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    Telephony Office-LinX
    Unified Communication solution
    For the education industry
Needs of Education

     Schools - collaboration with teacher/parent
     School boards - Collaboration with Board/teachers/administrators
     Campuses- Collaboration with
+ Voice mail plus-Unified Com.
    20,000 mailboxes
        Scalable to meet large messaging requirements
        Users fully networked together for message and call collaboration
        Full support for department and school segmenting

    Voice messaging and Unified Messaging Works
            across Multiple Operating systems
        Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Mac OS X, Thin clients

    Web and email based interfaces
        MS Outlook/ MS explorer/ Firefox/Safari

    Provides Unified messaging to MS Exchange 2000/2003/2007
        Supports multiple environments for upgrades and transition
        Voice, fax, IM, text messaging

    Interfaces to multiple PBX large campus networking
        Enables both centralized messaging and Auto attendant across the board and region For ECS IP networking

    Geo- redundancy- distribute application across locations
        Full failover and up time during upgrades and network outages
    Single Server configuration
   Scale to 100 SIP sessions in single            PBX1
    server configurations                              IWATSU

       Full MWI support for every set and                                                                                PBX 3
        location throughout the board                  IWATSU


       External web access has NO effect on
        system operation or performance                                                                                           IWATSU

                                                Desert Mountain HS
   20,000 users

   Full web server and mail server                                      School
                                                      PBX 2                                                 Coronado HS
   Embedded UM services with                                                                                               PBX 4
    customers existing email platform                           IWATSU


       Connect to existing MS exchange 2003                    IWATSU

        server                                                                                                                        IWATSU

   Multiple PBXintegration for
    centralized messaging
       Site can be down but not effect other
        sites                                          Chaparral HS
                                                                                                              Ed Center
       Users on each site can send messages                                      Centralized messaging for 100 ports
        back and forth as one location                                            -Connects to each PBX node directly via SIP
                                                                                  -IIS enabled for internal and external web access
    Distributed Architecture
       Only solution in the industry that supports Distributed replicated , geo- redundant architecture
           Each node can be in a physically different location but completely replicated

       Enables scalability to 800 SIP sessions
           For increase capacity needs simply add a node ( 100 sessions)

       Each node replicates one another, Enabling real-time redundancy and failover

       Provides facility for disaster recovery- put a node in a DR site for security

       Provides voice mail AA uptime during Network outages between sites ( locations)
           Each node can operate as standalone VM with Event Queuing

       External web access or network has no effect on performance- operating on internal network

       Distributed architecture with single point of management and configuration


                                  Master       Slave        Slave    Slave                        Slave    Slave    Slave    Slave
                                  Node 1       Node 2       Node 3   Node 4                       Node 5   Node 6   Node 7   Node 8
Easy transition lower deployment
   Integrated directly with               Emulate their existing legacy
    outlook                                 voice mail solution
       Users access from application          Voice mail only users will have
        they already use, no net new            same commands and functions
        learning or configuration

   MSI for low foot print                 Works with any endpoint
       Push out desktop install               Cell phone
       No end user configuration              Home phone
        required                               Desk phone
    More than messaging
   Home work Hot line- Phone, WEB and email access

                                                                              Value added Education applications
   Absenteeism leveraging existing voice mail channels and full reporting

   Voice mail only extensions for Supply teachers and Temp Workers

   School board – Presence trees for connecting to teachers across schools

   Mass event message notification- integrated to existing
    school/teacher/student & parent database

                Marketing and School notices

                       Call outs, Email, SMS

                Emergency event notification

                       Call out, SMS, voice mail, MWI
    More than messaging
   Enterprise Mobility

         Teachers/staff can register cell phones and home numbers ( enables access with

                                                                                           Value added UC applications

   Enterprise instant messaging
         Secure IM with collaboration with internal staff only

         Audited, logged and reported

   Enterprise Presence
         Enables visual notification of resources online and their location
    More than messaging

   Enterprise meet me conferencing

                                                                                                  Value added UC applications
         Full conference bridge for large audio meetings and ad hoc sessions with staff. Works
          with existing collaboration tools- WEBEX,etc.

   Speech enabled routing
         For external calls to find departments and teachers

         For internal staff to simply find people and connect live
    »   Classes are designated an account on the system

    »   Teachers can send messages to class with assignment via the web
        ( type) or phone dictate

    »   Both students and parents can log in and get assignment via
        phone and or web.

    »   Supports automatic notification of assignment as well to parents
    »   Define Organizational units for each user profile
    »   Teacher logs in and sends home
        work to class account
    »   System notifies class distribution lists
    »   Users can pick up assignment via:
        »   E-mail
        »   Login to the web
        »   Call in
    »   Blast out text/ voice/fax messages to student body

    »   Send out weekly communications via email to parents and

    »   Import and synchronize distribution lists from school database

    »   For weekly non emergency Communication leverage low cost of
         »   Email
         »   Voice calls
         »   faxing

                       »   Create multi lists based
                           on mailboxes and
                           phone numbers

                       »   List is accessed through
                           Marketing mailbox

                       »   Message is sent via
                           voice mail Notification
                           ports and SMTP engine
»   Blast out text/ voice/fax messages to student
    body/Teachers/faculty and or parents

