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                 COMPANY PROFILE

                 For so long MSC Malawi has expected the                                 In respect of the
                 Nacala corridor to grow. In the past, the                                Shire-Zambezi
                 corridor was providing a gateway to 70%                                  waterway project,
                 of all the imports and exports of Malawi                                 MSC Malawi is
                 at very competitive rates and prices as                                  cognisant of the fact that it
                                                                                                                                                          Lino Passoni
                 there is no cheaper mode of transport than                               is a grand vision and long term
                 rail. In the last 15 years, MSC has looked                               project but distant in the future while
                 at the improvements of the corridor with                                 Malawi could benefit in the very short
                 mixed results. This year for the first time, the                          term on better cost of transport by building
                 tobacco industry is seriously considering                                the capacity of the Nacala corridor and
                 moving some of their tobacco cargo via                                   installing gantry cranes in the port.
                 Nacala in order to reduce congestion and
                 risk of Beira port and the expensive route                              The expansion and available opportunities are
                 of Durban Port. Railways, as a result of                                based on the economic growth of a country. In
                 this commitment, will face more challenges                              Malawi, the only exports are agricultural commodities
                 to meet the requirement and demands                                     but could be expanded to include mineral products
                 of tobacco, sugar, fertilizer and general                               like heavy sands which Malawi has in abundance.
                 cargo import to Malawi. However if they                                 However such expansion requires infrastructure like
                 (railways) succeed in these challenges,                                 power, roads and rail investments in which government
                 it will undoubtedly lay the ground for                                  must play its role.
                 strengthening their share of the Malawi
                 import and export market.                                               MSC Malawi has invested in technology and in its staff
                                                                                         through training in order to provide unparallel, prompt and
                 From the shipping point of view, although                               efficient service. In the final analysis, the strength of MSC
                 the Port of Nacala is not fitted with gantry                             Malawi lies in its flexibility and capability to respond to the
                 cranes, it is very safe to its being a natural                          requirements of clients and other unforeseen circumstances
                 port with high depth of water allowing the                              with agility and speed.
                 entrance of big ships, and a large bay
                 for protection as compared to the port of                               MSC Malawi has always advocated the use of Nacala
                 Beira which has a narrow entrance and                                   corridor for import and export. Presently the cost of moving
                 subject to shifting of sand banks which                                 cargo to Beira by truck and Nacala by rail is the same,
                 require dredging all the time and it is                                 which is obviously not competitive. If such competition can be
                 exposed to the prevailing wind conditions.                              achieved, the major beneficiary will be the Malawi economy
                 Nacala has always been and will remain                                  where the reduction in cost of transport, will release available
                 the natural port of exit for Malawi and                                 funds into the economy. Through the years MSC Malawi
                 we are baffled by the mixed performance                                  has contributed to the economy by significantly reducing
                 which undoubtedly could be tremendously                                 ocean freight charges. Above all, MSC Malawi has offered
                 improved with the support of the private                                employment and opportunities directly and indirectly to
                 sector and the government.                                              Malawians in the transport and forwarding industry, who in turn
                                                                                         also contribute to the economy and the improvement of their
                                                                                         standard of life.


                       AGRICULTURE SECTOR
                       Agriculture is one of the most important sectors of Malawi’s economy as it represents about
                       40% of GDP, accounts for over 80% of the labour force and represents about 80% of all
                       exports. A large percentage of the agricultural production comes from the smallholder sub-
                       sector, with women having a greater proportion of its labour force.

                       Maize, the main staple food, controls 58% of the consumer price index. Production of cash
                       crops by smallholder farmers has recently resulted in a dramatic response in production, par-
                       ticularly in tobacco such that the performance of the tobacco sector in Malawi is expected
                       to continue to be the main determinant of economic growth. It is still the largest export,
                       accounting for over 50% of total earnings, despite that in recent years, its importance has
                       fallen as a result of lower prices.

