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					Army Medical Department
TNEX Market Management
      Rock Drills
     COL Christie A. Smith
   MHS Leadership Conference
       Washington, D. C.
        19 August 2003


•   Objectives
•   Site selection
•   Rock Drill Prep
•   Drill Process
•   Drill Participants
•   Observations
•   Due Outs
•   Lessons Learned
     What’s a Rock Drill, Anyway?

• Field Operations Tactical Battle Planning
• Focus is operational mission and
  – Identifies barriers and risks
  – Tests courses of action
• As a TNEX Market Management exercise
  it is an exercise to force planning and
  operational detail
        Rock Drill Objectives

• Identify the full scope of TNEX Market
• Identify the Market
• Build systems to ensure success
  – Identify requirements
  – Identify requisite resources
  – Develop and pursue strategies to deliver
    services within the TNEX environment

         Rock Drill Objectives

• TNEX Market Management Areas of interest
  – The Medical Readiness Mission
  – Identification of critical information necessary for
    commander decisions
  – Identification of data requirements and its sources
  – Identification of MTF capabilities for data mining and
  – Identification of the market of focus
  – Identification of Commander requirements of the

        More Rock Drill Objectives

• TNEX Market Management Areas of interest
  – Network adequacy
  – Continuity of care
  – Customer satisfaction and complaint resolution
  – Identification of requisite resources (people, skills,
    equipment/technology, funds)
  – Risk assessments for implementation of local
  – Revised Financing

          Rock Drill Deliverables

• Drilling MTF (within one week of Drill):
  – Critical Milestones
  – Risks
  – Critical Courses of Action
  – IPT schedule by frequency & content
• AMEDD Drill Team:
  – List of lessons learned for the AMEDD
    execution of Market Management
  – Plans for drill exercise throughout the AMEDD

          Rock Drill Site Selection

• Non Lead Agent
• MultiService Market
  – Army Power Projection Platform
  – Principal roles in medical readiness to include
    deployment mobilization and GME training
  – Facilities with complex mission and challenges
• Womack Army Medical Center, Fort Bragg, NC
• William Beaumont Army Medical Center, Fort
  Bliss, TX

          Rock Drill Preparation

• Understanding the functions of market
  – Research published concept documents
  – Development, refinement and distribution of
    all relevant documents to Drill sites (2 wks)
  – Development of a TNEX Transition website
    through the Army Knowledge Online Portal
  – Coordination VTC with each of Drill sites
    (week preceding drill)
                                    Rock Drill Prep
                                  Early Observations
                                                      Market Management
                                                       Functional Areas

                      Business Ops*         Program Ops          Clinical Ops                            Integration Ops
IM/IT Ops                                                                            Contract Ops
                      •Marketing            •Product Line        •Clin Prod. Lines                       •Mult. Svcs Mkts
•Essential Systems
                      •Bus Plan Prep -      •Customer Svcs       •QI                 (local contracts)   •Region/TRO
                       Implement/ Monitor   •Automated Systems   •UM                 •Contract Admin     •Federal Integration
•Electronic Consult
                      •Fin. Ops             •VA-DoD Collab       •Resource Support   •SOW Prep           •Region/OLAMCSC
                      •Personnel            •Resource Support    •Referrals          •COR/CORT
•Customers Service
                      •Appointing           •Power Projection    •Networks           •Interface          •MCSSC
•Appt Reminder FX
•Telephony            •Networks              Platform                                •UM                 •Local Partner
•DB Administrators                                                                   •Resource Support   (LSC)

    The Big Rocks of
T-NEX Market Management
              Programs                      Business
              Operations                   Operations

  Clinical                  T-NEX                       Integration
 Operations            Market Management                Operations

              Contracts                 IM/IT
              Operations              Operations

               Drill Process

• Pre-Drill MTF designation of Market
  Management Functional Champions
• Whole-group process vs small group work
• Segmented focus on each of the Big
  Rocks for Market Management
  – Identification of MM functions and related
    requirements under “normal” operations to
    enable beginning work with MCSSC start date

