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					E.L.A. – Reading                                    Name: ________________________

Date: ______________                                Mod: ____

                      Reading Strategy Worksheet - Inferencing

Sometimes you must read carefully to pick up clues about characters and events. When you use
clues and look beyond the words on the page, you begin to make inferences.

Directions: Read the following story. Then, read the clues, add YOUR background knowledge
and answer the inference questions below IN COMPLETE SENTENCES.

Derek had lived in his new neighborhood for only a month. He liked the area which was very
close to the local ball field and the mall. However, he missed is old friends. Often he called his
best friend, Alex, to talk. The last time that he talked to Alex, however, they didn’t have much
to say to each other. Derek’s parents were also very busy with their new jobs to spend very
much time with him, although, they wanted him to try and make new friends.

One morning when Derek was walking his dog, he saw a boy who lived on the same block
skateboarding along the street. Derek’s dog, Sassafrass, immediately started to bark and run
after the boy. Suddenly the boy stopped skateboarding and started to laugh. he jumped off of
his skateboard and patted Sassafrass, who wagged her tail.

“Hi,” the boy said to Derek. “My name is Frederick Olden. I live just down the street from you.
I’m sorry I haven’t stopped by to say hello. It’s nice to meet you.”

                                 1a. What experiences do YOU       1b. What can you infer about
                                 have that are similar?            Derek’s feelings about moving
                                                                   to a new neighborhood?

Derek has moved.

                                 2a. What experiences do YOU       2b. How do you think Derek
                                 have that are similar?            has felt since leaving his old

He calls his friend Alex often
                               3a. What experiences do YOU   3b. What do you think is
                               have that are similar?        happening to Derek’s
                                                             friendship with his old
His friends didn’t have much
to say on the phone.

                               4a. What experiences do YOU 4b. What do you think
                               have that are similar?      Frederick Olden is like?
                                                           Include evidence from the
                                                           paragraph to support your
Frederick introduced himself                               answer
and patted Derek’s dog.

                               5a. What experiences do YOU   5b. How do you think Derek
                               have that are similar?        reacted to Frederick’s

The boys meet each other and
realize they live near each

What do you think will happen next in the story? ________________________________



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