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					                                                                                                            17 March 2007
                                                                                                                  10:00 AM

                                       Meeting Minutes                                                     Alumni House,
 Meeting called by:      Matt Griem                           Type of meeting:        182nd TUAA Council Meeting
 Facilitator:            Matt Griem                           Note taker:             Luann Ford
                 Matt Griem, Tony Storey, Kim Fielding, Tom Miller, Peter Stephenson, Francis Fung, David French,
                 Iain MacFarlane, Lenaee Dupuis, Jovan Groen, Luann Ford

 Regrets            Jan Carter, Rod Cumming
                    Larry Popofsky, Alumni Representative on the Trent University Board of Governors, Bonnie
                    Patterson, President of Trent University

 Agenda item:       President’s Remarks                                            Presenter:      Matt Griem
 Discussion:        As below
     •     Welcome remarks
     •     Thanks to Chairs and committee members for work on Mandates and activities
     •     Outline agenda for today
     •     We will be moving forward as an association, working on Policy and Procedures
     •     Thrilled to have non council members on committees

 Agenda item:       Minutes of the 181st meeting (January 27, 2007)                Presenter:      Matt Griem
 Discussion:        Are there any amendments to the minutes?
     •     Item: President’s Report – Tom Miller brought an addition to the Minutes around the discussion of Trail
     •     Motion to amend the Minutes to include the following statement under the item “President’s Report:”
           “Tom: I have some serious concerns about the process involved in developing the current administration’s
           facility proposal, especially as it relates to the lack of Council’s input on the future of Traill College. As we
           know, the Traill issue was a separate KRA amongst the six KRAs of the Council. In the last Council
           meeting of Nov, 2006, I suggested to President Patterson that since the Council had a separate KRA for
           Traill, it might be advantageous to have someone from that KRA on the admin team that was drafting the
           facilities proposal. President Patterson suggested that it wasn’t necessary, since the Council would have
           the opportunity to review their proposal and have input at our next meeting. That proposal is now here, yet
           there is no opportunity for Council to suggest amendments or recommendations that could alter the content
           of the proposal. It appears to me that this is more of a presentation than a proposal for review. I think it is
           unfortunate that the Council has not been given the opportunity to participate more actively in the
           development of the facilities proposal and the plans for the future direction of Traill College.”

           -Motion made by Tom, seconded by Kim.
     •     No discussion – motion passed.
     •     Motion to accept the Minutes of the 181st meeting with amendments made by Kim, seconded by Francis.
           Motion passed. Minutes adopted.
 Action items                                                                      Person responsible           Deadline
    Amendment will be made                                                        Tony Storey                  June 2007

Trent University Alumni Association                                                                                            1
Meeting Minutes Template
 Agenda item:      Trent University President’s Report                        Presenter       Bonnie Patterson
 Discussion:       Defer until President comes on the teleconference line

 Agenda item:      Nominations and Recognition Committee Report                Presenter:    Kim Field
 Discussion:       As below
         •     Some discrepancy in the name within the mandate (e.g., sometimes called Nominations and
               Recognition Committee, other times called Nominating and Recognitions Committee)
         •     Kim will make the change throughout the document
         •     The Committee looks at names that Tony has provided from an approved list
         •     The association forwards the names to the Board of Governors
         •     The Board makes the actual selection from the approved Alumni list
         •     Motion to accept new policy moved by Kim, Seconded by Francis
         •     Tom informed the meeting that McMaster University Alumni choose their own representative
         •     Kim confirmed that the BoG choose from our list, there are two alumni, each with a vote
         •     Tom questioned the independence of the committee to recommend who they want
         •     Kim explained that once elected, the representative is independent and no longer represents the TUAA
         •     Matt explained the candidates must be a TUAA member (4.2), must have a history of Alumni work (4.3)
         •     Matt mentioned that the BoG respects our lists, but can refuse the names if they wish.
         •     Larry wanted to know if the TUAA pre screens the candidates they are forwarding. Kim answered that
               this year we have put forward five names, which have come from an ongoing list. Larry wanted to know
               if we solicit in advance based on what the BoG requires. Kim agreed that we try and meet the skill set
               needed by the BoG. Matt pointed out the section 4.5 of the policy addresses this.
         •     Kim informed the council that there has been a vacancy on BoG for almost a year and that we are
               putting forward five names – Carol Campbell, Shelia Grant, Winston Myer, Phil Playfair and Tom White
         •     These candidates have shown an interest and a capacity to give a leadership gift, gearing up to
               continuous campaign mode. None of the candidates have been contacted yet; Tony will conduct
               interviews with them. Motion to forward names to the Board of Governors moved by Kim, seconded by
         •     Spirit of Trent Award will be given out on May 5 at the Epitome Pictures Studio in Toronto. It was
               moved that Bob Condon be given the Spirit of Trent award by Kim, seconded by Luann. Motion
         •     Distinguished Alumni Award will be given to the remainder of last year’s list: Ian Tamblyn, Richard
               Johnston and Steven Stohn. Moved that the three names be awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award
               by Kim, seconded by Jovan.
         •     Young Alumni Award – it was moved that the draft criteria be adopted as an interim policy for the YAA
               by Kim, seconded by Francis. Motion passed. It needs to be put into Robert’s Rules format. It was
               asked when a candidate passes from Young Alumni to the other categories. The guidelines are after
               10 years as Alumni and/or after 35 years old.
         •     Motion to put forward two names, Dalal Al-Waheidi and Darren Murphy by Kim, seconded by Tom.
               Motion passed.
         •     The Symons Award for Teaching was awarded to Professor Ivana Elbl in March. Tony sent a letter of
               congratulations from the TUAA; it is also on the Trent website, under News & Events.
 Action items                                                                   Person responsible        Deadline
    Changes to Terms of Reference                                              Kim
    Distinguished Alumni Award                                                 Tony
    Young alumni                                                               Tony

