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					Question            Question Asked         Number of Percentage
Number                                     Response          of
       1 How satisfied were you with how you were informed of
         what was happening with your request and when you
         could expect action?
         Dissatisfied                               16           2%
         Satisfied                                  53           8%
         Very Dissatisfied                          33           5%
         Very Satisfied                           565           83%
         No Answer                                  10           1%
       2 How satisfied were you with the amount of time it took to
         complete your request?
         Dissatisfied                               14           2%
         Satisfied                                  57           8%
         Very Dissatisfied                          35           5%
         Very Satisfied                           561           83%
         No Answer                                  10           1%
       3 How satisfied were you with how we completed your
         Dissatisfied                                7       1.0%
         Neutral                                    10       1.5%
         Satisfied                                  38       5.6%
         Very Dissatisfied                          27       4.0%
         Very Satisfied                           588       86.9%
         No Answer                                   7         1%
       4 Did we resolve the problem you were having?
         Definitely No                               8       1.2%
         Definitely Yes                           604       89.2%
         No                                          8       1.2%
         Yes                                        40       5.9%
         No Answer                                  17         3%
       5 Does everything on your computer seem to be working
         No                                         24       3.5%
         Yes                                      642       94.8%
         No Answer                                  11         2%
       6 How could we do a better job to meet your computer
•          All worked performed with a smile - great work.
•          Always preform like today.
•          An email notice to let me know at what point in the day you're coming would be helpful.
•          Anne..........Your people always do a first rate job. Thanks. Tell Matt we really do appreciate h
•          Anohter repair completed with professionalism and expedition. Thank you, Pam
•   As always a super job. Thanks ever so much.
•   As always, you guys do an excellent job. It is always such a pleasure to work/interact with ya'
•   As usual, Computer Support exceeded my expectations in completing the work requested qui
•   At this time it works perfect THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
•   Be more timely. I worked for the first three weeks of my job without a printer. I wanted to just g
•   Become psychic/clairvoyant and predict all problems before they occur. Teleport yourselves t
•   Bring chocolaTE!
•   Can you add three or four more "very"s in from of the very provided for questions 1-3, an extra
•   Can't imagine any improvement! Thanks for the good work.
•   Communication between the computer techs and my supervisor regarding the installation time
•   Computer support is doing an excellent job. Keep the good work up.
•   Continue to respond to the request ASAP.
•   Dana and Harvey are great. I can't think of anything that they could do better.
•   Did a wonderful job! Matt updated the computer after a conversation we had and before I ask
•   Didn't request service and was unaware service was being performed but if this means that th
•   Doing a great job! And for this request I called thinking that I'd get it resolved via the telephon
•   Doing an excellent job! Thanks.
•   Doing great job!Dana,thanks for being so efficient.
•   Doing great so far. Appreciate your assistance Carl
•   Doing great!
•   Don't ever let Matt leave!
•   Each of the staff are always very professional and very prompt!            Thanks for all you do!
•   Eddie did an excellent job. Stayed with it until it was solved.
•   Edward is magic!!! I had adjusted the volume on the monitor numerous time with no result. H
•   Evening (after 4:30 p.m.) Help would be nice.
•   Everthing is fine,and working ok.
•   Everyone is always nice and does a super fast job! Thanks!!
•   Everything is fine
•   Everything was great. Thanks for the prompt service. Matthew was a big help.
•   Everything was perfect. Thank You Officer Robles
•   Excellent job, you are going to make my semester a little easier.
•   Excellent service. Thank You!
•   Excellent work!
•   Excellent!       Thanks for being so caring!!
•   Give Matt a raise!
•   Good job - thanks! EM
•   Good job as usual by Matt.
•   Great Job, Thanks
•   Great Job.
•   Great help as usual. RC
•   Great job as usual! Thanks.
•   Great job!
•   Great job! Quick response time, and very friendly!!
•   Great job!!
•   Great service from a Cub fan!
•   Great service!
•   Great work rc
•   Grow two more sets of arms...actually, I can't think of anything. :)
•   Harvey was excellant and took me through the process. Thank you
•   Hooray for Matt! He was able to correct the problem. However, the techs the day before tried
•   I can not think of a single thing that you could do to give better service. Many thanks for a job
•   I can't answer 5 because it is an intermittent problem. Short of offering raises to your excellen
