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									                                               2011-01-21                                          Q&A

Questions and Answers
in reference to Satellite reception system for X/L-band
Document update (web version is updated):
Invitation:   Updated 5.4 (2011-01-06)
Appendix B:   Y4 has been corrected (2011-01-13)
Appendix C:   Req. has been corrected, and SLA Cost has been clarified (2011-01-13)

Q: Requirement 2.4.2
Could you please elaborate this requirement a little more, we need to know if you
are looking for right-hand polarisation or both right and left hand polarisation.

A: The system shall support the transmission frequencies and polarizations (left-
hand polarization (LHCP) and/or right-hand circular polarization (RHCP)) which
are or will be used for the satellite missions listed in Req.
Example: Some time ago NOAA16 changed polarization from RHCP to LHCP
and with our new system (the system described in this procurement) we shall be
able to handle such a change.

Q: Requirements 2.3.7
Please explain requirement 2.3.7 lightening protection, and tell us about the
available lightening protection system you are referring to.

A: The available lightning protection system is the local earthing system. It is
available only a few meters from the installation place.

Q: Concerning delivery clause. We would like to know if it is possible to deliver
DDU instead of DDP. Normally we only deliver DDU when we deliver to a foreign

A: In the invitation, on page 8, the following is written: “The requirements are
either Shall (mandatory) or Should (Optional. The mandatory requirements must
be fulfilled in order that a delivery can be considered.

This means that SMHI can not accept another delivery clause than DDP.
If a deliverer states another delivery clause than DDP SMHI will interpret this as if
the tenderer not fulfil the mandatory requiremnet.

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