         I would suggest a scale along the lines of: basic, average, fluent, native.
                  company to have your contact information. If applying for an overseas job,        Of course, you can narrow it down further if you, for example, consider
                  please remember to include your international dialing code.                       yourself better than basic but not really average and can find a suitable
                                                                                                    word for it.
                  CV Skills Summary
                  Ask yourself what you know, not only what you have learned at the university,     Cover Letter
                  but what you have picked up outside classes too. Which of these skills            When sending in a CV or job application form, you must include a covering
                  are relevant to the job you are applying for? The Skills Summary section          letter. The purpose of the letter is to make sure that the CV arrives on the
                  of your CV includes your main skills. You should only include keywords            desk of the correct person. Take the trouble to telephone, and find the
                  in this section, do not go into lengthy descriptions of your skills. The skill    name of the person who will be dealing with applications or CVs, and
                  summary is also called personal profile.                                          address your letter, and envelope, to that person by name, to persuade the
                                                                                                    person to read your CV. So it must be relevant to the company, interesting,
                  Career Objective                                                                  and well produced, to clearly say what job you are interested in. Explain
                  What are your goals in life? What do you want to become What are your             what sort of work you are interested in.
                  strengths? What are your weaknesses? You do not know? The career
                  objective should have your hopes, dreams and intentions. It is a tough            Do not say, ‘I would be interested in working for X Company, but say ‘I
                  section, but an important one. In a résumé, this should be at the top of          believe my skills equip me to work in the product development department/
                  the page, becoming the first thing the recruiter reads about you. The best        accounts office/whatever’. When sending a speculative CV, you may try
                  Career Objective should only be one or two normal length sentences.               telephoning later to push your enquiry further. To say why you want that
                                                                                                    particular job with that particular employer and to draw attention to one or
                  Positions/Experience                                                              two key points in the CV which you feel make you suited to that particular
                  This is the most important section in every CV or résumé, except for              job with that particular employer. Start your letter with an underline heading
                  students who have yet to get any real work experience. Here you list the          giving the job title you are interested in.
                  jobs you have had. In the beginning you list them all, but when you have
                  had a few, you can relax a bit and only list those that are of relevance          The letter should only be on one side of A4 paper. It must be polite and

     8            to the new job you are applying for. You should also write a short but
                  expressive description of what responsibilities the positions included. Here
                                                                                                    easy to read. Also mention when you are available for an interview. Ending
                                                                                                    your letter with a request for specific extra information may give a positive
                  you should always use action verbs and remember to sell yourself.                 response.
                       First Jobs
                                                            … A Path to

                                                                                                                  Feed YOUr Brain
                                                                                                 by Dina Shaker

    t is very common these days to jump around from job to job, even
    career to career; it’s far more common for people to have 3 or more
    different jobs in a decade than just one. And this extends to the first job
    after graduation. It’s not a common perception that your first job can set
the tone for your entire career… even in the tech field.
But your first job, nonetheless, is one of your most important job experiences
that can help you find a better one in the future.
Graduates’ first job has an inordinate impact on their career path and their
“future income stream”. The importance of first jobs for future success also
means that graduates remain highly dependent on the random fluctuations
of the economy, which can play a crucial role in the quality of jobs available
when later on, that is good news for people who are entering the work
force with the economy growing, but rather disturbing for recent graduates
who were driven by recession into taking less-than-ideal first jobs and are
now aiming to work their way up.
Your first job sets the tone for the rest of your career. Choosing the right
first job takes careful research and planning, and there can be pitfalls along
the way. If you aim low, your career path may be limited as a result. If you
choose the wrong company, it could set you off on a track that might take
years to change. You should be able to prepare to network and market
yourself whenever the circumstances should oblige you to.
You should put in mind that when you are looking for your second job,
which may be out of choice or because of circumstances, employers will
place a lot of importance on your previous job title and the prestige of the
company where you first worked. It is extremely difficult to move from an
entry-level job at a small or unknown organization into a higher position in
a well-known organization. However, it is much easier to go from a good
professional position at a recognized company into a better position at an
even more successful organization.
Before looking for a first job, it’s very important to know what you want to
be in the future. You should ask yourself “Do I want to be a specialist or
a generalist?” If you are really passionate about a particular field (such as
engineering, biology, music, finance, or medicine) and you know that this
is what you want to pursue, then you probably are a specialist. If, on the
other hand, your interests lie in becoming an organizational leader or an
entrepreneur, you are probably more of a generalist. As a specialist, you
will want to choose a first job that allows you the opportunity to progress
more deeply in your field. As a generalist, you would be wise to choose a
first job that will offer you opportunities to learn about a number of fields,
and to expand your confidence and leadership abilities.
But always know that no matter what your first job is, working hard is the
vital key to success. Having a good work ethic is important in any job you        Sponsored by
have. Whether you are flipping burgers or answering phones it is the one
thing that will get you noticed. With a good work ethic you will find that you
can go farther in your job than anyone – which will help you work towards
the job you want.

For more information about The Ultimate Career Kit contact us on:
                                                                                     How to
                               any planned interviews, particularly those at
                               large companies, start with a question like “tell
                               me about yourself.” This is a specific question
                               with a specific answer in two minutes or so,
                  the interviewer wants to get you to relax and loosen out
                  your vocal cords, understand your background, your

                  accomplishments, why you want to work at this particular
                  company and what your future goals are. Self-confidence
                  is an essential key for a successful and effective career.
                  A person with self confidence will always be a center of
                  attention. He or she can accomplish their goals very easily.
                  Self-confidence can be found in people who possess a
                  strong self- esteem they may be familiar with their personal

                                                                                     your Personality
                  value, and take action accordingly. Your qualifications
                  and experience may look great on paper, but if you can’t
                  impress at the interview then you won’t get a good job.
                  If interviews aren’t your strong point or you haven’t done

                  many before then don’t worry, you can always improve
                  your interview skills:

                  Get the Basics Right
                                                                                     for an
                  Making a good impression at an interview starts with the           by Dina Shaker
                  basics. First and most important, be on time. Look up
                  the address beforehand and work out how you are going
Feed YOUr Brain

                  to get there. If something happens that is beyond your
                  control then make sure you have the phone number with
                  you that you can ring and explain. Being punctual always
                  gives you a head start, and makes your interviewer build
                  a good impression about you and about how responsible
                  you will be at work.

