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IT Infrastructure Capabilities
• Infrastructure Manage Services
• Infrastructure Build Services offerings
• Activities Sheet – Tower wise
• Focus Profile
 –   Proficiency
 –   Relationships
 –   Accolades
 –   Quality
                        Infrastructure Manage Services offerings
                                           Helpdesk Services
                                           Monitoring
       Security Services                   24x7 Coverage
                                           L1/ L2 Technical Helpdesk Support
                                           L3 HAT
       SOC Operations
       FW/IDS Monitoring and Mgmt
                                                                                     End User Services
       Vulnerability Management
       Identify Mgmt
                                                                                     Remote Desktop Management
                                                                                     Patch Mgmt
      Database Services                                                              Desk side Support
                                                                                     IMAC Coordination
 24x7 DB Monitoring
 DB Maintenance
 DB Administration
                                                                            Data center Services
      Network/Voice Services
   NOC Operations
                                                Enablers                         Data Center Operations &Mgmt
                                                                                 Production Services-M/F
   Configuration Management
                                                                                 AD administration
   Firewall/IDS                      Tools - 3rd Party and Proprietary         Application Monitoring
   Remote Access Management          Alliance & Vendor Management              Messaging Administration
   LAN Mgmt
                           Infrastructure Build Services offerings
                                             Helpdesk Services

                                             Process Definition
                                             Service Desk Implementation
      Security Services
       Security Management Tools Implementation
                                                                                    End User Services
       Vulnerability Assessment

                                                                                     Image Build & Deployment
                                                                                     Application Packaging
      Database Services                                                              Platform Migration and Upgrade Servi
                                                                                     Tech Refresh
 DB Engineering
 DB Upgrade
 DB Migration
                                                                              Data center Services
      Network/Voice Services

   Implement Enterprise Networks                  Consulting                   DC Setup
   Integration of NW tools                                                     DC Consolidation
   Network Migration                        ITIL Consulting                   DC Migration
   International NW Transport               Network Design
                                             Database Performance tuning
                                             Infrastructure Readiness Assessment
Tower          Function       Activities                       Tools

Service Desk                  Incident Logging                 • Remedy
                              Incident Handling
                              Incident monitoring to Closure
                              Severity Assignment
                              Confirmation on issue closure
               Incident       Password resets
                 Management   How- To queries
                              Application issues
                              Server Monitoring
                              Remote Troubleshooting
                              Exec - VIPs Support

                              Updation of Knowledge
               Knowledge      Creation of Knowledge
               Management      articles
                              Creation of FAQ Documents
Tower          Function             Activities                       Tools

Service Desk                        Staffing and Scheduling          • Remedy
                                    Management of L1 resources
                                    Multi-lingual Support
                                    IVR provisioning
               Operation            Change Approval
                                    Customer satisfaction Survey
                                    CMDB implementation
                                    Implementation of Self service
                                    Call Logger

                                    Performance reporting
               Project management   Project Reporting
                                    Escalation Reporting
                                    SLA management
Tower     Function                     Activities                            Tools

Windows   Planning and Budgeting       Server Sizing & Architecture          • HP
                                                                             • BMC
                                       Install, Move Add, Change-
          IMACs - Day to day
           Request. Not for new        Install, Move Add, Change-
           center Build                  Hardware , Any activity which
                                         require physical support activity
                                       New Server Install with the help
          Server Builds - day to day
                                        of tools like ILO/RIB can be
           request. Not for new
                                        done from offshore provided
           center build
                                        client has a systems and tools
                                        for creating server images
                                       Active Directory, DNS, WINS,
                                        DHCP, File Server, Print Server,
                                        Citrix Servers, Web Application
          System Administration         Servers. Daily , Weekly and
                                        Monthly System Administrations
                                       Incident troubleshooting
          L2 Incident Resolution         coordinating with Service Desk,
                                         Application Development Team
Tower     Function                   Activities                                Tools

Windows   Problem Management         Root call Analysis or Pro Active          • HP
                                      Analysis                                 • BMC
                                     Monitor performance (health and
                                      availability) of Windows
          Performance Management      applications , Database and
                                      network resources. Critical
                                      parameters such as response time,
                                      resource availability, CPU
                                      Utilization, etc.
                                     To captures server resource capacity
                                      and workload utilization statistics to
          Capacity Planning and       determine optimal server
           Management                 consolidation and disaster recovery
                                      plans. Plan server capacity to meet
                                      current and future business
                                     Detailed documentation of the server
          Operations Documentation    infrastructure, server role and
                                      dependency of other servers and
          DR Management              DR Testing
Tower   Function              Activities                             Tools

UNIX                          Upgrading/Replacing Server             • HP
                               Hardware/Firmware                     • BMC
        Server Management
         (Generic)            Server Abrupt Restart
                              Package Administration
                              Patch Administration
        Operating System      Changing/Tuning System (eg:
         Administration        Kernel) Parameters
                              System Processes Management
                              Job Scheduling (cron/at)
                              Native System Monitoring
                              Creating/deleting users/groups
                              Modifying user privileges/properties
        User Administration   Maintaining User disk space Quota
Tower   Function                   Activities                               Tools

