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In this small city Truro, Nova Scotia there - is a lot of boys and girls who are afraid. The some people
remember griefs which have happened with them in the past.

Awfully finger of reduction or the broken anklebone. Sometimes even harm, deeply inside from a
word to which speak in anger.

When night is stolen on them, children lay in a bed with blankets strongly around their chins.
Shadows on edge of a ceiling force them to slide more deeply under coverings.

One of these small children - the boy who is the real little coward. Matte ten years and always
anxious by something. And tonight not any exception. For this reason its mother has left light on in
прихожей. To scare off strange noise.

But it not everything, that it is wrong with Matte. It also is very unfortunate. In the afternoon it
observes, that everyone passs by.

It notices, that adults bear their portfolios on their way to work. It even worries how difficultly they
should work.

It sees, that lady hold umbrellas in case the rain arrives in the afternoon. It thinks, hurricane or an
awful downpour could arrive.

Matte the worst always thinks. It even is late behind of other children on their way to school. Some
game the friend on the friend also teases friendly dodges and вскрик loud voices.

Not Matte. It has very few friends. Actually, if it should think very difficultly, that it possibly would
not remember more than two. They live on the other hand Truro. Thus it is substantially one.

Today is very especial for Matte. It does not understand it, but its grandfather observes it.
It sees Matte, go to school, and waits for it to support a breakfast. It observes, that Матт eats one on
one of benches in a school court yard.

It is correct close of favourite fiber Матта. Dense black movement always waits for its friend. The
grandfather sees it and is glad. It observes as Matte movements of fiber to encounter a court yard
and to sit with it.

The black spot rushes to it. Then jumps up on a bench to take pleasure of a peanut.

For the following some days the grandfather was able to observe kindness which Matte had no only
for animals, but also and for people also. When Салли has decreased its bicycle and it was cut,
Matte has remained with it while it was not repaired by its mother.

The majority of children of the neighbourhood has taken part in game of baseball of Saturday with
their parents.

Matte never played because it thought, that it was not good enough. It was old enough and enough
greater, but it also was afraid to try. It thought, whether there was it ever to a bat, it never would be
to amaze a sphere in a condition. Then it would bring everyone, and they will laugh at it. And if it
amazed a sphere, it also would not hasten to run all over again to be based. Or it could pass a sphere
when it has been thrown in it.

Matte so was afraid to do a mistake.

The grandfather knew it and wished to help Matte.

Matte observed, that some children played baseball in Victoria Park. Then the grandfather has
decided to make its appearance. It sat about Matte and told "Greetings". Matte almost weakened. It
was visiting of surprise.

" The grandfather! " It shouted. Its own favourite grandfather from Edmonton, Albert was here.
Directly about it. " I wish to see, that you play baseball in game of Saturday, " it has told.
The grandfather has asked Матта, that it wanted most of all and before the answer has arrived from
its lips, something mysterious happens. Матт felt so light, it wished to fly. There was a picture before
its eyes, then another both another. Images and sounds ran its opinion. Its whole body felt softened.
Its hands did not stir up more, and suddenly it felt belief to make something.

It could feel, that it dragged in its hand and has sent a shiver downwards its back ridge. It looked at
game of baseball and observed взволнованно as someone who resembled so directly amaze a
sphere and ran all over again to be based.

It observed other part of game in amazement as that same boy who was similar, that its twin has
made surprising things, remarkable things as, it was a pity to it, that it cannot make.

Matte suddenly wakened from its dream and looking downwards on its hand saw, that the
grandfather seized it firmly.

The grandfather has told to it something.

Матт knew, that it could make it if it wanted to. It could be that the same boy in dream.

But the grandfather has told, " It there was no dream. " Then it has reached its legs, and
accommodation of its hand on shoulder Матта has told, " To be happy, the grandson. Also continue
to do others happy. "

Since that moment on, Matte never was afraid again, and it really played to very following game of
baseball. And it was the same as the grandfather has told.

It could make it.

And it has made.

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