                  Practice Makes Perfect
                  Not everybody is naturally good at interviews but you can
                  improve your interview skills by practicing. Ask a friend or
                  family member to give you a mock interview and assess
                  how well you do. Think about the interview questions that
                  the employer is likely to ask and plan some answers in
                  advance. Also, practice introducing yourself and talking
                  about your life and interests. The more prepared you
                  feel, the better equipped you will be to cope with the real

                  Show your personality
                  Your potential employer will have seen your application
                  and know all about you on paper, but the interview is
                  the first time they will see your personality. Giving a good
                  impression and coming across well is as important as
                  having good answers to questions. Be friendly and open
                  up, talk with confidence and a steady voice. You also
                  shouldn’t try too hard as this is likely to stifle your natural

                  Always have goals
                  Be aware of your goals; show the interviewer that you have
                  ideas and anticipations for your future and the company’s
                  as well. It will be a plus if you represent the interviewer with
                  some ideas and creative changes that can be made.

                  It is easier said than done of course, but it is very important
                  to appear relaxed and calm at the interview. Being too
                  tense and nervous will mean that you don’t perform to the
                  best of your ability. By practicing your interview skills and
                  planning answers to possible interview questions, you will
                  feel more confident.
                  Making a good impression at an interview isn’t complicated
                  but it is important. By planning in advance you will feel
                  more confident and relaxed on the day of your interview
                  and will let your personality shine through.

                  Do Your Homework
                  Having knowledge about a potential employer gives you a
                  competitive edge over other job seekers. A key resource for
                  job-seekers is information, as job-seekers will not succeed
                  in the job-search without knowledge of the companies
                  you are interviewing with. It’s also very important to know
                  about the kind of employees the company wants, along

    10            with the responsibilities which will accompany your field
                  of work.
                                 e have been witnessing throughout the
                                 years the problems and difficulties fresh
                                 graduates face after graduation. The fresh
                                 graduate situation has been deteriorating

                  year after year, but no one has tried to tackle where the
                  problem is coming from or how to solve it.
                  We have been facing this problem long before the
                  economic recession, and as much as the recession
                  did backfire and increase the difficulties of the fresh
                  graduates’ employment, it was not the main cause of this
                  particular problem.After graduation, the fresh graduates
                  are left in the world of the unknown. Not only do they
                  discover that all the curriculum that they have been
                  studying throughout the minimum four years of college,

                                                                                  the reasons of
                  has nothing whatsoever to do with the real world, but the
                  problem doesn’t only lie there. Even after graduation, the
                  fresh graduate is restrained from immediately applying
                  for a job because of one of the many obstacles they
                  face such as waiting for the graduation certificate or

                  completing their Army papers. Another point that only
                  makes the whole situation even worse is that most of
                  the well-established companies are always looking
                  for experienced and qualified employees, not leaving
                  a chance for the fresh graduates, and they can’t be
                  blamed. Every company leader or manager looks for the
                  welfare of the company as a whole and that is why the                      by Dina Shaker
Feed YOUr Brain

                  final choice is always in favor of the more experienced
                  and educated candidates. Recent studies have shown
                  that unemployment in Egypt was 8.8 percent for the
                  fourth quarter of 2008, according to numbers released
                  by MENA, the state news agency. The percentage of
                  unemployed with university degrees or higher education
                  reached 21.8 per cent. And for those with secondary
                  education it reached a higher rate of 53.9 per cent. These
                  figures reveal the seriousness of the situation.
                  Placing a well organized system will put this crisis to an
                  end. Universities and institutions in Egypt concentrate on
                  lectures and speeches that don’t give the students any
                  opportunity of practicing and doing practical work that
                  will give them a wider idea of how the working operation
                  takes place. Undergraduates should undergo all the
                  training needed to be open to all the possibilities and
                  difficulties one is bound to face in the business.
                  There is a constant mismatch between jobs that are
                  available and the skills of those who are aiming to fill it.
                  Undergraduates should stress on taking all the training
                  courses and workshops needed for the field they desire.
                  By doing so, their knowledge and qualifications will
                  enhance their opportunities in finding a good job, and
                  by that the gap between fresh graduates and the jobs
                  available will decrease gradually.

                  We live and work in a changing world. New laws are
                  introduced that lead to the introduction of new policies.
                  New ideas and approaches emerge. New problems
                  arise and new solutions are sought. The world of work
                  is therefore a constantly moving and evolving one. What
                  this means, then, is that, if we are not constantly learning
                  as we go about our day-to-day business, then each
                  day we are getting further and further out of touch with
                  the demands of the modern working world. And that is
                  why solving the issue of unemployment isn’t going to
                  be as hard if every person tried to develop him/her self
                  individually. Being more developed and more qualified will
                  make a better work candidate of you when searching for
                  a job. Lately training centers have been concentrating
                  on giving the fresh graduates a wider and clearer view of
                  how the working system operates.
                  It has become essential to invest in training and
                  developing job seekers in all fields. Training centers
                  mainly concentrate on providing a high quality training
                  and education service together with consultancy services
                  that will help fresh graduates understand many points
                  concerning, for example, how to write resumes, how to
                  act in an interview, how to dress and how to manage time.
                  Stressing on the importance learning and developing
                  individually is essential, for learning is the most important
                  way of achieving the link between good job opportunities
                  and the fresh graduates who represent all the innovated
    12            and creative ideas that will elevate the companies, and
                  therefore will restore the economic growth in Egypt.
   tHe JOB HUNt                                                                                                                         by Dina Shaker

L                                                                                                                                                                   Feed YOUr Brain
        ooking for a new job can be stressful, especially when the                  4. Don’T GET LAzy
        economy is sluggish. The stakes are higher, and the pressure                Browse job boards, search the classifieds, and look for jobs wherever you
        is even more intense. Each person’s situation is different, but the         can. Some employers don’t want to spend a lot of money advertising a
        basic rules of the job hunt are still the same, whether you’re out of       job opening, so reach out to companies that might not have a job opening
work, looking to return to the workforce, or trying to change your career,          listed, as they might be quietly searching for new employees, so keep your
or even a fresh graduate. Here are some tips to help you get started, as            eyes open to all possibilities and you never know where the right job may
well as manage the stress:                                                          come from.