UNIX                               Volume Group Administration              • HP
                                                                            • BMC
                                   File System
                                   Monitoring file system utilization and
        File System/Volume group
                                   Failed Disk Replacement
                                   Mirror/RAID Management
                                   Perform System Backup
                                   Schedule/configure regular data
        Backup & Restore
                                   Tape Management
                                   Data restoration
                                   Full System Recovery/Restore
Tower   Function                     Activities                             Tools

UNIX                                 TCP/IP, Routing Management             • HP
                                                                            • BMC
                                     Managing Network Interface backups
        Network Administration       Adding IP Aliases (for ex in case of
                                      web servers)
                                     Troubleshooting network incidents
                                     Monitoring system performance
                                     Analyzing factors that affect
        Performance Administration
                                      performance and Tuning
                                     System Audit using tools (eg: Audit
                                      of files and directory ownership,
                                      sharing, changes)
                                     Access Control List Management,
        Security Administration
                                      Role-Base Management
                                     Port/Services Security
                                     Audit Security Logs
Tower   Function                    Activities                          Tools

UNIX    Capacity Planning (Server   Capacity Planning                   • HP
         Resources)                                                     • BMC

                                    Asset Management
                                    Configuration Management
                                    KEDB Building
                                    Other Incident/Problem Management
        Process Standardization     Change and Release management
         Efforts                     Efforts
                                    SLA Management Reports and
                                    IT Service Continuity Management
                                    Availability Management
                                    Reporting and Review for Service
Tower   Function                 Activities                        Tools

UNIX                             Hardware Change                   • HP
                                                                   • BMC
                                 Application Environment
        Service Provisioning     Backup Planning, Implementation
                                 Storage provisioning
                                 OS Change Management
                                 Cluster log monitoring
                                 Cluster failover testing
        Cluster Administration   Cluster Load management
                                 Cluster Patch Management
                                 Cluster upgrade

                                 Shell Scripting for day to day
        Indirect Efforts
                                 Vendor Co-ordination
                                 Data Centre Management efforts
Tower      Function               Activities                                   Tools

Database                          Conduct business impact assessment           • Nagios
                                                                               • ActiveXperts
           Planning & Budgeting   Recommend standards , architecture and
                                   design for Databases
                                  Pro Active Monitoring – alerts, threshold
                                  Re-org of table spaces, rebuild of indexes
                                  Performance tuning
                                  Periodic recovery testing
                                  Backup and Recovery
                                  DBMS Version Upgrades
           Database Management
                                  Vendor management
                                  Disaster Recovery
                                  Capacity planning and trend analysis
                                  Database design review
                                  Setup new database
                                  Installation of DBMS
                                  Security & Account Management
Tower     Function             Activities                                        Tools

Network                        Proactively monitor, manage and report on         • Nagios
                                Network availability.                            • CA Wily
                                                                                 • HP
                               Measure and analyze Network availability.
          Daily Management
                               Perform proactive fault detection and
                                diagnostic procedures.
                               Maintain and Manage Documentation
                               Install Network Infrastructure Systems
                               Conduct performance and functional testing
                                on Network Equipment and Systems
                               Adjust Equipment and Systems Software
          IMACS - day to day
                                configuration options as required for
                                installation and on going support.
                               Add/changes including router access control
                                list (ACL) definitions, quality of service
                                definitions, virtual LAN definitions, firewall
                               De-install and remove displaced Network
                                Infrastructure Systems as required.
Tower     Function           Activities                                        Tools

Network                      Schedule Network device repair activity           • Nagios
                                                                               • CA Wily
                             Manage maintenance support for Supported
                                                                               • HP
                             Install and test needed replacement parts for
                               Network Equipment.
                             Resolve Network Problems and coordinate with
                              Network service providers for WAN link issues.
                             Conduct performance and functional testing on
                              Network Equipment and Systems Software.
          Asset management   Manage Network Assets
                             Report faults to the carrier & escalate.
                             Report faults for network service equipment to
                              hardware vendors & escalate

          Communication      Follow-up with vendor/unit until the problem is
                             Coordinating with other regions as & when
                              required for incident and request follow-up.
                             Generate operation reports
Tower      Function             Activities                                       Tools

Desktops                        Recommend standards , architecture and design    • Nagios
                                 for PCs                                         • Adventnet
                                Conduct impact assessment
           Design and
            Architecture        Replacement schedule & forecasting
                                Lifecycle Management
                                Conduct product evaluations (both hardware and
           Product Evaluation
                                Strategy for Product line change
                                Create, Modify Desktop Image
                                Support MUI
                                AD Group Policy Management
                                Software Security vulnerabilities Management
           Imaging and
            Configuration       Change and Request Management
                                Patch Management
                                Software Application Packaging
                                Non-LAN user Management
Tower      Function              Activities                               Tools

