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									                            THE VILLAGE                                                                       February 2010

                                                                     A Note from the Chaplain
   We are Excited about 2010!                                     By Rev. Dr. Jonathan H. Wilson, President of the Board

       By Jeff Shaffer, Director of the Village Apartments   Dear friends,
                                                             Pastor Toby Nelson has been a pastor friend for many years.
 Please remember to look at the bulletin board by            He is one of those special human beings, who feels God's call
                                                             to go to places in the world that are in great crises and turmoil,
    the mailboxes for events and updated info!               and try to bring peace to these places of panic and chaos. Toby
                                                             went to New York after 9-11, the Superdome in New
        *Kids Club 4:30 Thursdays                            Orleans after Katrina, and recently he went to Haiti after the
   Every Thursday in our parking lot and in our              earthquake. Upon his return, he was interviewed by a local
                                                             paper, and after reading it, I thought I would pass it on to you.
community center kids from the West Side gather              "From hell to home” --- It was a shock to see lifeless
 for kids club from 4:30-5:45pm. Let me know if              bodies, gangrene and rubble in the place he called “hell.”
you want to sign your child up or have questions.            But for the Rev. Toby Nelson, returning home to Nevada
                                                             County after two weeks in earthquake-ruined Haiti was just
                                                             as big a shock. Emotions are still raw for Nelson, who
                                                             arrived in Port-au-Prince with first responders shortly after
           *”God’s Recipe for Joy”                           a 7.0-magnitude temblor flattened much of the country Jan.
                                                             12. Nelson's voice filled with wonder at the faith he
  On Wednesday nights at 7pm in Apt 55 Jon                   witnessed in a time of “apocalyptic” devastation. Nelson is
 Wilson will be teaching on God‟s Recipe for joy             part of a Disaster Medical Assistance Team based in the
  according to the gospels. Free child care in the           San Francisco Bay Area. Part of his job is counseling
                                                             medics on “midnight ethics” -- dealing with the
 community center for all who come to the study.             emotional consequences of shortening surgeries to a matter
                                                             of seconds, amputating without anesthesia and delivering
                                                             babies amid sewage.“My team was wracked with guilt for
                *Super Bowl Party                            making reprehensible choices,” he said. One doctor said the
                                                             situation was so bad, he was treating 100 patients in an
 *Join Scott as he hosts a Super Bowl party for              hour. “I made decisions reserved for God alone,” the
the Village on Sunday, Feb 7 beginning at 2:30.              doctor told Nelson. “Based on a momentary glance, I
                                                             decided who would live and who would die.” In the abyss,
   Snacks and Drinks provided in the office!                 Nelson saw people rise to the occasion. While hardly a
                                                             structure remained standing, and with food and water
                                                             scarce, pastors helped keep refugees in their
          *Valentines Day Party                              “neighborhoods” largely calm, he said. Amid the suffering,
                                                             Nelson witnessed unity. One morning, while the sky still
On February 11th from 3-4:30, Alexis will be                 black, Nelson was walking between the heavily secured
 hosting a get together in the community                     supply drop-off area and the refugee camps. From the
                                                             stillness, a half-dozen voices rang out in song. It was a
 center to make Valentines cards & candy                     chorus he didn't recognize but for the word, “hallelujah.” It
  bags to hand out. Make sure your kids                      jumped like flame, sparking tent after tent with song, until
      know and everyone is invited!                          500 people, then 1,000, then the entire tent city of many
                                                             thousands was belting the music into the dark. “God
                                                             reached down and hovered over those precious people,” he
                                                             said, “giving them comfort and strengthening them”. He
   Just a reminder…The Village                               still struggles with the “why” of suffering, just as he did
Community Center is open Monday                              after serving in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Four
 - Wednesday and Fridays from 3-                             years later, he hasn't come up with a satisfying answer. But
                                                             he has a clearer perspective than when he first started
      7pm. Children must be                                  working in emergency response. “Don't spend time on the
     accompanied by a parent.                                „why' question,” Nelson advised. “Do what God says to do,
                                                             and help the needy.”
                                                                         Friends without Homes
    Tutoring Center and Library!                                   By Jeff Shaffer, Director at the Village Apartments
Megan from Americorps is continuing to organize                I personally want to thank many of you for giving
tutors for the year and we have created a library as            clothes, blankets, and sleeping bags to friends on
  well. You can sign up your child for tutoring in               the streets. Every Wednesday night at Pershing
the Village office or call Jeff at 252-1993. You can              Park I do a meal sharing with friends without
 also come by and check books out of our library                homes at 5:30pm and I take many of these items
                  during the week!                              there. There are 6,000 friends without homes in
                                                               our county, and many of us are working together
                 Music Lessons!                                 to help get them if they desire to find shelter and
Music Lessons are continuing in 2010. Sign up in the
                                                              housing. We are expecting more rain and cold this
                                                                 winter, so if you want to help in any way please
 office with Alexis for Guitar, Piano, Violin or Voice
                                                              feel free to call me at 252-1993 or come find me in
  Lessons. The instructor, Samuel Boruszko, gives
                                                                                    the office.
  lessons every Saturday in the Community Center
from 9-noon!! The Turner Foundation subsidizes the                         Do you need more help?
      lessons and provides students with violins.
                                                              Do you need help with groceries, clothes? Sign up in
             For Your Information                               the office to be on the Unity Shoppe's list. Call
Our computers in the community center now have                       Alexis with any questions 730-1200.
 new filters, so we have banned certain websites
 from use. We are also going to keep an eye on
  what sites kids are using while they are in our
                community center.

                                                                                 Coming Soon!!!
           Our Community Center!
    If you would like to use the Community Center              ***Wild Life on the West Side for kids 6th-8th
facilities for a child‟s birthday party or small gathering,   grade! I am working with Leadership on this
            please see Jeff Shaffer in the office.            right now. Look for coming announcements
                                                                         on the bulletin board.

                 Free Counseling
If you need counseling regarding your marriage or             ***Westmont on the West Side 2010 March 14-
  family, or just for you as an individual, you can             19. Thirty or so Westmont students will be
     find out more by visiting us in the office.               here to run a kids camp and get to know our
                                                               community! Let me know if you wan to help
                                                                              welcome them.

                 Who to Contact:                              ***Summer Tennis Clinic – we are working to
                   Contact Scott:                               have a free clinic to teach kids how to play
                  Contact Alexis:                              tennis this summer. If this is something you
Contact Jeff: For information on programs at the              want for your child, please contact me as well.
Village or if you need help with your needs or the
needs of your family. Feel free to call me at 252-

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