1. EvALUATE yoUr CUrrEnT SITUATIon                                                  5. TAKE A LooK AT WHAT’S oUT THErE.
Are you unemployed? What are your skills? What do you most want to                  You must be open to all the possibilities, chances are, a lot has changed
do? What will you settle for? If you currently have a job, what about it do         since your last job search. You should begin to see and understand what
you hate? What do you love? What are you looking for? You must know                 are the demands and needs of the new companies are out there. If you
the answer to all the above questions in order to determine what you want           can, talk to people who are already doing your dream job, so you can get
to do and in which field you want to continue in.                                   an inside look at what it’s really like.

2. BEForE yoU STArT yoUr JoB SEArCH, BE                                             6. rEvAMp yoUr rESUME
CLEAr ABoUT THE LIFE AnD CArEEr yoU WAnT                                            Don’t just update it with information about your current (or most recent)
As you think about looking for your first job, you will no doubt already            job; tailor your resume to fit the new job for which you are applying. If you
have done a great deal of career preparation through your education                 feel that your CV is empty and not qualified enough for your dream job,
and perhaps through some additional training. Now is a good time to                 then it’s never too late to develop your knowledge. Start taking courses
remember why you chose this field. Is it still relevant to you? Will it give you    that are relevant to the field you are hoping to work in.
the kind of lifestyle you want? Will it provide you with enough money to
enjoy that lifestyle? If not, you may need to rethink your career plans.            7. BE prEpArED
                                                                                    Before your interview, find out everything you can, not only about the
3. KnoW WHAT Do DIFFErEnT JoBS EnTAIL                                               company, but about the person who will be interviewing you. This will give
Learning what people actually do on a day-to-day basis is a crucial step in         you a head start as to how to act and what to see during the interview,
your job search. Understanding jobs is the best way to ensure you make              which will increase your possibility of getting the job.

the right decision for you. It is also essential for writing strong applications,   And always know that you should always treat your job search as if it were
which persuade a company or organization, that you are a good fit for               a job and you will get lucky.
the job.
                  Our ultimate                L
                                                       ooking for your first job can seem like an over-whelming task.
                                                       Finding a job is hard to begin with—but if you haven’t had any

                  guide tO yOur
                                                       work experience, have never written a resume or been through
                                                       an interview, and don’t even know what kind of job you want
                                              or are qualified for—job hunting can seem impossible.

                  successful ride
                                              The Employer newsletter together with The Training Center has
                                              put together a series of articles that will help you choose the
                                              right career path and develop your qualifications.

                             by Dina Shaker   Choosing the right career only comes after having knowledge about
                                              it. For it is important before committing yourself to a career to know
                                              everything about the job you are taking, because knowing about a
                                              career makes it easier for you to succeed in it. Every person is good at
                                              something, and the key to success is loving what you do for a living.

                                                 HOw tO be a
                                               gOOd marketer
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                                              How do you grab people’s attention, arouse their interest, trigger their
                                              desire, and motivate them to take action? Answer that four-part question
                                              correctly and you’ve identified the secret to achieving tremendous
                                              marketing success in your chosen business or field.Marketing is both
                                              an attitude and a process. In order for marketing to be successful, you
                                              must have a positive attitude about the organization you work in. If you
                                              do not believe in the organization and its purposes, you will not be able
                                              to project a positive image, and will not be able to succeed in return.
                                              Here are tips for how to be a good marketer:

                                              1) Gain Customer Confidence:
                                              Customer skepticism, indifference, or confusion are among the top
                                              sales killers in the business world. It’s up to you to project an image
                                              of experience, quality, dependability, excellent customer service, and/or
                                              added value to your prospective customers in order to win their confidence
                                              and overcome sales objections. If you haven’t clearly communicated the
                                              advantages and solid reasons for them to do business with you, then
                                              they’ll be hesitant to commit and the sale will go to your competitor.

                                              2) Sincere Enthusiasm:
                                              Sincere enthusiasm is contagious. If you deeply believe in your products,
                                              services, your company, and yourself, then your prospects will pick up
                                              on that passionate attitude and feel confident and optimistic about
                                              doing business with you. Your words are important, but your nonverbal
                                              communication -- your tone of voice, inflection, rate of speech, volume,
                                              facial expressions, your listening skills, eye contact, and overall
                                              responsiveness -- can have an even greater impact on how you influence
                                              and persuade your prospective customers, clients, or members.

                                              3) Always have a Marketing plan:
                                              Create a small business marketing plan to identify and capitalize on
                                              your strengths and opportunities. Your marketing strategies should also
                                              take into account factors such as your weaknesses, external threats
                                              (competition, economic factors, etc.), media strategy, sales and expense
                                              budgets, target market analysis, and readily available marketing tools,
                                              as well as marketing strategies and tools that you need to research or
                                              acquire. It is important to be very organized and have a solution to any
                                              problem that you might face

                                              4) Be Unique:
                                              Creating a unique positioning can be done in a variety of ways:
                                              Pricing -- You can use price to create the winning difference. For
                                              instance you could undercut your competitors and offer the cheapest
                                              product of its kind in the market. Your competitive advantage would be
                                              price. Alternately, you could create an up market product and sell at a
                                              premium price.

                                              Quality -- is another way to distinguish what you sell from all the rest.
                                              Again, you can choose to vary the quality of production or service from
                                              over-the-top to just-scraping-by. Either way, you will want to claim a
                                              certain quality standard.

