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									                                 LCSC BOARD MEETING MINUTES
                                        Date 5 October 2010

I.   General:

          A.    Call to Order:    In compliance with Article VIII, Section 2 of the Constitution of the
                                  Officers‟ Spouses‟ Club of Fort Lewis, Stacey Phillips, President,
                                  called the regular board meeting to order at 9:30 a.m. at the OSC
                                  Cottage. A quorum of elected and appointed officers was present.
          B.    Present:          Stacey Phillips, Marci Fair, Jennifer Stepetic, Alli Fallot, Alison
                                  Kattlemann, Carol, Sheff, Jillian Abramowki, Christian Geye, Annie
                                  Limberg, Jessica Wilson, Meg Haebig, Kim Nuemann, Jenny Ryan,
                                  Veronica Davis, Samantha Arndt, Jessica Thompson, Amber Scott,
                                  Cheryl Johnson
          C.    Absent:           Leslie Kerr, Keala Booze, Carla Grippe

II. Introduction:

          A.    Opening Remarks                       President, Stacey Phillips
                Called the meeting to order at 930 a.m. Date
                Stacey welcomed Alison Kattlemann and Jessica Wilson as the newest volunteers to the
          B.    Minutes                           Recording Secretary, Marci Fair
                Board approved September minutes as corrected by unanimous consent.
          C.    Financial Report                   Treasurer, Leslie Kerr
                Operating Fund Report
                Beginning balance:    $6,094.02
                Expenses:             $2,211.28
                Income:               $2,755.00
                Ending Operating Fund Balance: $6,637.74

                Difference: +543.72

                Welfare Fund Budget
                Beginning Balance:    $2,594.25
                Expenses:             $1,748.73
                Income:               $734.00
                Ending Welfare Balance: $1,579.52
                Difference: -1014.73

                TOTAL Beginning Balance: $ 8688.27
                TOTAL EOM Balance: $ 8217.26
                TOTAL Net Gain/Loss: - $471.01
                TOTAL Net Gain/Loss: - $1539.13

III. Officers’ Reports:

          A.    President, Stacey Phillips

                                      LCSC BOARD MEETING MINUTES
                                              October 5, 2010
     DISCUSSION: Please email Stacey if she owes you anything.

B.   1st Vice President, Veronica Davis
     REPORT: Report: AAR for Super Sign Up
     USAA (Jeffrey Battle -425-387-2337) was our sponsor for $200 for our Super Sign Up.
     We had a total of 21 Vendors who paid a fee of $10 and 4 non profit organizations and 1
     personal table. Several board members donated a dozen or more cookies for the visiting
     members and vendors to enjoy throughout the day.

     Food cost, beverage and balloon (20 red and blue) totals were $238.00

     Things I would change for next year:
        1. Reduce the hours of 11 am to 5 pm to 11am to 3pm. Our biggest flow was from
             11 to 1.
        2. Discard a lunch and just offer the vendors a fruit platter, chips, nuts and
             beverages. Still request 1 dozen cookies from board members.
        3. Book only 15 Vendors, try for non direct sales vendors.
        4. Place those Vendors that do sell scented items in the main open area.
        5. Starting the 3rd Tuesday of August, run your MWR Ad for $240 to run for 30
        6. The 1st of September run your Ranger (
             and The Northwest Guardian (David Kuhns -253-967-0171) Ad.
     7. Have a sign made that you can place outside the Cottage to announce that the Super
        Sign Up is going on.

     DISCUSSION: Meg Haebig got feedback from spouses that they had no idea there was
     a super sign up. Veronica took responsibility for the lack of advertisement.

C.   2nd Vice President, Amber Scott
     REPORT: For the month of September, I assisted Veronica (1VP) in setting up the
     Super Sign-Up as well as planned the monthly luncheon, which had an attendance of 30-
     35 people. I was unable to attend due to my husband‟s redeployment, but I heard
     everyone had a great time!
     For the month of October I am finishing up planning the Halloween event, the Junior
     League will be speaking as well as ladies from Madigan (I assume) about breast cancer,
     since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I am looking into speakers for the
     upcoming luncheons, if anyone has any ideas please forward them to me. Also there will
     be a Bunco night with the McChord OSC on October 16th, hope to see everyone there!

     DISCUSSION: USAA will potentially sponsor the Denim and Diamonds

D.   Recording Secretary, Marci Fair
     REPORT: Published and distributed September minutes. Made the correction to Jillian‟s
     name on the official minutes copy. Sent Samantha the flyer from last year‟s bazaar.. Sent
     out a board meeting reminder and the board report template. Put together the shell for
     this month‟s meeting with the board reports received.
     DISCUSSION: Marci neglected to send the logo out to the board. Christian asked
     mentioned her inability to edit the old OSC board report template. Marci let her know she
     sent the new LCSC template out with this month‟s meeting reminder. Jenny mentioned

                          LCSC BOARD MEETING MINUTES
                                  October 5, 2010
              she is not getting emails. Marci suggested she check her spam folder because the email
              distribution is based off of the most recent board list Stacey sent out.

