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									Information Technologies (IT) Risk Assessment with Data Center
Recovery Templates launched
Date: 03-22-2007 05:33 PM CET
Category: IT, New Media & Software
Press release from: Supremus Group LLC

DES MOINES, USA – March 22, 2007: Supremus Group launched its Information Technologies (IT) Risk Assessment with
Data Center Recovery Templates suite. This suite can help with compliance of HIPAA, SOX, ISO 17799, FISMA and any
other regulations requiring risk assessment & business impact analysis.

 Our templates are created based on best practices and standards for risk assessment. The complete package has risk
assessment guidelines, worksheet, matrix, templates, forms, tools, executive report, policies and standards. These templates
helps in conducting risk assessment based on three types of disasters:
 1) Weather related,
 2) Facility Related and
 3) Technology Related
 To view the more information about the template suite, please visit

The IT risk Assessment template suite contains following templates.
1) Conducting a Risk Assessment Guide (15 pages)
2) Risk Assessment Template (17 pages)
3) Risk Assessment Worksheet (17 pages)
4) Preventative Measures (6 pages)
5) Example Completed Risk Assessment Template (17 pages)
6) Example Completed Risk Assessment Worksheet (17 pages)
7) Final Risk Assessment Executive Management Report Template w/ Charts (20 pages)
8) Final Facility Risk Assessment Report Template w/ charts (15 pages)
9) Example Final RA Executive Management Report (16 pages)
10) Risk Assessment Policy (11 pages)
11) Risk Assessment Standards (11 pages)
12) Policy & Standards Instructions (3 pages
13) Applications and Data Criticality Analysis Template (24 pages)
14) Example of Completed Application and Data Criticality Analysis Template (39 pages)
15) Application Recovery Plan Template (23 pages)
16) Application Recovery Plan Development Guide (18 pages)
17) Database Recovery Plan Template (19 pages)
18) Database Recovery Plan Development Guide (16 pages)
19) Network Recovery Plan Template (20 pages)
20) Network Recovery Plan Development Guide (15 pages)
21) Disaster Recovery Plan Template (38 pages)
22) Disaster Recovery Plan Development Guide (17 pages)
23) Server Recovery Plan Template (19 pages)
24) Server Recovery Plan Development Guide (15 pages)
25) Telecom Recovery Plan Template (19 pages)
26) Telecom Recovery Plan Development Guide (17 pages)

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To view different packages for Data Center Recovery Templates, please visit

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Supremus Group LLC
4224 Village lane Suite 15
West Des Moines, IA 50266

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