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                               Using the SOM PPT Template
                                           (for Windows users)

The Office of Information Systems (OIS) has developed a PowerPoint template for the School of Medicine
(SOM) that contains the official SOM logo and complies with the design standards set by the UNC Graphic
Identity Manual ( Here are instructions on how to install the template on
your machine and use it in your new and existing presentations.

Installing the SOM Logo Template on your machine:

    1.   Print these instructions and then return to the following webpage to access the template:
    2.   Under the PowerPoint Documentation heading, you will see the PowerPoint Template with SOM
         logo link. Click on this link and open it with Microsoft PowerPoint.
    3.   Select the Design tab, then the More button (in the Themes section).

4.   Select Save Current Theme…

5.   Enter a name for this theme (ex., SOM Theme), then Save.

Using the SOM Logo Template for your presentation:

    1.   Select the Design tab, then choose the SOM Theme from the available themes (in the Themes
         section). Clicking once will Apply to All Slides; or, right-click for more options (e.g., Apply to Selected

For more information:
Visit OIS also offers an Advanced PowerPoint class available to SOM Faculty
and Staff. All classes are taught in the Faculty Multimedia Development Lab (located in 067 MacNider) and a
schedule can be found at If you need further assistance, you may
visit the lab from 9am-4pm Monday-Friday or call 966-3519.

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