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MLM Software-Solution for all Multilevel Marketing products by AajtakInfotech1


MLM Software is a very important part of a company dealing in Multi Level Marketing providing customized mlm solutions for individual needs.

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MLM Software-Solution for all Multilevel Marketing products

MLM Software is a very important part of a company dealing in Multi Level Marketing providing
customized mlm solutions for individual needs.

Today Multi Level Marketing Companies offer a wide range of products and services. We have a product
list that extends from telecom products such as high speed internet and digital TV to cosmetics, perfumes
and even toys. A service list of insurance products to discounted club memberships.

These companies have a long list of products under their product type and need to keep their database up
to date with the day to day transactions of adding new members, sales, pay offs and commission etc.
Thus they need a customized MLM Software that can cater to their needs and make this difficult job a lot

MLM Software serves the below mentioned industry:

1) Telecom Industry: With products ranging from phone and network services to high speed internet,
companies dealing in such products have a small number of products but need to keep a track and record
of each sale with a unique pin number or id and also needs to provide after sale services. So they need
software that can keeps records and has a large memory for database.

2) Cosmetic and Skin Care Products: These companies have a long product list. Thus they need
software that groups similar type of products. For e.g. perfumes, foot care products, eye makeup, other
cosmetic items etc. here they need a unique id for each product type thus their requirement is different
from the telecom industry.

3) Home Care Products: These types of products have a comparatively smaller range and thus needs
simple software.

4) Nutrition and health related products: Here the products are consumables such as nutritional
supplements and weight loss powders or tablets. Here the company needs to take care of the expiry date
of each bottle or tablets. Thus each product needs to be given a special number through which it’s
manufacturing date and expiry date is known.

5) Insurance Policies: Companies dealing in such products mostly offer a membership with the
insurance policy and a compensation for the number of policies further sold. Here the software needs an
entry database such as a form with the pre requisites and the member needs to only fill that form making
the job a lot simpler.

6) Memberships: A member buys a product and further makes two members to receive a commission
and further receives commission on the members under his hierarchy. The need here is to keep a record
of members and their income.

The list of products is long and a customized MLM Software caters all the needs. With such a varied list of
products one just needs to choose the right service provider and improve the efficiency.

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