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When you are looking into buying an email server, one the highest
priorities is always the security aspect. This article is going to detail
some of the precautions, options and measures you can take to ensure the
mail server is as secure as possible. Email server security, should not
only be limited to email applied security operations, anti-virus and
anti-spam procedures, however most people only deal with this aspect of
the email sever security.

In fact, those items listed above are only the first level of security in
the process of safeguarding your mail server. The most important aspects
should always be consider before choosing the email server as they will
greatly affect your business in the long run. Lets take a look at what
these other factors are.

One of the primary needs is to secure the configuration and
administration of the email server. While these are often overlooked they
are vital as an extra security layer in the fight against damage and
unwanted intruders.

You would need to look at the sever configuration file and ensure that
access is only granted to the server administrator. This means that only
one person can reconfigure or modify the server’s settings. The
configuration files should always be specific to the administrator and
very simple to modify and read, so that changes can be made if necessary.

It is also important that alternative administration modules are provide
in order to access the webs interface and the command line interface. It
is also highly critical that all the connections to these modules are
made through SSL. In order to ensure they are correctly secured, you
should use a mail server with customised HTTP server. You can also use a
HTML based scripting language in order to achieve this objective.

The email server should also use grey lists in order to temporarily
reject email that is from an unknown address. This process will keep the
IP address of the sender and then request for the email to be resent. Of
course, a valid sender will return the email again, which a spammer will
not. This is a great way to prevent spam form the server.

Remember that with an email sever, there is no perfect solution but you
should be vigilant and protect yourself as much as possible. Carrying out
the checks and guidance given above will allow for the best configuration
and mean you have the best chances to avoid any unwanted incid

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