Hunger is not a Disease

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					Hunger is Not A Disease

Dr. David Orman

Hi Glycemic Index (GI) foods, low GI foods, fast carbs, slow carbs, the
answer is always the same — the body responds to carbs by releasing
insulin. Insulin is the hormone the body uses to tightly control the
glucose (sugar) levels. How much is in your system at any given time?

Less than one teaspoon of sugar in the entire bloodstream! Keeping this
fact in mind, one can easily see the fallacy of the 5-6 meal per day

The Textbook of Medical Physiology reported. . . . “Even after 5 complete
weeks of starvation with only water being consumed, blood glucose levels
in the average adult will remain stable.”

Here is my Experience

Prior to finding the incredible art of Systema, I used to train in the
Japanese art of Aikido. One of my fellow students at the time, was a high
ranking aikidoka (5th Dan). He was quiet, tough “NY personality.” Once
you broke through the outer shell, he had a wealth of information to

One day, he asked if I had trained on Monday. I replied that I had not,
as I was extremely sore from running an event on Sunday and needed time
to recover. Anticipating an understanding ear, instead I what I received
was what I refer to as a life-message; that is, one of those statements
or experiences, once heard and understood, alters the course of your
thinking, behaving and life in general.

Dan replied, “That’s too bad. You missed an opportunity for your mind to
tell your body how you want it to feel and act.” Not what I expected,
just what I needed.

I wonder when it became fashionable in the world of nutrition that
“hunger” became a “disease;” that is, it needs to be addressed
immediately or else we will crumble on the spot?

As mentioned in a prior post, our bodies are designed to eat 3 meals per
day. Not 5 or 8, but 3. Yes there are exceptions such as diabetics,
athletes engaged in hard core training and/or events and others but the
majority of people are not in this group.

If you eat healthy 90% of the time, you will (re-) discover the natural
rhythms of the body. The end result will be an abundance of energy, a
feel of joy and your ideal weight and shape. No extremes are needed. Toss
in some rigorous exercise and you have the “perfect storm.”
Yes, you may get hungry at 3 or 4pm or before bed. Unless it is some
type of extreme case (see aforementioned diabetes, sports etc.), it is a
perfect opportunity for your Mind to teach your Body how you want it to

The way it was designed to. . . . .

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