           Drill Process – Day 1

• Command brief
• MEDCOM RM update on revised financing
  (option 2B) and resource sharing transition
• Teleconference with Health Care
  Acquisition Activity re contracting tools and
• Role of the TRO
• Market Management Functional Analysis
          Drill Process – Day 2
                 (half day)
• Summary of Day 1 work, identification of
  risks and courses of action
• Scenario/contingency drills
• Review of deliverables
  – Milestones
  – Risks
  – Courses of Action
• Commander Comments
            Rock Drill Participants

•   MTF Commander and Senior Staff
•   Regional Medical Command Staff
•   Lead Agent Staff
•   MEDCOM & OTSG Staff
•   Other Service Staff (multi-Service Market)
•   OASD(HA)
•   TRO

           Rock Drill Observations

• MTFs welcomed the drill exercise and had their own
• Readiness and Power Projection Support requirements
  drive “normal” operations and impact business decisions
• MTFs have done a great deal of prep work through
  Optimization initiatives
• MTFs have much work yet to do
• Absence of resources will affect scope and quality of
  TNEX execution
• Every level of the AMEDD (and MHS) has a role to play
  in TNEX preparedness

  MTF Specific
Outcomes from the
    Rock Drill

Multi-Market Profile:

                                 WAMC Alignment of
                                Functional Operations

        CofS                                 DCCS                              DCN                      Pope AFB
  Information Management
                                       Program/Clinical Opns           Customer Service Division      Business Opns Office
* Essential System (DOD)
                                      Clinical Operations Division   *Customer Svc                  *All Functions Coordinated
* Appt Reminder FX
                                   * Appointing                         Quality Services Division   with WAMC Counterparts
* Automated Systems
                                   *Electronic Consult Tracking      *QI
* Telephony
                                       Clinical Dept Chiefs/HSSs     *UM
* DB Administrators
                                   *Product Line
             Special Staff         *Clin Prod Lines
*Marketing                         *SOW Preparation
      Directorate of Bus Opns         Dept of Preventive Medicine
Mngd Care & Analysis Division      *Population Health
*TNEX Transition Officer
*Mult.Svcs Mkts
*Federal Integration
*MCSC                              Market Management
*Local Partner                            Cell
*Bus Plan Prep/Impl/Mon
*COR/COTR                                            TBD
     Program and Budget Division
*Fin Opns
        Personnel Division
* Personnel
* Job Descriptions
      Contracting Cell/WRCO
*Contract Admin

                           WAMC Multi-Market
                             Preparation                                                                  WAMC working
                                                                                                         jointly with Pope
                                          TNEX Transition
                                                                                                       throughout all aspects
                                          Committee Chair                                              of transition planning
                                                                                                            & execution
Business & Contract       Clinical & Program        IM/IT Operations       Integrations Operations
    Operations                Operations

       TNEX Trans                Appointing                  TOL                 Federal Integration

   Financial Operations              UM                     EWRAS                LSC Coordination

      Business Plan         Access & Enrollment        DB Administration          TRO/OLA/MCSC
      Development                                                                    Liaison

     COTR & ACOTR             Population Health                                 Market Development

          RSAs                Customer Service

        DHCP Mgt            Referral Management

                                                                              Require staff augmentation of 7 personnel
    Contractor Services           Marketing
                                                                              (grades and composition TBD) to serve as
                                                                               MMO to perform functions above those
                                                                                    being absorbed by MTF staff

         Womack MMM Milestones

– Timelines for MMM transition (cont’d):
    • 1 OCT 03:
          – Identify Referral Mgt staff and target for earliest duty assumption (to enhance RF
          – Initiate work with HSSs on drafting new MOU, staff education on TNEX changes,
            and coordination with installation for facilities
          – Hire database administrator
    • 1 NOV 03:
          – Initiate development of marketing plan
          – Formalize population health and UM plans
    • 1 DEC 03: Complete Business Plan
    • 1 JAN 04:
          – Implement Marketing plan
          – Hire UM and Appointing personnel and initiate training
          – Staff and approve MOU
    •   1 MAR 04: Assume UM and Appointing functions
    •   1 APR 04: Finalize and execute MOU with MCSSC
    •   1 MAY 04: Complete all contract conversions
    •   1 JUN 04: Transition to new contract
WBAMC Transition Timeline

