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Iso 9000 series


Iso 9000 series

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									Iso 9000 series

Establishing standards is critical to the success of every business. That is why numerous
companies go for ISO 9000 certification, which is a series of globally identified standards
and rules that define an effective quality system. ISO standards themselves do not
perform assessments or audits to ensure that they are applied by companies in conformity
with the requirements of the standards.

Many testing laboratories and certification bodies conduct independent assessment
services to provide evidence that services, goods, or systems match to ISO standards. The
assessment of a quality system against the ISO 9000 standard is variously referred to as
certification and registration. The certification corroborates that the system is in
conformity with all the standard requirements. Agencies that issue ISO 9000 certificates
are called certification bodies or registration bodies or registrars.

The registrars evaluate and validate an organization's management (including quality,
environmental, safety) system for conforming to the ISO standards. This verification,
confirmation and the concluding validation are commonly known as ISO assessment
auditing process. Generally, there are two types of assessment auditing - auditing by an
external certification body and auditing by internal employees trained for this process. In
the ISO 9000 context, the term accreditation refers to the work of national accreditation
bodies. ANAB is a well-known accreditation body in the US, famous for its ethics and

All ISO 9000 series require measurements and assessments for customer satisfaction and
management capabilities. Many private and government organizations carry out
reasonably priced conformity assessment services. Most of these organizations have
professionals who are experienced in working with very small organizations to multi

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