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Iso standard 9000


Iso standard 9000

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									Iso standard 9000

Designing a quality management system that fulfills the requirements of ISO 9000 is not
a difficult task. Many ISO 9000 services help businesses build up systems that obey the
requirements of the ISO 9000 series of international standards.

ISO 9000 is a complete quality control system recognized and respected throughout the
world. It applies to all types of businesses irrespective of their size and final outcome.
ISO 9000 now includes three quality standards, namely, ISO 9000:2000, ISO 9001:2000
and ISO 9004:2000. The first one introduces requirements and other two present

These services assist business organizations to attain ISO 9000 knowledge, implement
the standard, and prepare for registration with the least time, in the most convenient way,
and cost-effectively too. Both product and service oriented businesses seek the assistance
of ISO 9000 services to improve their productivity and customer happiness through
reduced waste and rework, shortened cycle times, superior supplier relations, and
improved problem tracking. Most ISO 9000 services are customized to your
organization?s particular needs.

Their auditor team of these ISO 9000 services consists of experienced professionals who
are qualified to evaluate companies pursuing all variations of certification under the ISO
9000 standard. The audits done by such professionals provide public recognition that
your business is dedicated to producing quality products or services, and giving prompt

With many years of experience, ISO 9000 services can prepare your organization to
implement standards and avoid unforeseen casualties. They offer assistance through
unique services, tools, and workshops and training events such as facilitator training,
internal audit training, and documentation training.

Many ISO 9000 services also offer project planning with senior management, compliance
reviews and gap analyses, quality manual/procedure review, writing and organizing
procedures and other documentation, assistance with supplier development, and liaison
with third-party assessors.

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