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									Air Force Reserve Command

                    HQ AFRC FABRICATION
                    FUNCTIONAL MANAGER

                     SMSgt Ron McAtee
                       DSN 497-1635

   Integrity - Service - Excellence         1
Air Force Reserve Command

      We are one of nine major
    of the Department of the Air
Air Combat Command
Air Force Materiel Command
Air Force Reserve Command
Air Education and Training Command
Air Mobility Command
Pacific Air Forces
United States Air Forces in Europe
Air Force Space Command
Air Force Special Operations Command
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          Air Force Reserve Command


4AF                            22AF


 Alaska    Hawaii     Guam
                                  AFRC-Owned Bases

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Air Force Reserve Command
      Robins AFB, GA


                            MY OFFICE

 Integrity - Service - Excellence       4
              Air Force Reserve Command

   Unit-equipped
       Own their aircraft
            All fighter units
            Some airlift and aerial refueling
       Self-contained

   Associate
       Collocated with active duty units
       Share aircraft / responsibilities

                    Integrity - Service - Excellence   5
   Air Force Reserve Command

        Weather Reconnaissance, WC-130 100%
                        Aerial Spray, C-130        100%
         Rescue, HC-130-HH-60                       29%
        Airlift, C-5/C-141                   25%
       Mobile Aerial Firefighting        25%
      Airlift, C-130                   23%
   Bombers, B-52                 15%
  Tankers, KC-135            13%
Satellite Operations        7%
Fighters, F-16         5%

        Integrity - Service - Excellence                  6
                    Air Force Reserve Command
                          Unique Missions
                                    Aerial Spray
                                        Oil Dispersant
                                        Entomology
     Hurricane Hunters
    53rd Weather Reconnaissance Sq

                                            Fire Fighters
                                                                     Space Shuttle Suppor

    919th Special Operations Wg

                                             302nd Airlift Wing
                                                                            301st Rescue Sq

     Deep Penetrating Tanker
                       Integrity - Service - Excellence                                       7
 Air Force Reserve Command

 Message from AFRC/LGM on post deployment aircraft
downtime for a thorough wash, de-panel and inspection.

                   This is why.

       Integrity - Service - Excellence                  8
           Air Force Reserve Command
                 Corrosion Survey
UNIT       BASE                    DATES OF SURVEY           A/C
433rd AW   Lackland AFB TX         11 – 12 Aug 03             C-5
301st FW   NAS JRB Fort Worth      14 – 15 Aug 03            F-16
917th WG   Barksdale AFB LA        18 –19 Aug 03         A-10/B-52
908th AW   Maxwell AFB AL 21 – 22 Aug 03             C-130
442nd FW   Whiteman AFB MO         8 – 9 Sep 03              A-10
916th AW   Seymour-Johnston        11 – 12 Sep 03          KC-135

HQ AFRC    Outbrief        Robins AFB GA 30 Sep 03

             Integrity - Service - Excellence                        9
Air Force Reserve Command
      Corrosion Survey

                            Some challenges

Some good

   Integrity - Service - Excellence           10
          Air Force Reserve Command
           Corrosion Survey Results
 Standardize the AFRC corrosion program with more formal
 guidance. (AFRCI 21-101, AFRC 21-105 etc.)

 Utilize the “best practice” benchmarks across the command

 Continue “buy in” from leadership on priority issues. (Aircraft
  availability, funding, facilities, environmental concerns etc.)

           908th AW, Maxwell AFB AL, MSgt. Dain Payton

               Integrity - Service - Excellence                     11
                Air Force Reserve Command
                      Corrosion Survey
The team was particularly impressed with the consistent availability and use of spot
cleaner products conforming to Mil-PRF-87937 and Mil-C-43616

        Photo Not Available

      SMSgt Allen Locking
       Keys in Rental Car

                      Integrity - Service - Excellence                                 12
Air Force Reserve Command
Corrosion Survey Comments
   AFM 23-110 establishes very stringent shelf-life requirements
   for these materials that must be adhered to in order to
   ensure they perform adequately.

  EMIS lists an incorrect SLC (shelf life code) of 6 (24-
  months) for aircraft Military Specification coatings Mil-
  PRF-23377 and Mil-PRF-85285. SLC 4 (12-months) is
  correct for these type coatings. This error in EMIS leads
  to HAZMAT updating these coatings in the original
  package to 2-years (SLC-6) upon receipt.

 This product (Cee-Bee R-256) is now being packaged in
 a 8-oz brush-lid can (NSN: 6850-01-512-6620) which is
 ideally suited for small applications, such as removing
 coatings to facilitate Nondestructive Inspections. It is
 authorized per T.O. 1-1-8
  Integrity - Service - Excellence                            13
          Air Force Reserve Command
          Corrosion Survey Comments

“The support provided by MSgt Kevin Wilson of the
433rd AW was particularly noteworthy”.

“the team would like to specifically recognize the overall
quality of the 301st Fighter Wing Corrosion Program.
SMSgt Ray Russell and the other members of the Wing
have developed a very strong program that is one of the
best we have observed in many years. Other units with
impressive Corrosion Programs were the 442nd Fighter
Wing (SMSgt Mark Mock) and the 917th Wing (MSgt
Billy Cliff)”.

             Integrity - Service - Excellence            14
              Corrosion Prevention
                Advisory Boards
 Most important venue for the units to inform SPO,
  MAJCOM and Corrosion office of problem areas.

 Must take the time to submit action items through
  the MAJCOM.

 Please be as specific as possible (pictures etc.)

 If you submit an action item, try to attend the CPAB
  to explain the problem/situation. This is extremely
  important to the action item voting process.
             Integrity - Service - Excellence         15
          Air Force Reserve Command

 Please utilize the AFCPCO website

    Full of information
    Past message references
    New technologies
    CPAB action item worksheet
    Conference announcements
    Greatest single source of information for
    any corrosion technician, supervisor or
    MAJCOM manager

              Integrity - Service - Excellence   16
Air Force Reserve Command


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