Iso 9001 quality management systems

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					Iso 9001 quality management systems

Organizations that have implemented effective ISO 9000 Quality Management Systems
(QMS), or in today's language, an ISO 9001:2000 QMS, have experienced numerous
benefits. While some folks will say that an ISO QMS brings unnecessary bureaucracy to
an organization; those who have implemented effective systems for their business will
instead talk about the benefits. We are firm believers that a QMS (or EMS, or RCMS)
should be based on YOUR needs and should benefit YOUR business as opposed to
implementing a system "to meet the standard." Some of the benefits include:

 Overall Benefits of an ISO Quality Management System (QMS)

   1.   Customer satisfaction
   2.   Builds on your reputation for quality
   3.   Provides structure and organization for your quality system
   4.   Systematically drives process improvement
   5.   "Just good business"
   6.   Should yield $$$

 Benefits to a Specific Facility

   1.   Provide a QMS that fits your operations
   2.   Help you identify improvement opportunities
   3.   Insure management involvement at all levels
   4.   Aid in identifying priorities and quality objectives
   5.   Insure that people understand how quality affects them
   6.   Provide for effective process monitoring & measurement
   7.   Help us more readily adapt to changing circumstances

 Daily Operational Benefits

   1.   Useful documentation
   2.   Consistency in operations
   3.   Meet customer requirements
   4.   Effective preventive actions
   5.   Effective corrective action process
   6.   Knowing customer satisfaction results
   7.   Management Reviews and Internal Audits

 Six Reasons to Pursue ISO 9001:2000
   1.   Builds customer confidence
   2.   Aids in processes improvement
   3.   Drives continuous improvement
   4.   Forces internal follow-up on issues
   5.   Provides a framework for "comfort"
   6.   Only QMS that has proven itself in $$$$

 Your QMS Should:

   1.   Not be cumbersome to live with or bureaucratic
   2.   Yield measurable results
   3.   Be built on your culture and operations
   4.   Improve customer satisfaction
   5.   Reduce scrap and waste
   6.   Improve quality
   7.   Yields $$$$
   8.   Drive continuous improvement
   9.   Be simple to administer

Reducing headaches is a significant part of an effective QMS. Your QMS should help
reduce headaches related to internal problems as well as customer complaints and issues.
It should also address the inputs to your business and reduce headaches related to
suppliers and purchased goods or services. If your QMS does not reduce "headaches"
then it is not as effective as it can be and you need to be working on the system!

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