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					        The Integrated Approach
        to Risk Management……

Insurance, including the perils of

    • war
    • terrorism
    • kidnap

Security Risk Management

    •   asset protection
    •   counter terrorism
    •   intelligence gathering
    •   contingency planning
    •   crisis management
CSP is a leading specialist Lloyd’s broker providing
bespoke insurance and reinsurance solutions for a world-
wide client base.

• formed in 1985

• Financial Services Authority (FSA) Regulated

• access to global insurance and reinsurance markets

• experienced team of professionals
CSP’s, War & Terrorism unit facilitates insurance that includes the perils of
war & terrorism and kidnap & ransom, integrated with good risk
management as required.

    • accident & sickness
    • medical insurance
    • medical and emergency repatriation
    • liability insurance
    • property all risks
    • Defence Base Act liabilities (DBA)
    • other risks on request.
The War & Terrorism unit provides insurance and risk management solutions to
numerous different organisations and businesses, that operate in distressed
regions and / or post-conflict environments.

    • Government and Non-Government Organisations
    • private security companies
    • military guarding and training
    • engineering and infrastructure companies
    • police forces
    • aerial surveillance & support units
    • humanitarian
Why CSP ?

CSP brings together London market underwriters’ expertise and agility to
respond to the insurance requirements of clients with unique exposures.

Through its experience and relationships, CSP provides insurance solutions
normally excluded by the mainstream underwriters. With Lloyd’s as our major
insurer, clients have peace of mind in knowing that they have a secure insurance
that will respond in times of crisis.

CSP will listen and then provide the solution through:

    •   professionalism
    •   trust
    •   effectiveness
    •   value

PHONE:                             0044 (0) 207 977 5235

PHONE:                             0044 (0) 207 977 5262

St Clare House, 30 - 33 Minories, London, EC3N 1PE
Main:      +44 (0) 207 977 5700
Fax:        +44 (0) 207 977 9276
The Integrated Approach to Risk Management…..