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					                                                                      ENGLISH SILABUS
                                                              Education Unit Level Curriculum

Subject                : ENGLISH
Class / Semester       :X/2
                                                                                             Lerning Material
                                                                                                                                                                            Time       Source/
                                                                                 Jenis                 Contoh Teks
 Competency Standard       Basic Competence               Indicator          Teks/Function
                                                                                                                                     Learning Experience     Assessment    Allocate    Material
                                                                                                                                                                              d         /Aids
                                                                                al Text

LISTENING                                                                                                                           Listen to
                                                                                                  Gratitude
Understanding the      To Respond meaning in        React or respond                         mis. Thank you Thanks anyway
                                                                                                                                     conversations          Performance    10x 45‟     Look Ahea
meaning of the text    formal and informal          right to act said:                            Praise                            interpersonal /        assessment                  Book X
authorized             transactional and            thank, praise,                           mis. A: That’s a lovely cake            transactional
                                                                                                  B: Thank you                       through a classical    Responding                Tape Script
transactional          interpersonal                congratulations, using                        Congratulation                                                                     Look Ahead
conversations and      conversations accurately,    the expression shock,                                                            tapes.                 Homework                  X
                                                                                              mis. A: Congratulation!
conversations          fluently and using a         using expression of                           B: Thank you                       • Discuss the
continued              variety of acceptable        disbelief                                     Using expression of Surprise.     various acts said he   Project                   Dictionary
(sustained)            speech acts involving                                                 mis. Really! Oh?                        heard through a
                                                                                                  Using expression of Disbelief                                                      Kaset/CD
accurately, fluently   recalled thank, praise,                                                                                       tape of classical.     Dialog/
                                                                                             mis. Are you serious? Oh,no!
and receptively to     congratulations, using the                                            that’s not true
                                                                                                                                     • Listen to            Percakapan                Tape/CD
meet the daily needs   expression shock, using                                                                                       conversations                                    Player
and access to          expression of disbelief                                                                                       transactional /
                                                                                                                                                            Monolog                   OHP/LCD
knowledge                                                                                                                            interpersonal done
                                                                                                                                     by a friend.                                     Photo/Poster
                                                                                                                                     • Discuss the          Writing Test
                                                                                                                                     various acts                                     Picture
                                                                                                                                     committed by said                                English
                                                                                                                                     friend.                                          Newspaper
                                                                                                                                    Read the dialogue
Express meaning in     Express meaning in a         Perform various acts                                                            pronounced variety
conversations and      conversation,                of oral discourse                                                                                                      12 x 45‟
                                                                                                                                     acts in the form of
formal transactional   transactional and            recalled in                                                                      said official and
ongoing                interpersonal (social) and   interpersonal /                                                                  unofficial
conversation           the official unofficial      transactional;
                                                                                                                                    Using the
(sustained)            accurately, smoothly and     thank, praise,
accurately, fluently,   appreciate the variety of    congratulations, using       appropriate action
and receptively in      simple spoken language       the expression shock,        to said a statement
the context of          acts involving the           using expression of          / given situation.
everyday life and       following recalled; thank,   disbelief                   Completing a
access to popular       praise, congratulate,                                     dialogue with the
science                 using the expression                                      appropriate follow-
.                       shock, using expression                                   Mr.
                        of disbelief                                             Discuss the
                                                                                  conversation model
                                                                                 Read the sentence
                                                                                  explanation directly
                                                                                  or indirectly
                                                                                 Discuss the
                                                                                  sentence directly or
                                                                                  indirectly to
                                                                                 matching phrases
                                                                                  with examples
                                                                                 Identify the phrase
                                                                                  in a dialogue
                                                                                 Underlining the
                                                                                  phrase referred to a
                                                                                 Practicing dialogue
                                                                                  Answering
                                                                                  questions about
                                                                                                         12 x 45‟
                                                                                 Questions and
                                                                                  answers with a
                                                                                 Make a dialogue
                                                                                  partner in
                                                                                  accordance with
                                                                                  the given situation
                                                                                  Practicing in front
                                                                                  of the classroom
                                                                                                      I Did Not Mean
Understand the          -   Understand the            - Respond to Short                                To Hurt You
meaning of the text         meaning of the text in    oral                     Narrative                                             Listening texts with
                                                                                             “Hello … Yustita!” Lucy‟s voice
in the form of              the form of               functional                             surprised me. Why not? She never
                                                                                                                                      the help of audio
monologue narrative,        monologue narrative,      texts                                  comes so early like this morning.        monologue
descriptive, and            descriptive, and                                                 She usually comes a few minutes         Complete text of a
                                                                                             before the bell rings.                   monologue with the
simple news item in         simple news item in                                              “Hi! What is wrong? You don‟t
the context of              the context of                                                   look yourself today. Why did you         words heard
everyday life and           everyday life and                                                come so early today?”                   Answering
                            access to popular                                                “My father gave me a lift. By the        questions
access to popular
                                                                                             way,. have you heard anything
science.                    science                                                          about “Elsa?”
