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					                                        VACANCY TEMPLATE

A Teaching Vacancy has Occurred

The Board of Trustees is responsible for appointing all staff whether teaching or non-teaching. A BOT
may delegate to a staffing committee or the principal the power to recommend persons for appointment or
even to actually appoint depending on the extent of the delegation. It is of vital importance that any
person appointed to a position in a Catholic school be supportive of the school's Special Character.
Key appointments relating specifically to the maintenance and enhancement of the school's Special
Character [tagged positions] require special wording in the advertisement.

If you are anticipating making an appointment the following questions need to be asked:

1)      Have the entire school staffing needs been identified?                            Yes / No

2)      Does the school have the required number of tagged positions?                     Yes / No

3)      Will the position be advertised as a tagged position?                             Yes / No

4)      Has the BOT been advised that a vacancy exists?                                   Yes / No

5)      Has the Appointments Committee met to plan and co-ordinate the
        appointment process?                                                              Yes / No

6)      Does the Appointments Committee have at least one Proprietor's
        Appointee?                                                                        Yes / No

7)      Has a time frame been established to expedite the process?                        Yes / No

8)      Has the Appointments Committee developed an employment package?                   Yes / No

9)      Does the package include the following?
            Up-to-date information about the school
            Description of school community
            Mission Statement
            Relevant Charter details
            Job Description
            Person specification
            Application form
            Special Character S Form
            A statement about the Special Character of a Catholic School
            Referees Report form
            Other relevant information                                                   Yes / No

10)      Has the vacancy been advertised in the Education Gazette and other
         Appropriate publications [NZ Catholic]?                                          Yes / No

11)     If the position is tagged [Section 65 (a) Principal (b) DRS (c) Basic
        Scale/Assistant's position, has the correct wording been used in the
        advertisement?                                                                    Yes / No
12)       If the vacancy is a Section 66 tagged position [Deputy Principal,
          primary/secondary] does the advertisement contain the correct and
          appropriate tagged wording?                                                     Yes / No

13)       Are the BOT aware that in the case of tagged positions it is the
          responsibility of the Proprietor [or his delegated representatives] to
          confirm the acceptability of the applicant to fill the vacant tagged
          position?                                                                       Yes / No

14)       Are the BOT aware that it is their responsibility to decide which of the
          acceptable applicants, is the most suitable person to fill the vacant
          position?                                                                       Yes / No

15)       Having correctly followed all procedures related to filling the vacancy are
          the BOT aware of:
                the need to notify all applicants regarding the outcome of the process
                destroy all referees reports
                return all CV's
                obtain in writing from the successful applicant confirmation of
                  their willingness to accept the position
               seek the BOT endorsement and confirmation that the position has
                 been filled?                                                             Yes / No

16)       Has the school notified the Diocesan Education Office that an appointment
          has been made?                                                                  Yes / No

17)       Has the school included in the teacher's job description a requirement to be
          supportive of the school's Special Catholic Character?                          Yes / No

18)       Has the BOT ensured that when tagged teachers are employed their
          professional appraisal should include personal goals relating to Special
          Character and the requirement to undergone professional development in
          Faith formation and religious education [accreditation]?                        Yes / No

Sources of Information Relating to Staff Appointments
    Handbook for the Board of Trustees of New Zealand Catholic Integrated Schools (April 2002)
       Parts 4 to 7/Appendix 2

         Policy on Appointment to Tagged Positions – Secondary Schools (available from Palmerston
          North Catholic Education Office)

         Policy on Appointment to Tagged Positions – Primary Schools (available from Catholic
          Education Office, Palmerston North)

         Board of Trustees Handbook Appointing a Catholic School Principal (available from Catholic
          Education Office, Palmerston North)

Sr Muriel Kivell, Episcopal Vicar for Schools       )Palmerston North Catholic Education Office
Geoff Lott, Management Adviser – Schools                   )phone 06 358 8079

Both will be more than happy to provide support, advice and guidance in these matters.

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