      Rock Drill Lessons Learned

• Market Management:
  – Catchment area is only a starting point for
    market identification and execution of market
  – Market research will identify those areas of
    beneficiary concentration over which the MTF
    can influence the use of health services and
    assist CDR in business decisions

       Rock Drill Lessons Learned

• Capital Investment in the MTFs is critical if
  expectations for improvements in business
  practices are to be executed and
  – Venture capital programs must be part of
    enterprise strategic planning
  – Venture capital programs must be funded and

       Rock Drill Lessons Learned

• Rock Drill pilot exercise increases
  expectations for future drills
  – Applies knowledge from pilots and
    deliverables from RMCs and MEDCOM (see
    due outs)
  – Deliverables immediately on completion of
  – Increased pace for executing courses of
         Rock Drill Lessons Learned

• Rock Drill Process adds value to TNEX preparation
   – Synergy of command group and staff working issues cannot be
     replicated by VTC or small groups
   – Synergy extends to building strong planning relationships among
     Multi-Service Markets
• Rock Drills should be replicated by the Regional Medical
  Command at each MTF
   – Future drills need much more specificity and focus on execution
   – Consider drill modification at Regional Commander Conferences
     to enable HQ staff participation
• MTF business planning must integrate other Services in
  the process in Multi-Service markets

           Rock Drill Due-Outs
• Understanding the Market
  – Data access: identify MTF M2 account
    holders, manage M2 access
  – Data Management Skills: identify skill
    requirements and resident levels, plan for
    analysis skills improvement prn to include
    internal mentoring
  – Use current tools (e.g. Purchased Care
    Website, MEDCOM Decision Support Center,

                   Rock Drill Due-Outs
• Finalize business plans
   – Optimization targets
        • PCM files and table accuracy
   –   Network requirements
   –   MCSSC requirements (MOUs)
   –   Referral management business rules
   –   Personnel (military and civilian rqts/recruit targets)
• Determine MTF contract management requirements and
   –   Appointing requirements and processes
   –   Resource sharing transitions
   –   UM targets and requirements
   –   Contract surveillance
   –   Execution of COR responsibilities

• Understanding the Market
  – Identify corporate queries and provide reports
    applicable to all MTFs
  – Identify and effect options for increased access to M2
  – Determine feasibility of centralized access to relevant
    and critical information systems (e.g. M2, EASIV,
  – Integrate MEDCOM activities into Industry Marketing
    Model (market research, product development,
    promotion and pricing)
• Business Planning
  – Provide standardized template for business
  – Clarify minimal core UM requirements
  – Assist with definition of standard job
  – Work the expeditious personnel transfer
    actions and issues from OLAs to MMs and
    other locations
• Training
  – Identify and effect options for increased
    access to M2 training
  – Identify and effect options for development of
    negotiating skills
  – Identify and publicize centers/models of

              Due Outs
     Regional Medical Commands
• Assess data management of data mining
  and analysis procedures with MTF support
• Assess options for consolidation of UM
  activities at the RMC level
• Prepare to conduct Rock Drill exercises at
  each MTF

               Lessons Learned

• Review of new RF payment process (Option 2B)
  highlighted important changes, pros, and cons:
  – No monthly invoice
  – Disputes/review of data can occur anytime
  – Data will be available (near real time) on M2 and on
    Purchased Care Web Site
  – Will require MTF to process two quarterly MIPRS, one
    for Active Duty, one for MTF enrollees
  – MTF will not need an excessive number of claims
    clerks to review a multi-thousand line invoice
  – MTF CDR will be fully at risk for over-execution, but
    will also be able to re-invest any savings

           Sample Scenarios

• Loss of staff due to OPTEMPO
• Loss of staff due to ODP
• Increase in population
• Revised financing bills exceeding Annual
• Optimization of Resources


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