                                                                                                                                     Listen to              14 x 45‟
                                                                                             “What is the matter with her?” I         storytelling friend
                        -   Responding to the         - Responding to text                   asked. ”Haven‟t you heard?              Listening to a
                            meaning of the text a        simple monologue                    Everyone at school has,” she             friend describing an
                            simple monologue          form of narrative,                     “What is it? Would you tell me,          object
                            that uses the popular     descriptive and news                   please?” I begged her.                  Listening to friends
                            spoken language           items                                  “O.K., She is falling in love with       read the news item
                            diversity accurately,                                            Iwan. Don‟t you know? She is your        text
                                                                                             classmate, isn‟t she?”
                            fluently and thanked                                             “You are kidding! I can‟t believe it
                            in the form of text:                                             is true. As far as I know, she is a
                            narrative, descriptive                                           calm girl. But… how about Iwan‟s
                            and news items                                                   response?” I asked her (to be
                                                                                             continued )

SPEAKING                                                                                     Do you like birds ? Do
Expressing the          -   Express meaning in a      Conducting a short       Descriptive
                                                                                             you have one at home? I                 Describe the body
meaning of the text         short functional oral     functional oral text                   have one. It’s a cockatoo.               parts of animals /
in the form of              texts (eg                 (such as                               It’s the most beautiful bird             humans
monologue narrative,        announcements, etc..)     announcements,                         I have ever had. I call it              pronounce the
descriptive and             Official and unofficial   advertisements,                        BB. Well, BB is originally               words in the
simple news items           uses a simple range       invitations, etc.)                     native to Philippines. BB                monologue text
accurately, smoothly,       of oral language in       official / unofficial.                 has a stiff feathered crest             Completing a
and thanked in the      different context                                          and powerful hooked                       dialogue based on
context of everyday     situations                                                 beak. Her body size lies                  the advertisement
life and access to                                                                 between 30 and 32                         / invitation card
popular science                                                                    centimeters. You see, BB                  read
                                                                                   is a clever cockatoo. She                Conduct FAQ
                                                                                   is clever at mimicking a                 Read the
                                                                                   human’s speech. She can                   monologue text
                                                                                   say, “Good morning. How
                                                                                   are you today?” or sing                  Discuss the
                                                                                   “Twinkle, twinkle Little                  audible
                                                                                   Stars”. She whistles very                 monologue text
                                                                                   loudly when she is                       Distinguish
                                                                                   cheerful. Every body finds                between oral texts
                                                                                   her amusing. BB has                       and written texts
                                                                                   wonderful feathers. She                  Answering
                                                                                   has blue feathers with                    questions
                                                                                   bright markings. The                     Discuss the
                                                                                   combination of blue,                      linguistic features
                                                                                   orange and pink makes                     of organization
                                                                                   her look cute. You know                   and monologue
                                                                                   what, she can finish up                   text
                                                                                   two ears of corn every                   Identify the
                                                                                   day and she drinks a lot.                 structure and
                                                                                                                             characteristics of
                                                                                   Good morning listeners. It‟s ten          a text linguistic
                                                                                   o‟clock in the morning and you‟re         monologue
                      Expressing the meaning     -   Conducting an                 listening to Headline News in 007
                                                                                   Archid FM. I‟m Mike Tjokro. The          Completing the
                      of the text a simple           oral form of a    News Item
                                                                                   first newsworthy event comes from         sentence with the
                      monologue that uses the        monologue text                Moscow. A Russians journalist has         linguistic features
                      popular spoken language        narrative,                    uncovered evidence of another             of texts that
                      accurately, fluently and       descriptive and               Soviet nuclear catastrophe, which
                                                                                   killed ten sailors and contaminated
                      thanked in the form of         news items
                                                                                   an entire town.                           monologue.            14 x 45‟
                      text: narrative,                                                Yelena Vazrshavskya is the first      Work with friends
                      descriptive and news                                         journalist to speak to people who         to make a fairy
                      items                                                        witnessed the explosion of a
                                                                                   nuclear submarine at the naval base       tale
                                                                                   of Shkotovo 22, near Vladivostock.       Work with friends
                                                                                      The accident, which occurred 13        to describe an
                                                                                   months before the Chernobyl
                                                                                                                             animal / place /
                                                                                   disaster, spread radioactive fallout.