    14                                        Putting creativity to your work elevates it to a higher standard and gives
                                              you priority to other candidates in the same field.
                                                              Personal Assistant to                                                         • Flash intros and banners
                      Accounting                            the Commercial Director                   Customer Service                      • Excellent with Action Script,
                      and Finance                        • Relieves Management of all                                                       HTML and CSS are assets
                                                         administrative details                           Customer Service                  • 1+ years of experience in a
                                                         • Assist department staff in                     IBM Team Leader                   similar position
             Investor Relation Coordinator
                       (TE-FN6)                          secretarial details if required           • Leads, motivates and encourages
                    Local Company                        • Coordinate department staff             continuous improvement within a team     Please send your CV to
             • 2 years of experience in a similar post   meetings, records and process             of Customer Service Representatives
             • Investment / Brokerage                    minutes of meetings                       • Addresses complex entitlement
             background is a must                        • Process correspondence                  and contract queries globally
                                                         translations (Arabic/English/Arabic)      • Handles customer calls as required              Engineering
             Kindly send your CV to:                     as required                               • University degree
                   • Screen callers, relays messages         • 2+ years of experience
                                                         and greet visitors                        • Must have excellent command of         Business Development Engineer
             Loan Administrator (TE-FN8)                 • 0-4 years of experience                 English language                                     EEC
                 Multinational Bank                      • Able to provide a responsive,           • Fluent near native command of          • Survey for new clients
             • Minimum 3 years of experience             customer-focused service on the           one of the following languages:          • Presentations for new clients
             • back office operations in the area        telephone, via electronic media,          French - German - Italian - Spanish      • Follow up with existing clients
             of loan administration and/or in the        and face to face is essential             • Flexibility to work on shift basis     • Making brief report about RFQs
             area of documentary credits (letters        • Fluent in written and spoken            • Excellent communication,               • Following up the offers and
             of credit & letters of guarantee)           English & Arabic, French is a plus        interpersonal & problem solving skills   attending clarification meetings
             • Fluent in French language                 • Proficient in Microsoft Office Skills   • Good command of business               • Marketing
                                                                                                   computer applications                    • Degree in Engineering
             Kindly send your CV to:                     Kindly send your CV to:                   • (Word-processing, spreadsheets,        • From 0-5 years of relevant
                                internet browsing, etc.)                 experience
                                                         Please write the “Job Title” in the                                                • Gender: Any
                         Accountant                      subject line of your E-mail               Please send your resume on               • Reporting to: Business
             • 0 – 4 years of experience                                                           only one of the following email          Development Manager
             • A Degree in Accounting                       Administration Assistant               addresses based on your primary

             • Excellent Knowledge of Microsoft          • Relieves Management of all              language proficiency:                    For applicants please send your
             Office Applications                         administrative details                                 C.V on the below email
             • Fluent in English                         • Assists department staff in                 
             • Experience in using Oracle                secretarial details if required 
             Ledger application                          • Coordinate department staff                                Production Engineer
                                                         meetings, records and process                                       EEC
             Kindly send your CV to:                     minutes of meetings                                  • Research, design, evaluate, install,
                            • Process correspondence                                                           operate, and maintain mechanical
             Please write the “Job Title” in the         translations (Arabic/English/Arabic)             Customer Service                  products, equipment, systems and
             subject line of your E-mail                 as required                                       Representative                   processes to meet requirements
                                                         • Screen callers, relays messages         • Handles high priority, fast moving     • Investigate equipment failures &
                                                         and greet visitors                        requests from customers                  difficulties to diagnose faulty operation,
                    Administration                       • 0-4 years of experience                 • Takes appropriate action to            & to make recommendations to
                                                         • Able to provide a responsive,           maintain customer satisfaction           maintenance crew
                Administration Assistant                 customer-focused service on the           • Monitors call queues to ensure         • Assist drafters in developing the
                Multinational Company                    telephone, via electronic media,          customer service levels are achieved     structural design of products using
             • 0-2 years of experience                   and face to face is essential             • University degree                      drafting tools or computer-assisted
             • Fluent English                            • Fluent in written and spoken            • Relevant experience is an advantage    design (CAD) or drafting equipment
             • Very good Communication skills            English & Arabic, French is a plus        • Fresh graduates are encouraged         and software
             • Very good Computer skills                 • Proficient in Microsoft Office Skills   • Must have excellent command of         • Provide feedback to design
                                                                                                   English language                         engineers on customer problems
             Kindly send your CV to:                     Kindly send your CV to:                   • Fluent near native command of          and needs
                                       one of the following languages:          • Oversee installation, operation,
             Please write “ADM 003” in the               Please write the “Job Title” in the       French - German - Italian -Spanish       maintenance, and repair to ensure
             subject line of your E-mail                 subject line of your E-mail               • Flexibility to work on shift basis     that machines and equipment are
                                                                                                   • Excellent communication,               installed and functioning according
                      Sales Executive                                                              interpersonal & problem solving skills   to specifications
                                                                     Banking                                                                • Conduct research that tests and
             • Increase sales                                                                      • Good command of business
             • Leading presentations and                                                           computer applications (Word-             analyzes the feasibility, design,
             negotiations successfully securing           Senior Treasury Accountant               processing, spreadsheets, internet       operation and performance of
             new business & maximizing potential                   (TE-FN7)                        browsing, etc.)                          equipment, components & systems
             within the existing client base                Multinational Company                                                           • Degree in Production Engineering
             • Responsible for the development           • 2 to 4 years of experience              Please send your resume on               • From 0-5 years of relevant
             of tenders and sales opportunities          • Corporate banking back ground           only one of the following email          experience
             • 0-4 years of experience                   is a must                                 addresses based on your primary          • Gender: Male
             • Demonstrated ability to succeed           • Very good command of English            language proficiency:                    • Reporting to: Factory Manager
             in a fast paced work environment            Language                        
             • Professional accomplishments              Kindly send your CV to:                                 For applicants please send your
             that reflect self-motivation,                                 C.V on the below email
             initiative, independence and strong                                                      
             interpersonal skills                        Corporate Relationship Officer  
             • Goal oriented                                 Multinational Bank                                    Contracts coordinator
             • Works well independently and as           • Commerce or Economics                                                                         EEC
             a team player                               Related Bachelors degree                                                           • Contract study
             • Fluent in spoken and written              • 0-3 years of experience                              Design                      • P.O Revision
             both English and French                     • Fluent English                                                                   • Down payments follow up
                                                         • Very good Communication,                   Flash Designer (FD 004)               • Solving contract conflicts
             Kindly send your CV to:                     presentation, analytical skills                   Yellow pages                     • Follow up & Solving delivery
                            • Preferably Credit Course holder         • Excellent skills in using flash 8,     problems
             Please write the “Job Title” in the         Kindly send your CV to:                   Adobe Photoshop                          • Solving deduction problems
   16        subject line of your E-mail       
                                                         Please write “BNK 003” in the
                                                                                                   • Creativity and imaginative sense
                                                                                                   of art for designing
                                                                                                                                            • Degree in commerce or Engineering
                                                                                                                                            • Gender: Any
                                                         subject line of your E-mail                                                        • Good commandment of English
• Reporting to: Business                       Sales Engineer                   Kindly send your CV to:                   • Computer skills with proficiency
Development Manager                   • Bachelor degree in mechanical                        in Microsoft Office Suite
For applicants please send your       engineering                               Please write the “Job Title” in the
C.V on the below email                • Experience in the Oil & Gas             subject line of your E-mail               Contact name: Neveine Fattah                     • Fluent in English & French                                                        Email address:
                                      • Owning a car is an advantage               Human Resources              
   Maintenance Technician
     Atlantic Industries              Kindly send your CV to:                                                                Training administration
     Concentrate Plant                                Recruitment Coordinator                     Joint Venture (Alex)
• Execute preventive maintenance      Please write the “Job Title” in the                  Berlitz                                  (TE-HR2)
checklist                             subject line of your E-mail               • Screen all incoming CVs                 • 2 years of experience in HR
• Support Capital projects                                                      • Conduct Phone interviews with           • Very good command of English
execution in terms of new                 Architectural Engineer                accepted applications to junior and       Language
equipment installation                • 2-4 years of experience                 senior positions
• Immediately deal with equipments    • Bachelor of architectural engineering   • Conduct interviews to junior            Kindly send your CV to:
breakdowns as they occur and          • Fluent in spoken & written English      positions                       
minimize Occurrence through           • Experience in implementations of        • Arrange second interviews with
preventive maintenance regularity     civil works                               BUM/Technical Language Trainer               Recruitment Specialist
• Outside store GMP, Quality &                                                  • Send apology mails to rejected             Multinational Company
ESLP requirements                     Kindly send your CV to:                   candidates                                • 1-3 years of experience
• Support the spare parts inventory                       • Prepares Job offer letters to           • Fluent English
follow up with good organization of   Please write the “Job Title” in the       accepted candidates                       • Very good Communication skills
the warehouse                         subject line of your E-mail               • Sends internal announcements
• 1-3 year in a FMCG Industrial                                                 for new hires                             Kindly send your CV to:
Environment                                   Drilling Engineer                 • Sends promotion announcements 
• A graduate of technical institute   • 0-4 years of experience                 • Prepares for the BIT training           Please write “HR 003” in the
specialized in maintenance            • Act as an integral member of the        • Responsible for contract signing        subject line of your E-mail
• Good use Of English Language        drilling and completions team and         • Provides new hires with their Job
• Trouble shooting & Problem          provide support as necessary.             description as well as their KPI report   Human Recourses specialist