•   I can't think of any improvements at this time.
•   I did not answer number 4 because the problem is intermittent therefore it is difficult to resolve
•   I didn't request a new monitor, so it was a wonderful surprise! Thanks for keeping the equipme
•   I don't know if this is the proper department, but I had a keyboard tray installed a couple of mo
•   I don't know that you can do anything more. The problem reoccured all last week and today,
•   I e-mailed Matt about a problem with shortcuts. I am sure it will be resolved quickly as usual.
•   I found a new monitor when I returned from class today, which I had not requested. That wou
•   I had requested to have the scanning stations set up to scan transcripts into the Transcript Ev
•   I had to resubmit the work order
•   I have always received the best of service. No complaints.
•   I have no complaints or suggestions for improvement.
•   I have no problems with the service now so I have no ideas for improvement. Thanks.
•   I need a printer/fax but I think it is being ordered or may be ordered soon.
•   I really didn't request it, but I definitely appreciated that it was done. Apparently, the techs dee
•   I still need to scan to microsoft word. When I tried to send the scan to power point the compu
•   I think Matt wants continuous praise. He always does a great job, so every time I fill out this su
•   I think my computer may have just not wanted to work the other day. Today, seems a lot bett
•   I was happy with all aspects of the install.
•   IN response to the question about the computer working properly, my computer freezes up a l
•   If I could get a flat screen monitor :)
•   If there was some way that I could print to the local printer from colleague.
•   If you guys get any faster .... your man Edward was up here before the email confirming that h
•   It was done in a timely matter. Just waiting for you guys to give me back my info out of old com
•   It was great! Thanks Matt
•   Job done well and timely. Pleased as always.
•   Job was well done. Matt was very prompt in responding.
•   Job well done.
•   John Kanios was very helpful in getting my computer problem resolved. Thanks for the assist
•   John did a fantastic job. Only problem is that I submitted the request early on he morning of 1
•   Jose Garcia did a terrific job plus he was professional, polite & knowledgeable. Thank you. e
•   Just continue to do what you are doing, satifying your internal customers.
•   Just keep doing what your doing!
•   Just keep up the good work. Matthew is always prompt, informed and courteous! Give that m
•   Just keep up the great, prompt service.
•   Just keep up your good work ethics ! Thank you.
•   Keep doing GOOD TIMELY WORK......
•   Keep doing what you are doing.
•   Keep up the god work!!!        Thanks
•   Keep up the good work and timely turnaround!!!
•   Keep up the good work you guys!!! You are always prompt, reliable, and knowledgeable abou
•   Keep up the good work!
•   Keep up the good work.
•   Keep up the good work.
•   Keep up the great work! And thanks again.
•   Let me know when next time so that I can make a copy of my favorites before we next switch
•   Let me work at home?
•   M. Cregg is my hero!
•   Mat did a great job!
•   Matt Cregg came through in fyling colors. He is definitely an asset to your department.      M
•   Matt always does a great job on the really weird problems I sometimes have with my compute
•   Matt always find a fix for everything
•   Matt couldn't have done a better job. I can always depend on Matt for real fast assistant and t
•   Matt does a terrific job. Give him a raise. Thanks.                        ....Al
•   Matt does a wonderful job.
•   Matt is great. Even when we ask the impossible, he's on the spot. Problem solved. Thanks!
•   Matt is great. Thank you, Thank you.
•   Matt is outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!
•   Matt is wonderful!!!!! Let's not ever let him leave here!!!
•   Matt thanks a lot, I appreciate your help. The computer is great. Thanks Don Mathus
•   Matt was most helpful and knowledgeable with this frustrating problem!
•   Matt, help me real fast and was able to get back to work on the classrooms. He did a good job
•   Matt, just continue to be prompt and friendly. Thank you very much for your speedy response
•   Matt, you answered my request in a very timely manner as always. I have never had anything
•   Matthew has completed what he has to do, the problem is the printer and the programs on my
•   Matthew is a prompt person, matt keep up the good work.
•   Maybe a bigger screen so an "old, partly blind" person could see better. Really; you guys are
•   Meet me for lunch. ;0)        B-
•   My experience w/ the Computer Support staff has been very positive. Perhaps, a call before c
•   N/A
•   No need to do any better!
•   No prob at all.
•   No way that I can think of. This department is outstanding and the people are friendly, patien
•   Not much! Matt is always so great every time he comes over to do work here in the Teacher C
•   Nothing - you guys are awesome!
•   Nothing -- I really appreciate John coming to my rescue this morning.
•   Nothing more, just keep on doing the good job that you are doing right now!
•   Nothing, really.
•   On this occassion there was nothing that could have been done better. The problem was an o
•   Our technicians are the best: always friendly, always helpful (including finding the answers if t
•   Please don't wait 4 or 5 hours to get at the problem. If you are tied up let a person know that y
•   Provide an in-service on use of equipment if no hard copy manual is available.
