Should You Stock Up on Precious Metals?

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					With decrease in dollar, an opportunity of higher inflation and full gloomy economic prospect,
people spoke about supply on gold and other precious metals in case of economic crash. Even
people without knowledge of functions Уолл Стрит or economy transform their savings to gold
coins. I do not try to offer, that the gold bubble is formed (though it not неслыхано from), but
should be understood, that supply on gold or silver coins is not going to rescue you in a city situation
of a survival.

Precious metals - to keep purchasing capacity of your savings through recession and depressions.
But if it is the end of the world as we know it, nobody is going to want your metal. Here - some
reasons why supply on the Prime minister should be a low priority if you prepare for the main

Cashes could work still. If we have no hyperinflationary case as in Weimar Germany, people most
possibly still will accept cashes. The majority of Americans used dollars while they lived, thus it will
be very difficult to stir up their belief to it. Комок cashes also it is useful, if you know, that the
disaster inevitably and is limited time to reach, the some people last minute fix on items from a
warehouse or a gaz station.

Gold will automatically not work as the offer. If you require a small amount of water and your next
bread of needs, they possibly are not going to accept gold in exchange for their water. Undoubtedly,
they could find finally a place of business which will take gold, but they are not going to worry it if
they wish to eat right now. They are going to find someone who has bread. I recommend to supply
on house items, that you can trade for food and deliveries.

Precious metals - for long-term planning. If you look at history, gold and other Prime minister only
are used in functioning societies, is usual with some type of the government. If dung will amaze the
fan the new government will come to authority and will restore the order finally, but in the
meantime your metal will be useless. So, if you only have month peep reserved and value for some
thousand dollars of gold, I seriously would consider sale of that gold and purchase of a lot of food.
Repair has not reserved on gold, while you any more have no enough many deliveries to make it at
least 6 months by a year independently.

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