                                                                                                                                                               JOB MarKeT
solving capability Team work and      • Liaise with GPC/ EGPC as                • Reviews and follows up on                  Multinational Bank
collaboration are a must                                                        different hiring sources and their        • 0-3 years of experience
                                      required and assist in obtaining
• Knowledge of lean                                                             payment terms in coordination with        • Fluent English
                                      well approvals, security and
manufacturing is a plus                                                         the finance department                    • Very good Communication skills
                                      environmental permits.
• Maintenance Technical skills                                                  • Attends employments fairs               • Preferably oracle background
                                      • Prepare drilling procedures
Send your CV to:                      • Optimizations of current                • Bachelor’s degree in any discipline
                                                                                • 1 to 2 years of experience              Kindly send your CV to:
                                      procedures and practices                                                              • Full command of written and   
                                      • Study offset data & prepare reports                                                               spoken English                            Please write “HR 003” in the
                                                                                                                          subject line of your E-mail

                                                                                For over a century, people have been coming to BERLITZ to learn
  WESTWOOD GROUP is interested to introduce itself as one of the                any language they need for business, pleasure, travel or any other
  leading companies in the training field. The group was founded in             specialized field. Being a leader in the global communications, we
  1997. Westwood consists of 5 companies specialized in various                 have the resources and the capabilities to meet the needs of the local
  training programs aiming on escalating the human resources                    as well as the international business community.
  competencies as well as their business and interpersonal skills. One of
  the most dominant companies within the WESTWOOD Organization                  The BERLITZ methodology is very different than any other method
  is BERLITZ.                                                                   since it is far more easy, enjoyable and effective. It teaches any new
  Profile:                                                 language as naturally as one acquires his mother tongue. Rather than
                                                                                a typical lesson scenario, the instructor and the learner engage in a
  BERLITZ is a world leader language service provider that has                  discussion in the new language from day one. There is no translation,
  unmatched expertise in its field, with its superior high quality              which ensures that the learner will soon think in his new language.
  Language Instruction Courses. The company started more than 130
  years ago in 1878 and is now operating in over 470 centers in more            This is done perfectly as all Instructors go through an intensive training
  than 70 countries, has more than 5000 employees, more than 12                 program prior to their hiring. In this training, they get introduced to
  000 major clients and has 30 million alumni around the world. The             the teaching methodology that they should follow, the material they
  BERLITZ method has been refined and enhanced over a period of 130             will use, as well as being meticulously evaluated on their performance.
  years of research and has therefore become the most trusted and               This ensures that all the short listed Instructors are very well trained
  advanced method in the world.                                                 on BERLITZ international teaching techniques.

   Job Vacancy: English instructors
     Job Description: Teaching the English language according to BERLITZ proficiency levels by using BERLITZ international method and
   material. Teaching will be for various types of clients from various backgrounds. Teaching will be for short-time assignments (Project Basis).
    Job Requirements: Bachelors degree – Excellent English Language Skills – Excellent Communication Skills – Good presentation skills -
                                                              Flexibility & Professionalism
                                            Working Days & Hours: Sunday to Thursday (9 AM - 5 PM)
                  Working Location: Cairo (different locations and districts) & Other Governorates (Delta, Canal, Upper Egypt)

  NB: Commuting between different governorates is compensated with good accommodation packages.