•   Quality job!
•   Some of the vignettes only play sound. Most of them do play, though.
•   Speed rivals Speedy Gonzalez, or even Beep, Beep!
•   Super Techi. to the rescue...Thanks!
•   Super job? You folks are incredible!!! I could not do my job without your enabling assistance.
•   Thank you - good job.
•   Thank you Jose. I appreciate your help. Very courteous employee.....
•   Thank you for brining my speakers so quickly to me once they were ordered. The only proble
•   Thank you for the new monitor. I was not expecting it, so I really am not sure how to fill out th
•   Thank you for the prompt, efficient, and friendly service. Your department always exceeds in m
•   Thank you guys. You always do a great job.
•   Thanks
•   Thanks - Great job as usual. rc
•   Thanks a bunch.          frank
•   Thanks a whole bunch!
•   Thanks for a job well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
•   Thanks for all you do for us. It is hard to do my job when something is wrong with my comput
•   Thanks for all you do!
•   Thanks for an excellent job as always
•   Thanks for being prompt to replace the mouse. Appreciate it!!!!!!
•   Thanks for coming to my aide in such a timely manner. It was the start of the day and who lik
•   Thanks for solving our problem and in such a timely manner.
•   Thanks for the ethernet cable. It is the right length.
•   Thanks for the new computer, keyboard, and mouse! I was not expecting this, so I am genuin
•   Thanks for the speedy response to my request. EM
•   Thanks so much for such prompt service. It couldn't get any better. I have an updated compu
•   Thanks to all of your staff for being so prompt in attending to any problems that I have experie
•   Thanks to all you do to keep us working
•   Thanks!
•   Thanks!!!
•   Thanks, I like it.
•   Thanks...
•   The administrative computers, in the LAC, received a new monitor. We didn't request it. Howe
•   The computer division has always been very prompt and courteous and very, very helpful. Ke
•   The computer locked up a few times right before replacing it. It locked up again yesterday and
•   The computer will boot up, but when I try to use the Scantron 8400 I receive a message sayin
•   The font on the monitor is too small for my old eyes.
•   The loaner does not seem to have as many of my saved documents as does the pc for this
•   The response time, completion of needed support and helpful hints was excellent. Thanks!!!
•   The service was the best I could have hoped for.
•   The support provided was excellent. Thanks.
•   The young man that you sent was very polite, professional and kind. Keep up the good work!
•   There isn't anything you and your department could be doing better! You all are doing an outs
•   Very good service and with a good attitude.        Thanks
•   When deleting files (e-mails) it delays for several seconds.      Thanks,
•   With our purchase system I dont know if anything else could be done.
•   Would appreciate it if in future you could send someone more attractive than Matt.
•   Would like a response to the PC911 requests. I had to call to confirm receipt of such request
•   Y'all were great. Thanks, Matt.
•   Ya'll were quik and efficient.
•   You ALWAYS do a fine job. As a computer illiterate I remain very inpressed.
•   You all are great, thank you!
•   You all resolved the matter very quickly. Thank you
•   You always do a great job. Keep up the good work.
•   You always do a great job. Thanks!!!
•   You always go a great job. Thanks so much for your efficiency.
•   You are all the best...thanks for helping me out ALWAYS!!!! sec
•   You are doing a great job. Keep up the good work
•   You are doing fine.
•   You are doing just fine....
•   You are great so far. Thanks for your hard work. Carl
•   You are wonderful already!
•   You could not be much quicker to resolve our problems. Thanks.
•   You couldn't have gotten my problem fixed any faster. The response time was super!
•   You did a great job! thank you for responding so quickly!
•   You did a very good job. Thanks
•   You do a great job in supporting Facilities Services. Thanks.
•   You do a great job!!
•   You get an A+. I am very happy.
•   You guys always do a great job. Thanks for your support and help. Annie, you and your team
•   You guys are great!!!
•   You guys are great, but I have the slowest computer in the world. We are the college's first lin
•   You guys are quick.
•   You guys are the man.
•   You have always done a great job--just keep it up.
•   You're doing a great job, Dana! Thanks
•   You're doing a great job. Thanks for all your help.
•   You're doing great! I know it would help your needs if you had more staff ...
•   Your department gives us excellent support. Thanks.
•   Your group does a fine job!
•   Your office is always responsive and quick to fix the problem. Thanks for all that you all do to
•   a new computer,or free lunch, I think you department do very good job for efc.bertm
•   considering that I lost most of my data. I guess I could have saved it.
•   excellent job and response time! Thanks Harvey!
•   good job
•   he did a great job
•   how about some speakers and a new key board??????? Thanks Denny
•   keep up the good work
•   keep up the great work!!
•   let me know when you are coming
•   magnificant!!!
•   more than prompt--as always. Only one question---Matt who?
•   n/a Great job as usual! Thanks!
•   na
•   no improvement needed.
•   no one has been able to help me w/the computer accepting new names/words to the spell che
•   print size is kind-of small. thanks frank
•   the staff always does an excellent job.





