Employee Health Insurance Overview

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Health Savings Accounts
  Introducing a new way to finance
        your employees’ healthcare
Let’s take a look at typical premium
         Current Plan                      Proposed HDHP & HSA Plan
 Individual out-of-pocket:                 Individual out-of-pocket:
          $1500                                   $2,600 ded.
   ($500 ded. & $1,000 OOP max)
                                              Family out-of-pocket:
  Family out-of-pocket:                           $5,150 ded.
  ($1,500 ded. & $2,000 OOP max)
   90/70 Co-insurance                          100% coinsurance
     Dr. visit co-pay                        Dr. visit applies to ded.
       Rx co-pays                              Rx applies to ded.

    Does this mean employee out-of-pockets will be greater with an HSA plan?
First, take a look at premium savings
by making the switch
  Current Plan Premiums        Proposed Plan Premiums

   $9,571.15 Monthly            $4,781.92 Monthly
  $114,853.80 Annual            $57,383.04 Annual

          That’s almost a 50% premium savings!
Then redistribute some of the savings
from premiums into HSA accounts

 Premium savings                                         57,470
 Total HSA contributions:                               $41,800

 Net Annual Premium Savings:          Tax Deductible!    $15,670

      What is the employee’s out-of-pocket exposure now?
Compare the out-of-pocket exposure
                       …it is less!
        Current Plan                    Proposed HDHP & HSA Plan

 Individuals:           $1,500         Individuals:               $2,600
                                       Less HSA contribution     -$1,200
                                       Net OOP:                   $1,400

 Families               $3,500         Families:                  $5,650
                                       Less HSA contribution     -$2,400
                                       Net OOP:                   $3,250
    Don’t forget what we learned about annual healthcare expenditures…