Memorandum for Office Uniform WAKEFIELD REGIONAL COUNCIL Policy Number A 4 by bjn18321


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									WAKEFIELD REGIONAL COUNCIL                                                       Policy Number:      A 4.4
                                                                                 Version No:         1
                                                                                 Adopted:            Jun 2009
                                                                                 Last Review Date:   Mar 2010
                                                                                 Next Review Date:   Mar 2012

                        COMPULSORY CORPORATE UNIFORM

That the Corporate Uniform as agreed to by office based staff through the WRC Uniform Working Group
and submitted to the management team in May 2009, be made compulsory for all office based staff.
The actual selection of garments (uniform style etc) be as is agreed between staff and the Chief
Executive Officer from time to time.
Council will pay a uniform allowance to office based staff as follows ;
Full time staff
          Initial allowance for new staff of $600.
          Annual ongoing allowance of $400.
All staff currently employed as at June 2009 will receive the initial allowance of $600.
Part time staff will receive a pro-rata uniform allowance based on the number of days worked per week.
          Initial allowance is $300 plus pro rata of balance at 20% per day worked.
          Annual allowance is $200 plus pro rata of balance at 20% per day worked.

Any uniform items purchased by individual staff in excess of the amounts noted above will be at the
personal cost of the individual staff member.
That Council purchase the tie and scarf options as part of the compulsory corporate uniform arrangement
for wearing of such an option by interested Council members and staff.

The Chief Executive Officer is accountable for ensuring the proper operation of this Policy.



This Policy shall be reviewed at least every 24 months or more frequently if legislation or Council needs
changes to the content.


Adopted by Council ;                                Version 1 : 24 June 2009 - Minute 256
                                                    Amended : 16 December 2009 - Minute 143

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