                                                                                   The base and nearby town, were            person
                                                                                   covered up by officials of the           Storytelling as an
                                                                                         Soviet Union. Residents were told         individual
                                                                                         that the explosion was in the
                                                                                         reactor of the Victor Submarine. It
                                                                                                                                  Describe a
                                                                                         was said to be a „thermal‟ and not         animal / place /
                                                                                         nuclear explosion. Those involved         person as an
                                                                                         in the clean up operation to remove       individual
                                                                                         more than 600 tons of
                                                                                         contaminated material were sworn         Create interview
                                                                                         to secrecy.
                                                                                             A board of investigators was
                                                                                         later to describe it as the worst
                                                                                         accident in the history of the Soviet
                                                                                         OK listeners, that‟s the first news
                                                                                         for today. I am coming back soon
                                                                                         with some other important news.
                                                                                         So, stay tuned to 007 FM Archid
                                                                                         Radio Station.
Understanding the        - response to the            - Identify the                     Dearest Mom,                            - Responding to
functional                 meaning in the short         meaning of written                                                         images / photos
                                                                                Letter      Mom, I couldn‟t wait myself to       - Describe adjective
significance of short      functional texts (eg,        text and text the                tell you about my new girl friend.
texts and write text       announcements,               functional form:                 Last month I met a girl in my             words to match its
monologue / essay          instructions, etc..)         narrative,                       college. Her name is Elizabeth. I         antonym
form of a simple           Formal and informal          descriptive and                  call her Lizzy for short. She comes     - match words with
                                                                                         from Jakarta but she lives in             definitions
narrative, descriptive     accurately, fluently and     news items                       Semarang with her aunt. Lizzy is a
and news items in          receptively using                                             slim girl of average height. Her        - Reading text
the context of             written language.                                             short wavy jet- black hair makes        - Read
everyday life and                                                                        her look young and fresh. She is a        Announcement /
                                                                                         charming and gentle girl and has a        letters
access to popular        - Responding to the          - Identify the steps of            pleasant manner. I like her because
science                    meaning and rhetorical       rhetoric in the form             she understands me very much and        - pronounce the
                           steps monologue              of text: narrative,              she is always ready to hear my            words in the text
                           written text / simple        descriptive and                  opinion.                                - Answering
                                                                                             Mom, when are you going to            questions
                           essay accurately,            news items                       Semarang again ? When you do, I
                           smoothly and thanked                                          will introduce Lizzy to you, Mom.       - Completing the
                           in the form of text:                                          I‟m sure you‟ll like her very much.       sentence with text
                           narrative, descriptive                                        So, I‟m expecting to see you soon.        that reads
                                                                                         Bye Mom!                                  information
                           and news items
                                                                                                                        Love,    - Change the            14 x 45‟
                                                                                                                                   headline to be
                                                                                                                      George       complete
                                                                                          Mathilda Loise was one of those        - Talk with friends
                                                                                         pretty and charming girls who             about the text that
                                                                                              seemed to have been born through         reads
                                                                                              some mistakes of fortune into the
                                                                                Narrative     wrong family. She let herself get
                                                                                                                                     - Completing
                                                                                              married to a lowly-paid clerk, Frau      paragraph / text
                                                                                              Loisel, who worked at the                with appropriate
                                                                                              Department of Education in Paris.        words
                                                                                              She was unhappy because of the
                                                                                              poor flat in which she lived, with
                                                                                                                                     - Taking into account
                                                                                              its shabby furniture. All day long       the text
                                                                                              she would think of the beautiful         organization and
                                                                                              houses of wealthy people.                linguistic features
                                                                                                                                       of texts
WRITING                  -   Express meaning in         - Write formal and
Express the meaning          short functional             informal short                           Debby Putti is a model from
of simple written text       written text (eg.            functional text                     Surabaya. Now she is a student of       Read a description
                                                                                              State Senior High School 71
and short functional         greeting cards,                                                  Surabaya. Debby is the first
                                                                                                                                       of the linguistic
texts and written            announcements,             - Menulis teks          Descriptive   daughter of Mr. Fajar Putti and          features of texts
monologue / essay            etc..) formal and           berbentuk narrative,                 Mrs. Ana Karaeng. Debby becomes          • Completing a text
in form of narrative,        informal accurately,        descriptive dan news                 a famous model when she won the          with a form
                                                                                              competition of Teenage Model
descriptive, and             fluently and                item
                                                                                              2005 and YTV Jrang-Jreng 2004.