     If interested, Please send your CV as MS Word on: CAREER-EG@LINK.NET                                                                                         17
                                                       Kindly send your CV to:                     Local Search Team                    • Promotes open communication
             Information Technology                                  Specialists (LST 002)                 within the Language Center
                                                       Please write the “Job Title” in the           Yellow Pages                       • Responsible for the integrity of
                Web Developer (TE-IT2)                 subject line of your E-mail           • University degree preferred              operational data and reports
                International Company                                                        • Very good Arabic and English             • Responsible for adhering to
             • 1-3 years of experience                                                       (spoken and written)                       corporate policies and procedures
                                                         Regulatory Affaires                 • Very good command in Microsoft
             • PHP back ground is a must                                                                                                • Accountable for achieving
             • Excellent command of English                                                  windows & Office applications              Language Center performance
             Language                                    Drug Regulation Affairs             • Ability to work in shift basis           objectives and profitability
                                                                 Manager                     (morning / evening)                        • Encourages and supports staff
             Kindly send your CV to:                   Multinational Pharmaceutical                                                     development through training,
                           Company                     Please send your CV to                     coaching and feedback to
                                                       • 4 years experience                            enhance performance
                   Oracle Developer                    • Fluent English                           • Ensures the Language Center
                 Multinational Company                                                                                                  environment and appearance
             • Any graduates                           Kindly send your CV to:                  Financial Planner (Sales)               creates a positive impression.
             • Minimum 2 years of experience                              Allianz                        Participates in staff selection
             in the same field                         Please write “PH-MKT 048” in the      • Identifying prospective clients and      process
             • Very good English                       subject line of your E-mail           conducting sales visits to explore         • Ultimately responsible for all
             • Very good Communication and                                                   potential business opportunities by        Language Center staff & operations
             negotiation skills                                      Sales                   identifying their needs                    • Bachelor’s degree in any discipline
                                                                                             • Closely managing and                     • 2 to 4 years of generic experience
             Kindly send your CV to:                                                         monitoring the progress in sales           • Full command of written and
                             Point of Sales Agent             targets achievement                        spoken English
             Please write “IT 003” in the subject           Big Local Company                • University degree                        • Computer skills with proficiency
             line of your E-mail                       • 1-2 years of experience in the      • 1-2 years of experience sales or         in Microsoft Office Suite
                                                       same position                         Customer service
                   Settlement Analyst                  • Experienced with deploying,
                                                                                                                                        Contact name: Neveine Fattah
                   Big Local Company                   installing and maintaining Point      Please send your updated CVs to:           Email address:

             • Bachelor Degree is a must               of Sales terminals                
             • Minimum 1 year of experience in         • Very good English
             the same field                            • Able to work under pressure           Assistant Center Directors                  Sales Account Manager
             • Very good English                       • Valid Driving License, car owner                Berlitz                                   Berlitz
             • Very good Communication,                                                      • The successful candidate will be         • Handle client inquiries
             Negotiation skills                        Kindly send your CV to:               responsible for assisting in cultivating   • Arrange for meetings with new
             Kindly send your CV to:                          & acquiring new customers                  clients monthly
                                                       Please write “SAL 003 POS Agent”      • Assuring maximum satisfaction of         • Maintain visits for inactive or old
                        in the subject line of your E-mail    our internal and external customers by     clients
             Please write “IT 003” in the subject      Kindly note that this vacancy is      managing their expectations in order       • Conduct presentations for clients
             line of your E-mail                       located in Sharm El Sheikh            to achieve the objective of creating       • Coordinate between clients and
                                                                                             long-staying, loyal customers              operations
                                                            Outdoor sales Agent              • Assist in supervising & developing       • Coordinate between clients and
                        Logistics                               (OSA 001)                    the Language Center staff                  corporate account manager
                                                               Yellow Pages                  • Conducts sales activities from           • Update pipeline weekly
                  Purchasing specialist                • Not less than 2 years of sales      initial inquiry through enrollment         • Issue sales order and placement
             • Ensures the availability of raw,        experience                            • Maintains positive customer              test requests
             packing materials & all Company           • Ambitious and result oriented       relations and ensures maximum              • Report to and update Sales
             needs in a competitive price & in         • Good communication skills and       customer satisfaction from                 Manager with all client status
             the right time                            negotiation skills                    enrollment to renewal                      • Achieving all assigned sales target
             • Checking the invoices versus            • Internet skills                     • Ensures the implementation of            goals through achieving monthly,
             delivered quantities in terms of (price   • Well groomed/ professional          the Berlitz Learning Cycle                 quarterly and yearly targets
             & quantity) before financial approval     appearance                            • Maximizes course completion              • Bachelor’s degree in any discipline
             • Ensure providing all departments        • Own a car is an asset               and customer re-enrollment                 • 1 to 3 years of sales experience
             with needed materials                                                           • Motivates Language Center                • Job title: Sales Account Manager
             • 2-4 years of experience                 Please send your CV to                team to develop and maintain a
             • Excellent command of English                 customer focused attitude                  Contact name: Neveine Fattah
             Language both written and spoken
                                                                                                                                        Email address:
             • Acquainted with computer                                                                                       

            Job search MURPHY’S
              Jargon LAWS ON
              Whether you are a student looking for that first
            time summer job or a long time veteran looking for
              a change of pace, this JOB SEARCH JARGON
                    should help you get on your way...
                                                                                -A pat on the back is only a few centimeters from a kick in the pants.

                                                                                -Don’t be irreplaceable,if you can’t be replaced, you can’t be
            CoMpETITIvE SALAry:                                                 promoted.

            We remain competitive by paying less than our competitors.          -The more crap you put up with, the more crap you are going to get.