         E.   Corresponding Secretary, Jennifer Stepetic

              REPORT: I checked the P.O box regularly and distributed it to the relevant parties .
              DISCUSSION: Stacey asked if she had been checking the messages, Jennifer had
              thought Stacey had taken that over. Jennifer will again start checking messages. Needs to
              find out how to change the message. Jennifer may just buy a new machine.

         F.   Treasurer, Leslie Kerr
              REPORT: Submitted financial report for board review.

         G.   Parliamentarian, Annie Limberg
              REPORT: Attended board meeting and Super Sign Up.

IV. Standing Committee Reports:

         A.   Community Liaison, Position Vacant

         B.   Community Outreach, Christian Geye
              REPORT: Recruited LCSC members to participate in providing meals for the Fisher
                     House. Called and reminded members who signed up for September dates.
              Arranged for Hillside Elementary School to be the designated recipient for a school
                     supplies drive for the October luncheon.

              Opportunity for volunteers at the WTB Trunk and Treat October 29th 3-6pm

              DISCUSSION: Marci asked what the Trunk and Treat. Decorate the trunk of your car
                   in a parking lot and go around trick or treating in the WTB parking lot. Need
                   volunteers to help judge and man the event. Reminded everyone of the AFAP
                   conference. October 12-14th Delegates still needed. Teen delegates needed.
                   Christian is the POC if anyone is interested in volunteering.

         C.   Cottage, Position Vacant
              DISCUSSION: Stacey is handling the Cottage rentals.

         D.   Decorations, Kim Nuemann
              REPORT: I am the Ft. Lewis Scholarship Committee chair this year. We are looking
              for enlisted spouses to be on the committee. We meet the second Monday of the month
              and our next meeting will be held Nov. 8th.

              I also want to confirm that Keala Booze, LCSC webmaster, is still able to upload the
              Scholarship application on the website.
                                   LCSC BOARD MEETING MINUTES
                                           October 5, 2010

E.   Gift Wrap, Jessica Wilson
     REPORT: New     Position
     DISCUSSION: Nothing to report but will be meeting with Stacey to ask a few questions
     after the meeting.

E.   Historian, Alison Kattlemann
     REPORT: I am     just learning more about the position and plan to meet with Stacey
     Phillips after today‟s meeting. I look forward to helping with this creative aspect
     of LCSC.

F.   Holiday Bazaar 2009, Samantha Arndt
     REPORT: We have 75 approved vendors, so we are full! *We need the answering
     machine message and the website to reflect this information* We have received 10
     payments from vendors and the USAA sponsorship check. We also have 5 FRG
     applications for food/vendor booths.

     PSAs and ads in the Ranger and the Guardian have been running. The status of the MWR
     banner is ????? The next step for advertising is getting the fliers printed and then
     distributed among the neighborhoods.

     We only have 3 silent auction baskets; is anyone aware of FRGs that are planning on

     We will be asking AFFES to donate painter‟s tape for the layout of the vendor booths.
     For volunteers, a schedule is being put together and then an email will be sent out
     regarding when we need your help. (Thank you!
     DISCUSSION: Annie asked about the FRG Silent Auction basket Sign up sheet at the
     Community Update. Marci suggested the sign up sheet include a spot for themes
     Christian wanted to discuss the FRG fundraising. Annie asked for FRG are limited to
     Banner for the Bazaar will be up next week.
     Samantha wanted to know where the money for the reader board will come from. She did
     not budget for it. Stacey will look to see where the money is coming from.
     Veronica talked about the cost of the reader boards and the tv advertising through MWR.
     Marci was shocked at how expensive it was for community organizations to advertise,
     especially since we have to provide MWR with a booth at the bazaar. Stacey mentioned
     that Jenny should be responsible for handling the advertising and publicity for the bazaar.
     Asked about mass emailing vendors. Marci told her about the BCC: line in her email that
     can be used to insure the privacy of the other vendors. Veronica suggested she she put
     her own email in the “TO:” line and then all other emails go in the BCC: line.
     Stacey suggested sending out another email through Jessica asking for volunteers. Stacey
     also suggested having a meeting with the volunteers prior to the bazaar to discuss
     expectations and description of duties. It was suggested Samantha reach out to high

                          LCSC BOARD MEETING MINUTES
                                  October 5, 2010
     school children of members to help with set up and take down. High Schoolers can earn
     community service hours helping with the bazaar.
     Cheryl mentioned that everyone is excited that the Bazaar is at the American Lake club
     this year and not in the tent.