ming would be helpful.
att we really do appreciate him.   ....Al
hank you, Pam
 sure to work/interact with ya'll. jv.
 eting the work requested quickly and professionally.

ut a printer. I wanted to just go buy one myself and install, but I know I can't do that, so I waited. I finally had to have
occur. Teleport yourselves to our office instantly to fix the problem that you predict will occur. Tee Hee! Thanks for

ed for questions 1-3, an extra "definitely" in fron of question 4 and a "most assuredly" in front of question 5? Thank y

regarding the installation time-table was poor. For three days, I was forced to do my work at home on my personal c

uld do better.
ation we had and before I asked for it officially!
rmed but if this means that the emails from "Ebay" and "Paypal" will stop then I am very satisfied. Will know if this is
et it resolved via the telephone and your staff came straight over to take care of the problem. The printers were not w

     Thanks for all you do!

merous time with no result. He does it an bam!!! It works!!!     Thanks!!!

as a big help.
the techs the day before tried to be helpful, but could not correct the problem.
ervice. Many thanks for a job well done.
ffering raises to your excellent staff the only other suggestion I would have is let people know how to help you get a b

 erefore it is difficult to resolve the problem. I was very satisfied that someone from your office took it upon themselve
 anks for keeping the equipment in my office current and in great shape!
d tray installed a couple of months ago and IT DOES NOT FIT PROPERLY. It took four to five months to get what I h
ured all last week and today, but when you left, the problem was rememdied.
 e resolved quickly as usual.
had not requested. That would not be a problem except that the new monitor takes up considerably more space on
 scripts into the Transcript Evaluation File Cabinet so we could begin this process September 1. This was not set up

mprovement. Thanks.

ne. Apparently, the techs deemed it necessary and efficient for my use. Thanks!
 an to power point the computer locked up.
, so every time I fill out this survey, I jsut tell him the same thing! Great job. This is an amazing staff.
day. Today, seems a lot better. It was that every time I attached an item to an email address, it would stop my comp

 , my computer freezes up a lot and I lose work I just input because I have to manually turn off the machine and there

 re the email confirming that he was coming! Thanks for always doing such a great job!
me back my info out of old computer and I will be good to go.
solved. Thanks for the assistance your group provides me in the form of prompt service and competant staff.
uest early on he morning of 1/10/06 and he didn't get here until this morning. I even called again yesterday, 1/11/06
nowledgeable. Thank you. eb

d and courteous! Give that man a raise! Thanks for all you do for us.

ble, and knowledgeable about your jobs.       Thanks

 orites before we next switch equipment. Last December, holidays, were unable to unplug (battery problem) the CPU

 et to your department.  Many thanks, Matt.
etimes have with my computer! THanks, Matt!

tt for real fast assistant and the problem is taken care of completely.... Thanks Matt.....

t. Problem solved. Thanks!

Thanks Don Mathus

lassrooms. He did a good job. Matt. Robles EFC Media 7663 thank you!
ch for your speedy response. Jeanette
s. I have never had anything but quick responses when I have a computer problem. Thanks!
nter and the programs on my computer.

 better. Really; you guys are doing a Good job. thanks.       frank

 tive. Perhaps, a call before coming would be appreciated.

he people are friendly, patient, and very easy to deal with.
do work here in the Teacher Center!!! He's an asset to your team.

 right now!

better. The problem was an oversight that would have been fixable without assistance had I been a little more observ
uding finding the answers if they don't have them right at hand), always courteous. I thank you, D. Keenan
 d up let a person know that you will be delayed.
al is available.

out your enabling assistance. Thanks for your much appreciated support.

ere ordered. The only problem I have with this order is that I asked a question in April, and the question was not ans
 am not sure how to fill out this survey. Also, I have noticed that when I use a disk in my computer, the disk drive wil
partment always exceeds in making things run properly!

 ing is wrong with my computer. You are always warm and friendly. Willing to help in a timely manner. Thanks
e start of the day and who likes to start out the day with their computer not working. Job well done

expecting this, so I am genuinely delighted! And my old computer was moaning and rattling, so I definitely am satisfi

er. I have an updated computer and keyboard. Can't wait until I get the printer.
problems that I have experienced. My printer is working great and I am so grateful to have it.

or. We didn't request it. However, we do appreciate it. What we wanted to know is when we will receive a new CD To
us and very, very helpful. Keep it up.
 cked up again yesterday and had to be cold booted because nothing else worked in shutting down the porgrams or
00 I receive a message saying, "The scanner is not reponding."

ments as does the pc for this office. Everything is alright other than that. I understand, it might not be tha same. I a
nts was excellent. Thanks!!!

 nd. Keep up the good work!
ter! You all are doing an outstanding job in    keeping the rest of the college running smoothly technology wise! Tha

ractive than Matt.
nfirm receipt of such request.

y inpressed.
onse time was super!

lp. Annie, you and your team are the best!