            FLEXIBLE HoUrS:                                                     -You can go anywhere you want if you look serious and carry
                                                                                a clipboard.
            Work 55 hours; get paid for 37.5.
                                                                                -Never ask two questions in a business letter. The reply will
            GooD CoMMUnICATIon                                                  discuss the one you are least interested in, and say nothing
                                                                                about the other.
            SKILLS:                                                             -When the bosses talk about improving productivity, they are

            Management communicates, you listen, figure out what they           never talking about themselves.
            want you to do.                                                     -If at first you don’t succeed, try again. Then quit. No use
                                                                                being a damn fool about it.
            ABILITy To HAnDLE A
                                                                                -Mother said there would be days like this, but she never said
            HEAvy WorKLoAD:                                                     there would be so many.
            You whine, you’re fired.                                            -Keep your boss’s boss off your boss’s back. This is what I’m
                                                                                doing wrong.
            CArEEr-MInDED:                                                      -Everything can be filed under “miscellaneous.”
            We expect that you will want to flip hamburgers until you are 70.
                                                                                -To err is human; to forgive is not company policy.
                                                                                -Anyone can do any amount of work provided it isn’t the work
            Management won’t answer questions                                   he is supposed to be doing.
            SoME ovErTIME                                                       -Important letters that contain no errors will develop errors in the mail.

            rEQUIrED:                                                           -The last person that quit or was fired will be the one held
                                                                                responsible for everything that goes wrong - until the next
            Some time each night and some time each weekend                     person quits or is fired.
            DUTIES WILL vAry:                                                   -There is never enough time to do it right the first time, but
                                                                                there is always enough time to do it over.
            Anyone in the office can boss you around.
            SALES POSITION REQUIRING MOTIVATED SELF-STARTER:                    -If you are good, you will be assigned all the work. If you are
            We’re not going to supply you with leads; there’s no base           really good, you will get out of it.
            salary; you’ll wait 30 days for your first commission check.
                                                                                -You are always doing something marginal when the boss
            CASUAL WorK                                                         drops by your desk.

            ATMoSpHErE:                                                         -People are always available for work in the past tense.

            We don’t pay enough to expect that you’ll dress up; well.           -If it wasn’t for the last minute, nothing would get done.
            SOME PUBLIC RELATIONS REQUIRED:                                     -At work, the authority of a person is inversely proportional to
            If we’re in trouble, you’ll go on TV and get us out of it.          the number of pens that person is carrying.

            SEEKInG CAnDIDATES                                                  -When you don’t know what to do, walk fast and look worried.

            WITH A WIDE vArIETy oF                                              -You will always get the greatest recognition for the job you least like.

            EXpErIEnCE:                                                         -The longer the title, the less important the job.

            You’ll need it to replace three people who just left.               -An “acceptable” level of employment means that the government
                                                                                economist to whom it is acceptable still has a job.
            proBLEM-SoLvInG SKILLS                                              -Once a job is fouled up, anything done to improve it makes it worse.
            A MUST:                                                             -All vacations & holidays create problems, except for one’s own.

            You’re walking into a company in perpetual chaos.                   -Success is just a matter of luck, just ask any failure.
    a Starting
   Reaching the end of a job interview, the Human Resources
   Person asked the young MBA fresh out of MIT, “And what
              starting salary were you looking for?”

     The candidate said, “In the neighborhood of $125,000
          a year, depending on the benefits package.”

  The HR Person said, “Well, what would you say to a package
     of 5-weeks vacation, 14 paid holidays, full medical and
   dental, company matching retirement fund to 50% of salary,


                                                                                                                                               CHiLL OUT
  & a company car leased every 2 years - say, a red Corvette?”

              The Engineer sat up straight and said,
                   “Wow!!! Are you kidding?”

    And the HR Person said, “Certainly, ...but you started it.”

                                                                      The new manager walks into his office and, while settling into his
                                                                      new desk, finds 4 envelopes. On one he finds the words ‘open me
                                                                      first,’ and the other three are numbered 1 to 3.

                                                                      He opens the first envelope and finds a letter from his predecessor
                                                                      saying:’ These three envelopes will save you a world of trouble.
                                                                      In case of emergency, please open these envelopes in sequential
                                                                      order; envelope one first, envelope two second, and envelope
                                                                      three third.’

                                                                      The manager shrugs, puts the envelopes back, and forgets about

For thirty years, Johnson had arrived at work at 9A.M. on the dot.    Six months later, the workers go on strike. The company closes,
                                                                      and is losing money fast.
He had never missed a day and was never late.
                                                                      After a long night negotiating with the union, he remembers the
Consequently, when on one particular day 9 A.M. passed without        3 envelopes. He opens the first one and it says: ‘Blame me, your
Johnson’s arrival, it caused a sensation. All work ceased, and the    predecessor for everything’.
boss himself, looking at his watch and muttering, came out into
                                                                      Wonderful idea he thinks, and indeed it works and the crisis comes
the corridor.                                                         to its end. His job is saved, and everybody’s happy.

Finally, precisely at ten, Johnson showed up, clothes dusty and       A few month later, another strike hits. He goes to the drawer and
                                                                      opens the second envelope. It reads, ‘Blame the government for
torn, his face scratched and bruised, his glasses bent. He limped
painfully to the time clock, punched in, and said, aware that all
eyes were upon him, “I tripped and rolled down two flights of         It works like a charm, and he breathes a sigh of relief as his job is,
stairs in the subway. Nearly killed myself.”                          once again, saved.

                                                                      A month later the workers declare another strike. The manager
And the boss said, “And to roll down two flights of stairs took you   goes directly to the third envelope and it reads, ‘Prepare 4 new
a whole hour?”                                                        envelopes’                                                                 21
            WORD SEARCH
            z   b   p   r   l       x       w y n           o       i     t   a           c       i   l   p       p a             c       g   z   t   m k             c       t             backup
            x   y   m d     y       v       f   e   r       k       k     t   v           j       q   a   r       a       b       l       l   o r     c       s       l       l                boot
            m   h   s   a   v       e       t   x m w o                   c   k           f       s   d h         l       f       o       l   d e     r       n       l       r             capacity
            w   h   n   t   j       l       m c     n       o       n     c       i       t       r   c   e       d e             f       a   u l     t       c       e       v                  cell
            v   t   n   q   a       j       k   e   b       b       r     o   e           l       z   e   s       s       g       r       x   t   n m         t       d       f
            y   m g     t   d       l       b   l   k       h       m p       f           k       c   t   s       v k             w g         j   i   o       y       d       p
            r   f   a   g   w       j       x   k x         d       k     y   p           r       a   e   y       a       i       t       k   k o d           d       p       m              cursor
            o   d   r   m o         w       s   g   t       n       o     r   c           t       o   y   l       n b             x       o   f d     t       e       m       l                  cut
            m   d   d   c   p       k       t   p d         h       t     c   u           r       t   s   d       b p             a       m p h       t       h       y       p                data
            e   d   h   f   e       c       a   p   r       r       m s       u           i       w o     r       t       u       a       t   c r     t       c       x       w
            m   v   n   m   r       z       m r     r       e       b     e   c m w t                     m u             i       o       x   a o p           n       m k
            s   g   w y     a       f       r   e   d       a       a     a   n           s       e   a   k       n c             r       d   n d     l       t       q       y            document
            s   f   m w     t       e       o   d   r       z       p     d   e           u       r   n   f       t       s       q       h   d t     p       u       v       b                  dos
            e   n   k   t   i       s       f   a   r       a       h     x   s           g       b   r   t       c w p                   o   t   o u         y       m b                double click