                       Macadamia nuts, tea, coffee and soya beans are also some of the cash crops that have
                       contributed immensely to the growth of the agricultural sector. Malawi has also been a
                       cotton growing country since the colonial era. The cotton sector has therefore been incor-
                       porated as a key element in the country’s poverty reduction and growth strategy such that
                       emphasis is put on building a vibrant integrated cotton and textile industry, which besides
                       aiming at accelerated industrial growth, focuses on building a strong raw material base for
                       the country’s production.

                       In lending to Malawi’s agricultural sector, banks and financial institutions have also con-
                       centrated on strengthening food security by supporting smallholder production. In addition,
                       government now places top priority in the smallholder sector on self-sufficiency through
                       maize production, although it remains clear that agricultural programs are having limited
                       impact on the rural poor.

                       The agricultural sector had a major achievement when for the first time in its history, Malawi
                       recorded a maize surplus of 1.3 million metric tonnes, double the extra grain chalked in
                       2006. The surplus is attributed to good rains and government’s fertilizer subsidy program.



Vision: ‘Abundant Food and Healthy Environment’                                     Distributors:
Mission: To produce and market products and integrated solutions                    PTC/McConnel;
that meet the productivity needs of current and future customers                    ATC, Farmers World/
in Malawi, East and Central Africa region. To conserve natural                      Agora; Rab Processor;
resources and improve the environment.                                              Chipiku Stores.
                                                                                    Recent Trade show: Agri-
STATISTICS                                                                          cultural Trade Fairs
Founded: Became Monsanto Malawi Ltd in 2001                                                                                                                  Enock Chikava
Industrial Sector: Agriculture                                                      EMPOWERMENT LEVELS
Number of Employees: 25 permanent and 125 temporary                                 Empowerment of women
Number & location of Branches: Offices and processing plant in                       Total % of staff women: 24%
Lilongwe                                                                            Promotion of women in Senior Manage-
Investments: $3 million (400 million Kwacha)                                        ment: 30%
Special Projects: Millennium Villages; Conservation Tillage
Trade Affiliations & Professional Memberships: Founding member                       SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY
of Seed Trade Association of Malawi (STAM); Member of Africa                        HIV/AIDS Policy: Member of Malawi Business
Seed Trade Association (AFSTA); Member of the International Seed                    Coalition Against HIV/AIDS (MBCA)
Federation (ISF); Member of Malawi Chamber of Commerce and                          Major Projects Supported: Donated $1 million to WFP
Industry (MCCI)                                                                     (2005); 700 tons hybrid seed to GoM (2005)
                                                                                    Corporate Social Investment spend 2005-2006 year:
BUSINESS AND FINANCE                                                                $1.85 million; Vegetable seed donation (2007)
Revenue: $2.5 million per annum                                                     Benefits offered to employees: Share options, Medical
Bank: National Bank of Malawi (NBM).                                                Aid, incentive bonus; safety programs; people development
Accountants/auditors: Deloitte                                                      programs.
Approximate Market Share: 48% - 50% of the hybrid seed market;
55% of the Glyphosate market                                                        By serving our customers (distributors and farmers) satisfactorily,
Financial Year End: August                                                          we serve our shareholders.
Holding Company: Monsanto Corporation
                                                                                    We believe in delivering great value in all our dealings;
NATURE OF BUSINESS                                                                  integrity through honesty and decency,
Products/Services: Hybrid Seeds; Herbicides (Roundup®; Bullet®                      dialogue by listening carefully & broaden understanding,
Harness®)                                                                           transparency by making information available & accessible,
Export Activity: Exports hybrid seeds to Zambia, Tanzania, RSA                      sharing knowledge & technology,
and Zimbabwe.                                                                       benefits by using sound & innovative science,
                                                                                    respect in acknowledging religious, cultural & ethical differences,
CONTRACTS & AWARDS RECEIVED                                                         act to achieve results by clarifying direction, roles & accountability
Industrial Standards: ISO 9001/2000; OSHAS                                          and creating a great place to Work.

