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The Titanic is one of the most well known shipwrecks in history.
Ironically this ship was said to be unsinkable but after hitting an
iceberg it did just that. It was full of travelers who were excited to be
out on the open ocean. There were men, women, and children who lost their
lives in this disaster. There weren’t enough lifeboats for everyone on
board and what was available was offered to women and children.
On April 15, 1942 more than 1,500 passengers of the 2,240 on the Titanic
lost their lives. The ship started to sink in the late night hours of
April 14th but the Memorial Day for this tragic situation is always
taking place on April 15th. There have been numerous stories since that
time about the lives lost on the Titanic. There have also been wonderful
stories of those that were able to survive.
There are some rumors about the people on the Titanic that aren’t true.
It is often said that they were all very rich and high class individuals.
Since this was the maiden voyage of the Titanic they were invited at a
very steep price to be a part of it. Yet this was only a small percentage
of those on board. Some of them were well known in the movie industry as
well as those that owned the ship line.
There were many migrants on the Titanic as well that were in the process
of coming to America. They were looking for a way to start a better life
and they felt this voyage was the ticket to being able to do so. They had
no idea that this would likely be the last travel they would ever make.
More than 600 of the second class passengers on the Titanic where to have
been on another ship. However they had to change due to problems with
getting enough coal to man the ships at that time.
In 1985 the remains of the Titanic were discovered. With the advances in
technology they were able to go down and explore parts of it. Yet it
can’t be fully recovered and it is believed what is left of it will end
up being at the very bottom of the ocean in the future. Then it won’t be
able to be reached at all. A huge celebration is planned for the 100th
year anniversary in 2012.

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