. We are the college's first line of defense yet when it comes to equipment we are always treated like the redheaded

anks for all that you all do to ensure that our computers work smoothly. Rita
ood job for efc.bertm
names/words to the spell check on groupwise   it simply will not ADD any new spellings
aited. I finally had to have my supervisor, Donnine Ballance, expedite the request.
cur. Tee Hee! Thanks for the great job.

ont of question 5? Thank you Matt. Big Time. Very Big Time. So Very Big Time Thank You Matt.

at home on my personal computer. New installations for new employees should have a higher priority.

tisfied. Will know if this is the case in a day or two. Never have had a problem with Computer Support technicians. A
m. The printers were not working and I thought it was only one. Thank you for the quick assistance!

ow how to help you get a bigger budget for really replacing computers with new not re-used computers. I'm on my th

fice took it upon themselves to provide an additional patch to my problem without even having to ask. This kind of in

five months to get what I have now. I have asked J. Emery to request another workorder for this. I just hope it does

 siderably more space on my desk. It seems that the primary advantage of a flat panel monitor is that it doesn't stick
ber 1. This was not set up when I arrived to work Sept 1, despite having sent a reminder email 2 or 3 days earlier.

amazing staff.
ess, it would stop my computer to do anything afterwards. I would have to then reboot my computer to start again.

 off the machine and there is no opportunity to save the work. I have a report I have to send every week and every
nd competant staff.
d again yesterday, 1/11/06, stating it was a network printer and we were desperate to get it up and running.

 (battery problem) the CPU. Will we be able to unplug it this year?
 I been a little more observant. Thanks a million one and all though.
nk you, D. Keenan

d the question was not answered until last week. However, once the question about the speakers was answered, rec
omputer, the disk drive will sometimes make a horrible noise after the disk is removed from the drive. This noise will

mely manner. Thanks
g, so I definitely am satisfied with this new one.

e will receive a new CD Tower unit?

ng down the porgrams or the computer. The computer still runs slowly in accessing programs. It's better than the las

might not be tha same. I am able to go on with my work. Appriciate it, John.

othly technology wise! Thanks for all you do! We appreciate it.
reated like the redheaded step child. I know it's not you'll fault, but it's really annoying when I have to wait about five
gher priority.

ter Support technicians. Always wonderful and on top of things. Perhaps very on top of things.
d computers. I'm on my third "new" computer and have always experienced intermittent problems with each one of t

ving to ask. This kind of initiative and consideration is one of the best characteristics of the IT department.   On a si

or this. I just hope it doesn't take another five months. This of course is not healthly for my wrists.

nitor is that it doesn't stick out in your face, but sits back out of the way. The new monitor extends out several inche
mail 2 or 3 days earlier.

computer to start again.

nd every week and every time I send it the computer freezes up. I know other people complain about their compute
up and running.
 eakers was answered, receiving them and having them installed was almost instantaneous!   Thanks!
m the drive. This noise will come and go until I turn off the computer.
ms. It's better than the last one, but I don't like the idea of potentially losing work again like last week.
n I have to wait about five minutes before I can start using my computer after I log on.   Thanks Again.
oblems with each one of them. This time I'm working on a two year old problem. Your staff is prompt and does wha

e IT department.   On a side note- everyone in the IT department deserves a raise for the continual efforts to addres

extends out several inches more than my old one and there seems to be no way move it back without removing the

plain about their computers freezing up so I don't know if the trouble I have all the time is normal or not.
s!   Thanks!
e last week.
hanks Again.
aff is prompt and does what can be done at the time but it is really difficult to capture an intermittent problem like I ha

continual efforts to address our frequent immediate needs for both our office machines and the numerous times IT h

 ack without removing the entire base. Who is designing these things for HP? Jerry Henson

normal or not.
ermittent problem like I have with my P.C. Kuddos to your team for not killing me or my computer off.

d the numerous times IT has helped bail out presenters at the last minute.   Thank you,   Sandra Hunter   Media an
mputer off.

Sandra Hunter   Media and Production Services

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