»   Emergency notification via Hosted SMS service

»   Blast 1000 plus subscribers in minutes

»   Leverage secure hosted backbone for efficient delivery

»   Synchronize lists with existing school lists and databases
+Power utility
 Auto builds   lists and defines sending route based on address
    Secure access to create emergency lists
    SMS via Hosted service provider
    SMTP via built in email engine
    Voice mail ports and trunks based on Phone number or mailbox
+Created lists ends up in mailbox for
phone and web access
     Providing SMS network coverage
    Leverages global SMS network with hosted Bulk SMS providers:
        Csoft-
        Celltrust-
        Short code licensing is recommended on bulk message sending
                                                       Carriers and wireless providers   users


                               Hosted SMS providers:
                               Csoft/ cell trust
    UC Server
    »   Import daily non attendance list

    »   Schedule time slots to call out for attendance

    »   Define options for non attendance

    »   Automate call out task to notify of student absence and collect
        response .

    »   Call with parent validation

    »   Auto daily report and log of call out task and response
    Utility built with IVR

                             »   Add or import phone
                                 numbers from spread
                                 sheet or txt file

                             »   Dedicate Voice mail
                                 channels for out call

                             »   Define start and stop

                             »   Define question and
    Custom define campaign and
    »   Auto initiate via the phone a Mass recall alert to Security:
        »   Police
        »   Campus security
        »   Guards
        »   Dorm leaders

    »   Trigger alert from any phone on campus or in the school
        »   Hotkey on the phone
        »   912

    »   Assign different group alerts based on location
        Mass Recall system
 Designed to  notify Group of people at
    once for emergency task or check in
       System blasts pre-defined list to notify of an
        emergency event
       Once respondents check in and validate
        acceptance system ceases to notify
       Provides log and reports of emergency
        transaction and users responses
+ Mass Recall system
  messaging server will continually notify
   Each user calls in message to defined
 Administrator sendsto pick up message list   each user on the list until they listen to
      Mass Recall system
   Once message is picked up by all users system
    stops notification
Mass Recall system
   System generates log of the event/ details on the attempts and who
+ Mass Recall system
   Mass recall Voice mail interface for sending out Mass recall messages
       Allocated to administrator mailboxes or for specific mailboxes to send Mass recall tasks
+ Mass Recall system
   Ensure deliver of mass recall tasks
       Allocate channels on messaging server for
        Mass Recall tasks
 specific needs
     Centralized messaging across the School board

     Full redundancy and failover

     Integrated education solutions

     Full interoperability and support for existing and future email platform

     Regional coverage with local survivability

     Ease of migration and transition
+ Customers Leveraging Esnatech

   University of Massachusetts
   Metro Community College Nebraska
   University of Toronto
   York University
   World education center
   University of Buffalo
   Ecole Nat. Aerotechnique
   Tecnológico de Monterrey (3 campuses), Mexico
   Universidad Anahuac, Mexico
Unique Offering to School
   Support for Centrex services
   Centralized VM configuration
   IMAP/SMTP integration with existing e-mail platform
   Provide voice mail only users for low cost of ownership and full
   Guest mailboxes for temp staff and simple users
   IVR capabilities for automated grades and information
 Custom Features with IVR
   24-hour Information Hotline

   Homework Hotline

   Grades Hotline

   Absent Caller – All-School Caller

   Distribution List Management

   Talking-Online Grades
 Customers with IVR

    York Region Roman Catholic School Board
    Durham Roman Catholic School Board
    Kingston School Board
    Brant Roman Catholic School Board
    Waterloo Ministry of Education
    Northmont Board of Education
    Lakehead District School Board
    Grand Erie Board of Education
Other Players
 Vender      Platform        Strength                  weakness
 Open text   First Class     Education specific        Only works with Cisco-
                             Includes full             limited choice
                             collaboration suite       Upgrading from Email to
                             Many school boards have   UM/UC Very expensive!!
                             it already                Large annual license

 Microsoft   MS Exchange     Educational pricing       Requires PBX upgrade
                             Upgrade to exchange       Requires annual per user
             2007 with OCS   Will work with several    pricing
                             pbx with Gateways         Large server foot print
                                                       for UM & OCS

 CISCO       Call Manager    Have an education         Expensive upgrade
                             package- Homework         Costly 5 year TCO
                             hotline & Absenteeism     Requires dedicated
                             Can work with exchange    servers and applications
                             and First class           to drive messaging &
                                                       education apps (
Unified Communications value
Lower costs while increasing revenue
   Provides cost effective growth( software and ports)
   Automates routine call transactions through AA & IVR- lower volume on live receptionist and wasted calls to call
    center @ same time increase customer and employee satisfaction and productivity
   Increase productivity of employees- access to any message from any where to listen, manage and RESPOND in real-
   Decrease VOICE MESSAGES by providing easier access to employees and personal assistants with follow me
    services and remote connectivity
   Increase CUSTOMER SATISFACTION with informal call center and access to live body vs. their voice mail!
   Eliminate or reduce costs associate with high value messages, i.e. faxes and voice mail
    Unified Communications
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    Iwatsu ECS suite
    Unified Communication solution
    For the education industry