                                                                        CONTACT INFORMATION
                Managing Director:                                                                       Postal Address:
                 Enock Chikava                                                                           PO Box 30050
                                                                                                           Lilongwe 3
               Company Secretary:
                Sacranie & Gow                                                                             Telephone:
                                                                                                       +(265) 1 710 144
                   Paul Chimimba                                                                              Fax:
                                                                                                       +(265) 1 713 547
             Dalitso Gadama (Mrs)                                                                           E-mail:
                Sales & Marketing:
                Misheck Nyirenda                                                                         Website:
                 Physical Address:                                                        
                Area 29, Kanengo
                     Lilongwe                                                                                                                                                75




Smallholder Coffee Farmers Trust is a transitional organisation,                  and Governance
which was formed to take charge of the transformation process                     of the Trust.
in which farmers should take control and manage the smallholder                   They represent the
coffee subsector. This therefore involves capacity building among                 farmers’s Interest. Each
farmer organisations, production, processing and marketing of                     association elects two
coffee and other crops.                                                           trustees. The structure is
                                                                                  also composed of;
Coffee was introduced in Malawi by the missionaries in 1871                       The Secretariat - responsible for
and in Northern Malawi in early 30’s. The missionaries produced                   the management and administration
seedlings for sale to farmers around them and in turn farmers sold                Association - responsible for
processed coffee parchment to the missionaries. Later on, Coffee                  processing and marketing of coffee
Co-operatives were established with the help of the British Colonial              parchment
Government. Co-operatives marketed their coffee through Moshi                     Business Centre - responsible for production
in Tanzania. After independence in 1964, Co-operatives were                       level, extension and training programmes.
dissolved and Farmers Marketing Board (FMB) currently Agricultural
Development Marketing Cooperation (ADMARC) took over the                          DISTRIBUTION & MARKET
activities. This continued up to 1971 when the first Smallholder                   Mzuzu Coffee is the Hot Cup that one cannot miss
Coffee Authority was established. This Authority, a government                    in all the Sunbird Hotels in Malawi, Blantyre Hotels,
parastatal, operated up to 1974 when it was dissolved due to                      holiday resorts along the Lake Shore of Lake Malawi,
administrative problems. ADMARC took over the coffee processing                   lodges and other hotels in Malawi. The coffee is
and marketing responsibilities up to 1979 when a revised                          distributed in all supermarkets, chain stores, duty free
Smallholder Coffee Authority was re-established. This worked up                   shops at the two international airports of Kamuzu and
to March 1999 when it was replaced by Smallholder Coffee                          Chileka. SCFT has penetrated the Specialty Market with
Farmers Trust. (SCFT) Under the Trust, farmers are trained to run their           its Mzuzu Coffee; hence the name now popularly known as
own affairs as a business venture through their associations. This                Mzuzu Specialty Coffee. Malawi’s Mzuzu Coffee is grown
development is basically in line with the Privatization Policy of the             by almost 4,000 Malawian Smallholder growers scattered in
Government of Malawi.                                                             the highlands of the North of Malawi.
Promotion of sustainable production, processing and marketing                     “Remember Each Time You Drink a Cup of Mzuzu Coffee, You
of High Quality Arabica Coffee and other food products through                    assist in Alleviating Poverty of the Smallholder Coffee Growers
farmers owned, controlled and managed sustainable business                        in Malawi”
                                                                                  Mzuzu coffee, the heart warming cup from the warm heart of
STRUCTURE AND ROLES                                                               Africa
The Trust is governed by 10 elected Board Members with an
independent Chairman. This is responsible for Policy Foundation

                                                                      CONTACT INFORMATION
              Postal Address                                                                               Fax:
     Smallholder Coffee Farmers Trust                                                               +(265) 1 333 902
             P O Box 20133
                                                                                                    +(265) 1 332 789
               +(265) 1 332 663
               +(265) 1 332 789
                                                                                                       Website:                                     77

                       BUSINESS SUPPORT
                       SERVICES SECTOR
                       Business Support Services (BSS) present some interesting opportunities in Malawi,
                       especially based on the fact that in today’s world, businesses are looking for ways to
                       streamline their operations. One popular option is outsourcing-where they retain another
                       company to provide a service that may have traditionally been done by themselves or
                       their employees.

