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Iso 9001 iso 14001


Iso 9001 iso 14001

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									Iso 9001 iso 14001

Everyone in the business world is aware of the fact that environmental issues are the
order of the day. Customers and suppliers are more environmentally aware and are
increasingly demanding to know what suppliers and service providers are doing to remain
environmentally friendly.

This is where ISO 14001 accreditation comes in. The ISO 14001, along with ISO 14004,
provides comprehensive guidelines, requirements and advice on how to implement the
standard that deals with the environment.

The first thing that ISO 14001 requires is that there is management buy-in and drive to
establish a project and project team. The project team should also have the authority to
implement the steps in the accreditation process.

The project team should formulate an environment policy which will form the basis of
the Environmental Management System (EMS). Here the project team will have to look
at the requirements for ISO 14001 accreditation and decide how best to integrate these
requirements with the day-to-day operation of the organization. The important thing to
remember about ISO 14001 accreditation is that the company should still be able to
perform and be profitable.

Many of the objections against environmentally friendly initiatives are that the costs
outweigh the benefits. ISO 14001 provides guidance on how to integrate the two
objectives and make it a sustainable practice.

Another problem with ISO 14001 is that managers don't necessarily understand how to
integrate the standard with existing Management Systems. Therefore they don't make the
effort to keep the project viable and user-friendly. Once again the guidance provided in
ISO 14004 is extremely useful. It paves the way for mainstreaming the EMS into the
current operations of the business and makes good use of the existing systems to create
compatible paths for implementation.

Time - the resource that cannot be bought yet is very scarce. Here one has to keep in
mind that all worthwhile projects will take time to set up and become self-sustainable.
ISO 14001 is no exception. However, once implemented, it will be viable with very little
effort and time required from the project team. If the awareness and training of staff on
conservation efforts were done properly, the EMS may need only a few hours a month to
revise and make sure that it is still on the right track.

Finally: Employees are resistant to the project. This is another common problem with not
only ISO 14001, but all other ISO standards. The project should be sold to the employees
in a way that will make them excited and enthusiastic about participating.
The ISO 14001 accreditation is an important step for a company to take. Once certified,
there will be many unexpected bonuses for the company.

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