                                                                                                                                       appropriate verb
news items                   receptively using                                    Flyer             Debby is brown -skinned.          Make sentences
accurately, fluently,        written language.                                                 She is tall and slender. She is 17     Combining
and receptively in                                                                            years
                                                                                              old. Debby has wavy, short, black
the context of           -   To reveal the                                                    hair,                                   Finding linguistic
everyday life and            meaning and                                                      a pointed nose and rather big ears.      characteristics
access popular               rhetorical steps                                                 Her                                      referred to in the
science.                     monologue written                                                face is oval and her cheeks are
                             text / simple essay                                              when she smiles. Debby is an            Determining the
                             accurately, fluently                                             attractive girl in her blue jeans.       orientation of the
                             and receptively in the                                           She likes wearing a cotton jacket        story by different
                             form of text: narrative,                                         and a T-shirt. She always wants to
                                                                                              feel                                     methods
                             descriptive and news                                             relaxed. She is neat and well-          Determining a
                             items                                                            dressed.                                 name / term for
                                                                                                  Debby is a cheerful and friendly     each section of text
                                                                                              Everybody likes her because she is      Complete
                                                                                              humorous and creative girl. She          description of a
                                                                                              gets                                     person
                                                                                              on well with other people and she
                                                                                              never forces her opinion to others.
                                                                                                                                      Fix the spelling,
                                                                                              But sometimes Debbyis short-             capitalization,
                                                                                              tempered                                 punctuation of a
                                                                                              when she loses her needful things.       text
                                                                                              Her hobbies are cooking Japanese
                                                                                                                                      Work with friends to
                                         food, shopping and singing. Debby         write the
                                         has a beautiful voice and her
                                         favorite singer is Kris Dayanti.
                                                                                  Work with friends to
                                         arthquake jolts Japan capital
                                                                                   make the full text of
                             News Item   TOKYO (Reuters) – A slight                the paragraph
                                         earthquake jolted the Japanese           Work premises
                                         capital last night but authorities        friends make
                                         said there were no immediate
                                         reports of casualties or damage. A        settings / climax /
                                         spokesman       for     the   Japan       ending
                                         meteorological agency said, “ An         Work with friends to
                                         earth tremor was registered in            make campaign
                                         Tokyo but there are no reports of
                                         casualties or damage.                     flyer
                                               The earth tremor struck            Work with friends to
                                         shortly after midnight Tokyo time-        complete the
                                         just after midnight Tokyo time.
                                               Residents of central Tokyo
                                                                                   missing content
                                         said the tremor was the strongest         news
                                         for several months in the capital.       Create a greeting
                                         (taken from : Bangkok Post, 2004)         card
                                                                                  Write a descriptive
                                                                                   text in the individual
                                                                                  Write a narrative
                                                                                   text as an individual
                                                                                  Writing text of
                                                                                   individual news

Acknowledged,                                                          Bangil, 17 Juli 2008
Headmaster,                                                            English Teacher,

Drs. H. Prayitno, M.Pd                                                 Sugiono, S.Pd
NIP. 19560824 197711 1 002                                             NIP. 19700203 199601 1 002