 Agenda item:      Trent University President’s Report                         Presenter:    Bonnie Patterson

                       • Involved in planning work
Trent University Alumni•Association                                                                                     2
Meeting Minutes Template
     •   involved in planning work up to the end of September
     •   enrolment applications up 5 % province wide, 3 % for Trent
     •   we have met enrolment targets of the 5 year plan by year 2
     •   government needs to increase funding, Trent is overspent $665,000 this year and projecting $1.2 million
         next year
     •   The Federal and Provincial budgets are coming down this month, hopefully they will address the funding of
         secondary education
     •   There are 3 weeks of classes left this year, and lots going on
     •   4 students accompanied Bonnie to Washington, DC for a World Bank Forum on poverty reduction in 3rd
         world countries

 Agenda item:     External and Chapter Relations Committee Report            Presenter:    Lenaee
     •   Presented the Terms of Reference
     •   Add “two” meetings at 3a
     •   Action Plan is to work with Kathleen to draft a Alumni handbook
     •   Kathleen has a list of projects to work on
     •   Footer needs to be changed in the Terms of Reference
     •   Motion to accept External and Chapter Relations Terms of Reference moved by Lenaee, seconded by
         Peter. Motion passed.
 Action items                                                                 Person responsible       Deadline
    Amend Terms of Reference                                                 Lenaee
    Action Plan projects                                                     Lenaee

 Agenda item:     Communication Committee Report                             Presenter:    Francis Fung
     •   the committee met last night
     •   Terms of Reference 5c to read “Help keep alumni informed of University events, special developments and
         Council activities…”
     •   Motion to accept the Communications and Technology Committee Terms of Reference with amendments
         moved by Francis, seconded by Lim. Motion passed
     •   Council members should check website for activities
     •   Alumni are encouraged to have a Trent U email address, it shows our affiliation with the University
     •   To get one – go to website, Alumni section, “How Do I”, follow directions from that point,
     •   You can call Kathleen if there is a problem
     •   Projects include – push awareness of the online bulletin board to new grads, encourage more people to
         mentor, promote online directory, encourage sunshine sketches, encourage and promote Email for Life
 Action items                                                                 Person responsible       Deadline
    Amend Terms of Reference                                                 Francis/Jovan
    Action Plan projects                                                     Francis/Jovan

 Agenda item:     Finance, Advancement and Services Committee Report         Presenter:    Luann
     •   change 5 c to “Facilitate and Provide” instead of “Search out”
     •   correct spelling
     •   Motion to accept Finance, Advancement and Services Committee Terms of Reference moved by Luann,
         seconded by Lenanee
     •   Priority projects – License Plate, Membership Directory, Review Alumni KRA, Review Resources KRA

Trent University Alumni Association                                                                                  3
Meeting Minutes Template
 Action items                                                                      Person responsible          Deadline
    Amend Terms of Reference                                                      Luann
    Action Plan projects                                                          Luann

 Agenda item:     History, Heritage and Campus Affairs                            Presenter:     Iain
     •   Kim felt 5b was to vague in the use of the word legacy, it was suggested that college system, don system,
         oral history, physical structures be built in
     •   Iain will meet with his committee before the next council meeting to reword
     •   Action plan included involvement in campus events to enrich life on campus, promote the presence of
         Alumni on campus, Commoner “Plaque”, promoting/planning Graduation/Grad fest, promoting and
         enhance Alumni- in –residence program, Alumni Speakers Bureau, Student Ambassador program, compile
         and publish a “Stories of Trent” book, website etc for Trent’s 50th anniversary
     •   Mandate is on hold until next meeting
 Action items                                                                      Person responsible          Deadline
    Amend Terms of Reference                                                      Iain
    Action Plan projects                                                          Iain