            c   m e     h   n       u       g   e   c       t       p     j   o h                 a   a   r       g b             s       f   p o k           t       e       n                drag
            c   m y     n   g       o       d   h m         l       n     r       l       m e         e   r       x m f                   j   n l     c       t       r       y
            a   y   b   t   s       m m f           o       m p           z   e           n       e   e m t               r       a       h   c b     a       t       a       y
            m   g   o   o   y       h       n   r   j       j       k     r   x n                 l   n   t       q k             r       w n a       b       f       w k                 floppy disk
            o   q   a   w   s       m e         r   a       w d           r   a           h       l   h y         r       p       l       j   l   r   b       l       t       r               folder
            d   k   r   e   t       r       y   c   x       l       i     m i             c       r   o   s       o       f       t       w o r       d       l       f       f                 font
            n   f   d   r   e       r       x   r   k       r       l     c   c           t       l   d e         k x             c       q   l   b n         g       o       f
            a   g   w   z   m       t       o   q   t       j       y     m o w                   z   q c         l       m n             u   j   g n         r       s       v
            r   c   t   m b         t       n   y k         y       y     h       l       n       v   g d         x b             t       k   t   c m w k                     c
            p   m k     g   i       n       n   o   i       t       u     l   o           s       e   r   j       b n             a       n   q u d           n       n       e              header
            f   f   h   n   p       l       y   h   f       n       e     l       i       f       r   v q         i       t       i       t   l   e   b       a       r       l                 icon
            f   l   o   p   p       y       d   i   s       k       x     d   h           t       j   z   r       l       j       l       a   y q b           y       t       l            keyboard
            p   m q     m g         b       k   k   r       k       v     m h m n                     p o         d n             u       b   j   r   o       w       r       t
                                                                                                                                                                                       microsoft word

                                t       r   w   o   r   j       b   u     n   d       o       p   n   m   m h         v       k       r   k   k   b   g   m       q   m       p
                                l       t   y   b   q   y       a   l     j   l       r       z   j   t   h   d       x       k       s   i   d   y   p   p       o       l       f
                                l       r   a   b   e   l       t   i     t   i       q       v   r   f   i   l       e       n       f   h   y   l   p   n       h       f       f
                                e       n   n   d   u   q       n   a     n   b       j       r   e   s   o   l       u       t       i   o   n   n   i   g       k   m       p
                                c       k   m w     c   t       k   t     b   x       d       g   v   n   l   h       y       y       k   y   n   t   b   m       t       c       r   operating system
                                v       s   r   n   g   j       u   n     m   l       c       q   z   w   m o         y       j       t   q   o   t   m   z       w       g   a               paste
                                f       o   g   n   b   l       q   c     x   k       e       d   l   t   c   c       l       r       k   r   x   r   e   r       d       f   n
                                f       f   l   d   r   o       w   t     f   o       s       o   r   c   i   m       i       l       x   c   y   r   t   e       r       k   d
                                r       t   l   b   r   l       j   l     p   r       y       h   l   h   a   r       d       w       a   r   e   m   s   w       a       q   o
                                k       w   f   b   a   n       w   r     k   q       t       n   l   n   x   r       k       j       j   r   n   h   y   o       o       g   m        random access
                                y       a   t   a   b   c       h   a     r   t       m       e   e   n   e   z       p       m       o   f   m m     s   t       b       y   a             memory
                                y       r   t   c   l   n       j   f     m   x       r       e   e   m   l   r       n       l   m       h   d   o   g   n       y   m       c            resolution
                                n       e   t   k   o   p       f   s     b   g       r       a   a   h   o   j       p       t       c   e   g   u   n   h       e   m       c
                                b       m   y   u   o   t       o   p     w   c       t       r   b   g   s   x       h       a       r   a   f   s   i   t       k       n   e
                                b       v   u   p   t   d       h   q     s   t       f       n   r   u   e   d       p       z       r   d   o   e   t   m w             f       s
                                y       q   t   l   d   n       d   r     c   n       k       a   e   s   n   a       a       a       d   e   r   f   a   y       w       g       s          screen
                                k       m   n   p   o   a       x   o     i   m u             t   m w     c   e       b       e       r   r   m   z   r   m       n       v   m             scrollbar
                                w       x   c   t   r   c       t   a     u   t       r       o   w   i   u   s       m       r       r   p   a   c   e   f       h       d   e
                                p       y   h   t   h   m p         a     p   b       d       s   t   r   u   c       t       h       d   p   t   k   p   c       d       d   m
                                l       m   e   t   d   f       o   x     b   n       l       y   o   t   c   r       o       n       t   g   s   w   o   m       r       d   o
                                m       p   d   d   o   k       k   t     i   a       y       e   a   r   p   y       k       d       x   k   x   j   w   g       a       f       r        statusbar
                                p       d   y   o   i   j       g   w     k   v       s       t   c   k   f   p       m       h       k   l   b   l   d   t       g   m       y                table
                                f       d   t   m   n   t       x   r     g   s       s       e   z   l   e   o       r       b       b   e   k   j   a   q       n       t   v
                                v       e   c   t   l   u       a   f     e   d       e       c   r   t   i   c       n       o       n   m c     l   j   t       n       h   w
                                r       l   n   r   e   d       l   o     f   l       h       d   s   f   k   c       o       m w         x   t   e   v   a       s       h   m
  22                            l
                                                                                                                                                                              z                undo
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