G.   Hospitality, Carol Sheff
     REPORT: I have started to purchase the things for the Social on Oct. 19th 2010.
     I would also like to say Thank you to those of that stood in for me in my absence.
     DISCUSSION: Carol has a conflict with this months function since the time changed
     from an evening event to an afternoon function. She will have all of the opportunities
     purchased but will need help the day of the function to welcome new members and
     handle the opportunities.

H.   Membership & Reservations, Jessica Thompson
     REPORT: I attended the Super Sign up and helped with membership applications. I took
     reservations for the September Luncheon. We had a few people RSVP beforehand but
     most showed up and paid day of. We ended up with 35 people in attendance. I attended
     the Newcomer‟s Orientation at McChord. We had two new members sign up and pay
     their dues and a lot of other interested people. We also have had three people drop off
     membership applications at the cottage and I have been receiving the applications turned
     via the website and adding their information into the Membership spreadsheet. I sent out
     an email about this month‟s event on October 19th, letting the members know that they
     should RSVP and send in payment to the PO Box by October 12th. I also sent out a few
     emails to the membership about events happening on Post.
     DISCUSSION: Annie asked how many members we currently have, that number is not

I.   Publicity, Jenny Ryan
     DISCUSSION: Jenny hopes to have more time to commit to her position now that she is
     finished with school

J.   Retiree Representative

K.   Soundings, Position Vacant

L.   Thriftshop Liaison,                       No Thriftshop Liaison appointed at this time.

M. Volunteer Coordinator / Unit Representative, Position Vacant

N.   Ways and Means, Julie Vinson
     REPORT: Store income was $627 Consignment income $5.25
     Store expenses $327.95 for stained glass items.
                           LCSC BOARD MEETING MINUTES
                                   October 5, 2010
     Store will be purchasing wooden signs and a few more stained glass items (replenishing
     from super sign up) in order to be ready for the Bazaar.
     DISCUSSION: Julie had her baby. Annie will be covering the store until Julie is ready
     to return.

P.   Webmaster, Keala Booze
     REPORT: On 8 Sep 10, I checked w/startlogic and the suggested domain ''
     was not available. Since then, I spoke w/Stacey during the super sign-up and she
     suggested checking on „,‟ which I did and secured as our new domain name
     (total cost of domain & domain privacy was $19.94/yr.). Domain privacy serves to mask
     private information associated with our account, such as contact and billing, etc. Also,
     the „‟ domain is scheduled to expire on 17 Oct 10. If we want to keep the
     domain, we will need to renew for another year ($10.95). In the meantime, I have
     included the new URL on the “home” page of the current website for visitors to begin
     bookmarking (

     I spent time going through the entire website updating everything to reflect the LCSC.
     This took some time as I not only had to update the pages that are retrievable via the
     menu, but all documents that are linked within them (i.e. cottage and membership
     applications, etc.).

     The Board Page has been updated based on the revised roster send by Stacey. All
     committee chairs have been added and e-mails have been set up as well. Everyone
     serving as a board member or committee chair has access to e-mail via StartLogic. If you
     do not know your e-mail or password, you can e-mail me and I will provide you with that

     The submenu link tabs for the "Board Minutes" is becoming lengthy, how many months
     of minutes do we need to keep on the web? I can possibly attach an archive page, so there
     is no more than a year's worth of minutes that expands from the submenu (this will
     prevent a lengthy list of minutes that would otherwise be attached).

     Sept. board minutes have been added to the website.

     All membership e-mails are now being forwarded to Jessica Thompson until further

     I added a logo for USAA on the links page and linked it to their website. Based on the
     minutes, it appeared that it was suggested because of their sponsorship of various club
     events (i.e. Super sign-up).

     Website Statistics: The month of Sep saw 493 new visitors and total visits of 774
     (compared to 288/429 from the month of August); with visitors viewing the Holiday
     Bazaar linked pages, Calendar & Eligibility and Application pages most.

     Tasks needing to be done-
     I had hoped to be done with the new website by now (as I also mentioned in the last
     board report), but have had so much going on and therefore am still working on it. I am
     reorganizing files, etc. so I hope to be done very soon.

                          LCSC BOARD MEETING MINUTES
                                  October 5, 2010
               I am not sure if all clubs listed on the web are still active, so I would like to get a list of
               all those are, as well as the contact person for each. Also, are we still utilizing the
               „bookery donations‟ and want to continue that on the website? I‟m trying to get an idea
               of what is still needed or desired for the web.

               Renew current domain if that is the unanimous decision.