 Agenda item:     Board of Governors Representative Report                        Presenter:     Larry Popofsky
     •   Larry is an alumni of Traill College from the early 1970’s has spent 25 years in Real estate Development,
         Capital Markets
     •   Current activities of the BoG include (a) facility renewal strategies, (b) reduction of debt,(c) Endowment
         lands, (d) Development auxiliary revenues for the University
     •   Facility renewal strategies – last meeting Bonnie briefed us on this, including Traill College being
         considered to become a Graduate College
     •   Endowment lands – the proposed structure presented to the Property and Finance Committee, lands could
         be turned into a revenue stream for the University. The University is an educational institution and also a
         business. With proper use of a – d above, the university can continue as an education facility that provides
         a good education.
     •   Tom wanted the BoG to know that there are members of the Alumni, apart from the Council that are
         concerned with the redoing of Traill. That there is a 3rd option to keep undergraduates as well as a graduate
         school at Traill
     •   Larry acknowledged that this is a sensitive issue and that Alumni have emotional ties to Traill.
     •   The best interests of the University, students and future students are what have to be considered.
     •   There is a huge demand for Graduate Studies and Trent doesn’t want to be eclipsed
     •   Hopefully all options will be looked at to reach a viable solution
     •   The decision needs to make sense financially and what is best for the whole University
     •   Kim added that there will still be a strong undergrad presence at Traill
     •   Tom said that raises the question of the College system, where the nucleus of the college is the
         undergraduate. Although students don’t pick their college, once there, they have a high retention rate.
     •   Tom continued a third option would be fundraising with Trent’s involvement to keep the undergrad
         residence. Then if it fails, it fails. It might draw new donors in.
     •   Kim pointed out the JBC is a college without a residence.
     •   Matt pointed out that the government is funding Graduate Students.
     •   Bonnie pointed out that there is not a history of success in fundraising for physical facilities, and that there
         is more success in program fund raising.
     •   There is a cost to the institution to fundraise and priorities of where to devote the dollars for the Physical

Trent University Alumni Association                                                                                         4
Meeting Minutes Template
         facilities e.g. the library, student space needs, Traill needs to be met. We have to question if Traill has a
         large enough impact on the priorities
     •   Grad studies are the target we have to meet. There are limited philanthropic resources, limited institution
         resources and deferral can result in lost opportunity
 Agenda item:     Senate Representative Report                                   Presenter:     Dave French
     •   Proposal to redo senior tutors to senior Dons, CUSP dissolved, issue as Dean is only one person, but
         CUSP is a committee with checks and balances
     •   2007 report has 2003 statistics to now, the retention rate is 65%, 2/3 start and graduate
     •   McMaster has 4 alumni votes, the Senate at Trent only the academics vote, alumni rep is non-voting and
         the student rep is now non-voting. The non-voting are considered official guests, they are allowed into the
         closed sessions
 Agenda item:     Executive Committee Report                                     Presenter:     Matt
     •   The Retreat is June 9th and 10th at Trent, Matt will email out the schedule
     •   Annual Report is scheduled for September, please do ahead if possible
     •   Report on results and what was achieved, what did we do, what did we achieve
     •   Letter of BoG around Traill
     •   Matt wrote a letter cc to Bonnie, Executive, Council and Mr. Morden
     •   Mr. Morton responded the next day, Matt explained our possession, that we had 3 motions, 2 passed and
         one didn’t.
     •   Mr Morden said the Board was not considering other options, the letter will go to the Board, someone from
         the TUAA may be asked to speak to the Board
 Action items                                                                     Person responsible         Deadline
    Email out June Retreat schedule                                              Matt
    Committee reports for September Annual Report                                Committee chairs
 Agenda item:     Other Business                                                 Presenter:
 •   April 13, 14 “Canada on Display” by the History and Cultural Studies department(s)
 •   Celebrating 3 retiring professors
 •   Celebrating Trent alumni who have made significant contributions to Canadian history
 •   Check the website for details www.trentu.canadaondisplay
 •   Matt requested that council give Tony their size for a hooded sweatshirt
 •   Motion to Adjourn by Iain seconded by Kim at 12.:51pm
 Action items                                                                     Person responsible         Deadline
    Get shirt size to Tony                                                       All

Trent University Alumni Association                                                                                      5
Meeting Minutes Template

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