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M. Francine Burge, Marketing Director, RPA
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                                                                              FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
                                                                                        March 16, 2011

Reno Philharmonic Orchestra uses technology and popular culture to engage
community about the search
Subscriptions have increased and everyone is talking about the Reno Phil

As the final step of the auditioning process for candidates for the Music Director position, the Reno
Philharmonic Orchestra brought five candidates to conduct five concerts, and the decision of whom they
chosen will be announced at a special event will be set up on Saturday, March 28 at 1:00p.m., at the
Pioneer Center Plaza to announce the final candidate and introduce the conductor to the community. All
are welcome to attend; the event is free to the public.

The search committee, made of community leaders, musicians, and educators, built the position’s criteria
based on the needs of the organization and its stakeholders. These qualities included musicality,
interpersonal skills, marketability, and education related expertise. The 2008-09 season highlighted the
candidates as guest conductors. After a year long search process, that included over 200 resumes,
hundreds of telephone calls, and 12 visits across the country, the Reno Philharmonic Association has
announced the final candidates for the music director position.

The candidates are:
    Jeffery Grogan, the Education Conductor of the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra
    Rebecca Miller, the Resident Conductor of the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra
    Christopher Confessore, Resident Conductor of the Alabama Symphony Orchestra and Music
       Director and Principal Conductor of the Brevard Symphony Orchestra in Melbourne, FL
    Sarah Hatsuko Hicks, the Associate Conductor of the Minnesota Orchestra
    Laura Jackson, completed an appointment as the Asst. Conductor and American Conducting
       Fellow of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

The Reno Philharmonic Association used the search to not only find a new conductor, but to engage the
audience and create excitement from the community for the organization. The RPA used interesting
marketing collateral and used technology to inform the public about the candidates and the process and
get timely feedback from the audience on what they thought.

The organization has a reputation for using references to popular culture in the advertising themes. In the
2007-2008 season, the final for the previous music director, the theme was “Encore, Encore,” and
supported with photos that mimicked popular record albums from the Beatles, Devo, Pink Floyd and
others. For that campaign, the advertising agency that created it, The Estipona Group, won eleven local

Reno Philharmonic Association 925 Riverside Dr. #3, Reno, NV 89503
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“Addy” Awards, industry recognition honor from the Advertising Association. The campaign was also the
topic of classical music blogs and articles. The search year theme is “Last Conductor Standing,” homage
to the “American Idol” television show.

Drawing from the “American Idol” theme, the Reno Philharmonic Association created a new website and
included state of the art voting software. The audience members were encouraged in all advertising to not
only buy a ticket, also to “vote for your favorite.” The online voting also allowed immediate automated
feedback from the audience to give to the search committee to assist in the meetings and decision

Besides the usual news stories about the candidates, the Reno Phil partnered with the local NPR station
and the local independent newspaper to create webcasts and podcasts to allow people a different view of
the candidates. The podcasts, interviews conducted by Terry Joy, the former classical music show host at
KUNR, included music related questions about muse, style, composers and the like. Brad Byrum, the Arts
Editor of the Reno News and Review, conducted the video interviews with questions about hobbies and
life outside the performance hall. The webcasts and podcasts were held at and, respectively, and accessible from the Reno Philharmonic’s website

The final candidate will be chosen by the lead volunteers of the search committee based on criteria set by
that committee. Patrons can voice their opinions to the members via the Reno Phil web at Patrons can meet the candidates at Open Rehearsals, Podcasts, and Webcasts.

The final candidate will be announced at the final concert set on March 29 . This music director will be
the 4 in the history of the organization after Gregory Stone, Ron Daniels, and Barry Jekowsky.


Reno Philharmonic Association 925 Riverside Dr. #3, Reno, NV 89503
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