                       Already, the business support services in Malawi, usually involving small and medium
                       enterprises, form the backbone of employment and in Africa. The sector is by far, the big-
                       gest contributor to economic activity in many countries. It offers a wide range of services
                       such as event planning, shipping, advertising agency, sign writing, web page designing,
                       administration, publishing and is now part of the solutions to the problems facing Malawi
                       and the African continent in its desire for faster and deeper economic growth. This is
                       despite that the cost of doing business in Malawi is relatively high and BSS’s share in the
                       trade market remains dismal.

                       More resources are now being ploughed into the sector as government has realized just
                       how vital and well-functioning these services are to the national economy. A broad market
                       for the sector include the general public, small commercial and large corporations and
                       typically, small businesses are turning to business support service firms for various services.
                       BSS providers in Malawi also target a specific market segment, helping them to tailor
                       their service menu, marketing efforts and customer service system to meet the needs of that
                       particular segment.

                       The Malawi Confederation of Chambers of Commerce & Industry (MCCCI) in its project
                       plan, intends to pool together technology, infrastructure and business support services in
                       support of upcoming entrepreneurs in Malawi. Government, private sector, academic
                       institutions and foreign investors are therefore meant to play a crucial role in this initiative
                       which is likely to boost the business support services industry and further contributing to the
                       growth of Malawi.

       BLACK, RED, GREEN...

      WHAT                         COLOR IS YOUR WORLD?

L     ately people have developed a tendency of wanting to do
things right the first time. Whatever they do, they want to express
                                                                        While colour is all these things put together and whether it is a designer
                                                                        or interior decorator, artist or stylist colour combination technician, display
their mind or feelings.                                                 planner, promotional material or packaging designer interior décor planner
                                                                        or someone tendering colour advice to customers or retailers, it must be
One aspect that is becoming interesting is the choice of colours        borne in mind that colours if combined properly can perform wonders.
when one is working on his home, offices or machinery business
                                                                        COLOUR SELECTION
After spending the hard earned Kwachas and time to come up
with the skeletal structure, roofing, windows, flooring, the last thing   Properly chosen colours can make:-
that comes in is the type of coating and colour scheme that is          -               A room feel warmer, cooler or lighter.
chosen to be applied on the property.                                   -               A small room look bigger or vice versa.
                                                                        -               A raised ceiling look lower or vice versa.
The coating and the colour combination if properly chosen,              -               The room repel or attract insects like mosquitoes, beetles,
emphasizes how good the plan or materials used are. Best                peach moths, bees or cockroaches.
materials on earth can be used to come up with a structure but
everything will be in vain if the right coating and good colours are
not used.
                                                                        LIGHT VERSUS DARK COLOURS

COLOURS                                                                 Light colours reflect more light and make rooms look bigger. Darker coloured
                                                                        rooms reflect less light and force a mood on a room. We need to create
Colour means different things to different people:-                     balance and harmony in our surroundings and also use intense dark hues in
•        To an artist it means pigments.                                rooms that are usually occupied for a short time only e.g entrances, formal
•        To the psychologist it means perception which exists           dining rooms. Light pale colours work best in rooms with little natural light as
         within the mind.                                               they make best use of reflected light. If a room is generally used at night (eg
•        To the physiologist it is a response of the nervous system.    formal lounge, bedroom or study room) a colour scheme that has a medium-
•        To the physicist it is an attribute of Radiant Energy.         valued dominant colour may be preferable.
•        To the man on the street it is a property of objects or
         light sources.

                                                                                                                                     DARE TO BE DIFFERENT

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