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									GPS Adventure Training with Leigh Crews, Think GPS, LLC, Rome,
Here's a non-competitive outdoor adventure game that addresses multiple dimensions of
wellness (cognitive, intellectual, physical and social) while you play. Increase the mental
stimulation of your outdoor exercise and brain games and GPS navigation. Walk from
place to place searching for clues, solving puzzles and discovering secrets to reveal
hidden items. Logic, a handheld GPS receiver and some muscle power is all it takes as
you team up with fellow players to develop winning strategies and overcome "special
tests" of brain and body.

Tempo Time with Tatiana A. Kolovou, M. B.A., Indiana University,
Bloomington, IN;

As a crucial part to any runner or triathlete’s training, a tempo run is a great way to start
the day. Join us for a 40 minute morning steady pace run with 4 different speed options
and a chance to mingle with your fellow Summit attendees.

Cool Cardio with Fred Hoffman, M.A., Fred Hoffman Consultant,
Paris, France;

This easy to follow, lively and fun class mixes hi and lo impact aerobic moves to create a
great cardiovascular workout. Cool, but not complicated, this energetic session is sure to
get your heart rate up, burn some calories and make you sweat!

Buddha Camp: Aggressive Mind-Body! with Lawrence J. Biscontini,
M.A., Golden Door Spas, Fajardo, PR;

Seen at major clubs, this is his mindful answer to the boot-camp craze, with an aggressive
fusion of effective and intense series that all flow from Yoga to Pilates to T'ai Chi. Most
uniquely, the only equipment used is bodyweight and an open mind and heart! Bring your
mat for this workout.

BeamingTM Workout Session with David Mesirow, Beamfit, Cathedral
City, CA;
What is Beaming™? Beaming™ harmonizes familiar movement patterns with the
philosophy behind Yoga and Pilates to integrate balance, stability, strength,
cardiovascular activity and stretch in a unique way on a 6-inch wide by 5 foot long finite
surface. This approach involves barefoot training. The goal is to improve muscle tone,
strength, posture, range of motion and flexibility while heightening balance awareness all
during a cardiovascular focused workout. The integration of these basic training elements
unites the mind and body in an innovative way that lends a new, fresh approach to fitness
and well-being.
Zumba for Kids with Gina Grant, Zumba, Miami, FL;

If you teach group exercise to children, or want to learn how - don’t miss this session
designed to introduce the new and exciting latin mixed, energy filled exercise trend in
classes today: Zumba!! The new twist is: now you can gear it toward children. Let’s get
our younger populations dazzled to move to the music!!

Intentional Intervals with Tatiana A. Kolovou, M.B.A., Indiana
University, Bloomington, IN;
Kick off the day with a taste of speed intervals in Centennial Park. Pace and set options
will be provided for different running levels. Run total for the workout is 40 minutes
including warm up and cool down. Join us with a great way to start the day!

Yoga Core with Beth Shaw, YogaFitTM Training Systems Worldwide,
Torrance, CA;

YogaCore focuses on strengthening the central corset of the body, including the abs,
obliques, erector spinae, gluteals, and muscles of the upper back and chest. This can be
used to help reshape participants' problem spots (in connection with healthy diet and
other exercise), or strengthen and support the musculature that will help to prevent low
back concerns and postural issues as we age. Learn poses that use the Core Ball, and
innovative sequencing for muscle-blasting and healing workouts.

Welcome to the Mat with P.J. O'Clair, Northeast Pilates Education
Centers, Hamilton, MA;
Join PJ for a simple yet effective pilates mat workout designed to increase or maintain
your core strength, spinal flexibility and overall body tone.

Fitness through the Ages - Lead by Summit Program Committee faculty

ATTEND!! This session will embody every era of music and dress since the 50’s. High
energy faculty will guide this workout for everyone in attendance in one big hour-long
workout. It will give you a chance to be with all of your colleagues at once – so consider
it a workout worthy of keynote proportions!! Dress in your favorite workout digs from
the musical era you adore for an evening you won’t forget!!

Body Bar Dynamic Balance, Strength & Power with Sherry Catlin,
Body Bar Systems, Boston, MA;

This is a powerful total body workout that will push you to the next level of fitness with
innovative training techniques that incorporate the latest principles in resistance training.
Take every classic strength training move you know and up the challenge with creative
sequences that incorporate balance, rotation, movement and power. The focus is on core
strength, functional training, mobility and symmetry. The results are total body strength,
definition, endurance and power. Develop a new body awareness and control that
enhances both the challenges of sports and daily activities.

Zumba Gold, Joy Prouty, Palm Beach, FL
This explosive program emphasizes the basic rhythms of the International Latin Program
Zumba. Designed for the older active adult, or new participant, this fun class feels like a
party and is great for your body and soul!

Run/Walk for Fun!
Saturday morning, you will have the opportunity to run or walk your way to fitness
during this event, sponsored by GSSI. Sign up and maps will be provided on site at the
ACSM registration area.

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