2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee by faizalrifqi


									All-new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, with many new features and changes that are difficult to list
them, that we are most ring back if the rear camera with a large display which is clear and easy to
read, optional 6, 5 touch screen with built- In the navigation system and 30GB drive that holds up to
4200 songs. Memory functions of control driver and passenger airbags, radio station and the driver
side wall of memory. Another nice feature of the trunk of a car with an elevator button for loading
ramps will open and close, with a separate button to open the flipper glass away. Depending on the
settings you use in the 2011 Grand Cherokee will grow and adapt their driving style and road below,
and auto-dimming headlamps that adjust lighting, and even slightly down to avoid blinding
oncoming drivers, it's just to name a few features available for this model year.

Propulsion system, we have two engines Penstar 3.5 V6 engine with standard 5-speed automatic and
16/23 mpg EPA available in Laredo, Laredo X, Limited and Overland finish, and 5.7 HEMI V8 engine
with 360HP / 190 pounds-feet of torque, and EPA 14/20mpg with multi-speed automatic
transmission available on the X Laredo, Limited and Overland finish.

There are 8 trims available for 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee to choose from, easier to get what you
want and not settle for what it produces is only available to Laredo 4x2 is worth $ 30, 2015, Laredo
4x4 MSRP $ 32,215, Laredo 4x2 X at MSRP of $ 34,215, Laredo X 4x4 MSRP $ 36,215, 4x2 Limited
MSRP of $ 36,715, for the price of Overland 4x2 $ 38,410, Limited 4x4 for the price of $ 39,215 and
Overland 4x4 $ 36,215 for the price.

You have the power to view and performance with the 5.7 V8 engine, and offers many options to
choose from, eight exterior colors are available, and more, all under $ 40,000. And with a wide range
of accessories, including bars, bonnet guards, headlight protectors, side steps, hand pads and much
more, you can own mark on the vehicle.

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