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People's Choice Slides


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									   The People’s Choice
The People’s Choice Awards is recognizing individuals who are making an
impact on the industry in your area for the categories of:

               The Social Butterfly or The Social Bee

               Top Blogger

               The Mobile Office/Team with Mobile Mojo
The People’s Choice
  The Social Butterfly or The Social Bee 	

     • Ted Canto            @TheCantoTeam
     • Dru Bloomfield       @drubloomfield
     • Stephen Garner       @mytitleguy
     • Kathryn Lansden      @HomeWarrantyAZ
     • Luetta Newnam        @Luetta
     • Sheresa Pompay       @Pompay
     • Paul Slaybauigh      @paulslaybaugh
     • Jay Thompson         @phxreguy
Text Your Vote to: 59559
      The Social Butterfly or The Social Bee 	

          • Ted Canto            A11
          • Dru Bloomfield       B11
          • Stephen Garner       C11
          • Kathryn Lansden      D11
          • Luetta Newnam        E11
          • Sheresa Pompay       A12
          • Paul Slaybauigh      B12
          • Jay Thompson         C12

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The People’s Choice
  Top Blogger 	

  • Heather Barr             www.thephoenixagents.com
  • Blair Ballin             www.blairballin.com/blog.php
  • Dru Bloomfield           www.athomeinscottsdale.com
  • Johnathan Dalton         www.allphoenixrealestate.com

  • Mark Gridley             www.liveinfountainhillsaz.com

  • Anna “Banana” Krutchen   www.phoenixpropertyshoppe.com
  • Dean Ouellette           www.eastvalleyteam.com
  • Elizabeth Newlin         www.realestateagent.com
   • Phil Sexton             www.johnhall.com/blog
   • Paul Slaybaugh          www.scottsdaleprpertyshop.com
  • Jay Thompson             www.phoenixrealestateguy.com
  • Gene Urban               www.UrbanConnectionRealty.com
  • John Wake                www.arizonarealestatenotebook.com
Text Your Vote to: 59559
    Top Blogger 	

           • Heather Barr             D12
           • Blair Ballin             E12
           • Dru Bloomfield           A13
           • Johnathan Dalton         B13
           • Mark Gridley             C13
           • Anna “Banana” Krutchen   D13

           • Dean Ouellette           E13
           • Elizabeth Newlin         A14
           • Phil Sexton              B14
           • Paul Slaybaugh           C14
           • Jay Thompson             D14
           • Gene Urban               E14
           • John Wake                D15

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