Desktops                         Issue of work order for installs         • Nagios
                                                                          • Adventnet
                                 Desk side visits
                                 Loading, Packing, Moving etc.
           IMAC Services (Day    Deliver hardware , software to users
            to day Not for new
                                 Post IMAC support
            center setup)
                                 Access to Network printers
                                 Asset Management system updating
                                 Decommissioning activities
                                 Warranties Management, Spares stocking
                                 Install Technical fixes, upgrades
           Break-Fix services
                                 Problem diagnosis
                                 3rd Party coordination
                                 Application Packaging
                                 Application deployment
           Software delivery
Tower      Function           Activities                                    Tools

Desktops                      Software repair with End user                 • Nagios
                                                                            • Adventnet
                              Assist user in data restoration
                              Dedicated L2, L3 support
                              L2, L3 activities for hardware and software
           Desktop            Coordination with L1
                              Root Cause Analysis
                              Onsite Dispatch services
                              Trend Analysis
                              Support for planned events
                              Remote Control of Desktop
                              Track assets in Asset Management System
                              Report on replacement
           Asset Management
                              Administration of Asset Management System
                              Asset Disposal
                              Maintain Licenses and usage
Tower     Function      Activities                                               Tools

Storage                 Monitoring of the storage arrays (cache, ports load,     • Nagios
                         access times)                                           • HP
                        Monitoring of storage connectivity and failover
                        Monitoring of replication sessions and bandwidth
                         availability (remote replication)
                        Storage LUN allocations, Zoning clean-up, monitoring
                         SAN & Storage systems
                        Preventive replacement of tape drives in co-ordination
                         and agreement with the infrastructure vendor
                        Monitoring and operations support for SRDF, BCVs,
                         replication etc
                        Providing Disaster Recovery Support, Restoration,
                         business resumption etc.
                        Support the backup and recovery application and it’s
                        Coordination with Level-1 Help Desk
                        Root Cause Analysis
Tower     Function       Activities                                              Tools

Storage                  Resolving cable/GBIC and switch port incidents          • Nagios
                                                                                 • HP
                         Resolve disk/LUN and volume access incidents
                          together with the server operations teams
            Management   Resolving replication-session incidents
                         Escalate to Vendor for the H/W incident and follow up
                          for the H/W replacement
                         Resolving backup failure and tape drive hardware
                          failure incidents
Tower       Function             Activities                                       Tools

Messaging   Planning &           Recommendations on Messaging technologies,       • Sql Server
             Budgeting            Design Architecture                             • Nagios
                                                                                  • Site 24x7
                                 Liasoning with Product vendors for product
            Product Evaluation
                                 Conduct product evaluations (both hardware and
                                 Prepare hardware for OS Installation
                                 Server (OS) Deployment
                                 Messaging Installation and configuration

            Integration with
                                 Integration with Blackberry

                                 Configuration of Blackberry templates
                                 Warranties Management
            Break-Fix services
                                 Install Technical fixes, upgrades
                                 Hardware Problem diagnosis
                                 3rd Party coordination
Tower       Function      Activities                    Tools

Messaging                 Incident Management           • Sql Server
                                                        • Nagios
                          Problem management
                                                        • Site 24x7
                          Anti-Virus Management
                          Anti-Spam Management
            Messaging     Mail queue Management
                          Mail client troubleshooting
                          Root Cause Analysis
                          Trend Analysis
                          Backup Management
                          E-Mail Archival/retrieval
Tower      Function                 Activities                                                Tools

Security                            Understanding of N/W Architecture and currently           • Nagios
                                     implemented security solutions                           • Adventnet
                                    Identifying the critical devices for security log
           Planning & Budgeting
                                    Baseline the scope of MSS
                                    24x7 Logs Monitoring
                                    Identification of security events
           Monitoring of Security
                                    Prioritization of security events
                                    Raising the alerts of security events as per agreed
                                    Reducing False Positives
                                    Identifying the corresponding collector agent
                                    Developing customized agent if currently not
           Integrating new           supported by SIM
             security device into
                                    Installing the collector agent if agent based or
                                      forwarding the logs to SIM if agent less
                                    Identifying the security related critical logs
                                    Building correlation rules for identified critical logs
Tower      Function              Activities                                          Tools

Security                         Incident Logging                                    • Nagios
                                                                                     • Adventnet
                                 Raising the alerts of security incidents as per
                                  agreed processes
                                 Suggestion for containment of incident
           Incident Management
                                 Suggestion for threat elimination
                                 Recovery in case of Device Management is in
                                 Change Management Process Finalization
                                 Impact analysis of change
           Security Device
                                 Discussion with customer and go thru the approval
                                 Implementing change
                                 Patch management of devices
                                 User provisioning
           User Provisioning
                                 Impact analysis of change

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    System &
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            Zinnov Process Excellence Award 2007

            Zinnov Recognition – Best IT Talent Consulting

            Dun & Bradstreet India’s Top IT Co’s 2007
            and repeat on 2008 Listing

             IBM Top 10 Partner

             Perot Systems Top 5 Partner

            Won “Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia
            Pacific” Award for 2008

            Sony Ericsson Top 2 Partner for
            TechSource and TechSearch

             Awarded project Blue Sky to handle
             transition of technology resources from IBM

            Executive Recruiter’s association
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