               Have we obtained a debit or credit card that I can add to StartLogic‟s billing information
               (I removed Randy‟s info, but my info is there now because of the recent domain/privacy

               Note: I may not always be aware of or may miss some announcements, so if anyone
               notices anything on the web that needs to be there please let me know, so I can ensure
               everything is current/updated.
               DISCUSSION: Carla Grippe asked Marci about advertising in the Soundings. Since
               there is no Soundings this year, Marci gave her the webmasters contact info to ask about
               website space. Annie asked if emails are still being forwarded to personal accounts from

         Q.    Welfare, Alli Fallot
               REPORT: I will be speaking with the webmaster about getting the 2011 Welfare
               Application on the LCSC website. Other than changing the name on the application and
               making sure the dates are updated, there are no real differences to the wording of the
               application. I am hoping to have the application on the site early this month.

V. Business:

         A.    Unfinished Business                    President, Stacey Phillips
               We want to have vendors at all the luncheons. Bazaar and Gift wrap fundraisers have
               been approved. Still waiting on IRS to change the name on bank. Merger still pending.
               Stacey needs to call Carla as her email is not working. Marci will be out of town on bloc
               leave with her husband for the next meeting and needs someone to take the minutes for
               the meeting. Jennifer Stepetic volunteered to take the minutes for the November meeting.
         B     New Business:
                            B. New Business: Veronica wanted to check on
                                hiring someone to clean the cottage. $200 for
                                the initial cleaning. We don‟t have a price for
                                the monthly cleaning. She would consider
                                cleaning the cottage monthly for free if we
                                allow her to attend our functions and she
                                receives 12 new clients from our membership.
                                Would we be required to sign a contract? She
                                comes recommended by Grace Jacoby. Jenny
                                suggested that we offer a link to her on our
                                website. Veronica says that she seems only
                                interested in receiving referrals for

                                  Stacey thought about opening up the cottage
                                  for units and increasing the price. We have to

                                      LCSC BOARD MEETING MINUTES
                                              October 5, 2010
                    look at contract. We also have to look at the
                    capacity. Are we going to allow alcohol?

                    Christina Geye Motioned to Open up the
                    Rental of the Cottage and allow alcohol.
                    Veronica Second.
                    Passed Unanimous.

                    Christian suggested Stacey announce at
                    community update. If we get a good response
                    for holiday party we need to clean the cottage.

                    Marci asked about the paint and the money the
                    ESC had contributed for the purpose of
                    sprucing up the cottage. Stacey was going to
                    check on that. It was mentioned that it would
                    be nicer to rent if there was less “institutional
                    colors” in th cottage. A few of the board
                    members said they would not mind painting.

          B.   Due Outs
               President, Stacey Phillips
               Provide Marci with keys to cottage and office.

               1st Vice President, Veronica Davis
               Get Amber a list of potential vendors for the luncheons

               Recording Secretary, Marci Fair
               Email logo to all board members. Check to insure Jenny Ryan‟s email address
               is correct.

               Corresponding Secretary, Jennifer Stepetic
               Check phone machine regularly. Change the phone message to indicate that
               all of the vendor slots for the Bazaar are full.

     Community Outreach, Christian Geye
     Coordinate with Jessica and Amber to insure members are aware of the school supply
     drive for the October Social

     Holiday Bazaar 2009, Samantha Arndt
     Coordinate with Jenny to distribute publicity flyers about the bazaar to the community.
     Send Jessica another request for member volunteers through membership email channels.

     Membership & Reservations, Jessica Thompson
     Send email to membership with request for Bazaar volunteers and information about the
     school supply drive for the October function.
                        LCSC BOARD MEETING MINUTES
                                October 5, 2010
                 Publicity, Jenny Ryan
                 Get quotes for printing of Bazaar Flyers. Contact MWR and other community news
                 outlets about advertising for the Bazaar. Print publicity flyers for the bazaar and arrange
                 to have them displayed in area businesses.

                 Webmaster, Keala Booze
                 Check if startlogic is still forwarding emails to board members personal accounts and
                 check with board members to see if that is something they would like to happen.

VI. Closing Remarks

          A. President, Stacey Phillips

          B.   Honorary Advisor, Cheryl Johnson
               Cindy Scaparetti will be coming this weekend.
          C.   Honorary Advisor, Meg Haebig

          D    Honorary Advisor, Carla Grippe

VII. Adjournment:         The meeting adjourned at 10:36
                          Our next meeting will be on 2 November at 9:30 a.m. at the LCSC Cottage.

Respectfully Submitted,                                 Accepted,

Marci Fair                                              Stacey Phillips
LCSC Recording Secretary                                LCSC President

(date)                                                  (date)

                                      LCSC BOARD MEETING MINUTES
                                              October 5, 2010

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