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The Public Relations Plan Checklist by Fraser Hay enables you to identify whats missing from your PR Plan.

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   “The world of P.R. can be very confusing

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     and overwhelming. Your P.R Plan is

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     simple to follow & VERY effective. ”

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Need to raise your

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profile online & offline?
Identify why your P.R isn’t
working and what you can
do about it…
• Concerned by your lack of exposure in the media?
• Under pressure to generate leads, enquiries & sales?
• Fed up reading about competitors in the “news”?
• Want to hold your PR Agency accountable?
• Unhappy with your market share?
• Need a PR plan?
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Identify the issues, challenges and obstacles that are preventing you from
achieving the results you want with your website. Answer each of the
questions below, add up your total NO responses then, get in touch.
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Do you have a written PR Plan or strategy document?
Are your online & offline PR objectives clearly defined?
Can, and is each PR campaign being tracked and measured?
Is your brand getting the share of exposure, voice & wallet share online you want?
Do you know how to measure your reach, "social footprint" and reputation online?
Do you currently measure your brand reputation online?
Do you have a checklist of at least 20 possible newsworthy items?
Do you have at least 10 different methods of measuring your PR success?
Do you know who your latent, aware and active publics are?
Do you have prepared Bios & Pics of your management team?
Do you have a media, features forward or press release distribution database?
Do you have a prepared Crisis Management Plan?
Do you have at least 3 different Free Items of Value for lead generation?
Do you have a prepared Press/Media Kit?
Do you have prepared articles for syndication - online or offline?
Have you written a book on your subject, business, experience or industry?
Have you written a whitepaper on your subject, business, experience or industry?
Have you written a presentation on your subject, business, experience or industry?
Do you organise workshops, seminars or webinars on your topic of expertise?
Do you offer your services on the speaking circuit?
Do you offer educational downloads form your site or document sharing sites?
Do you have an adequate supply of case studies or customer testimonials?
Does your online profile qualify visitors and direct them to your Free Item of Value?
Do you have a public, transparent and demonstrable track record online?
Are you regularly contacted by Journalists for your social or industry comments?
Are you regularly asked by exhibition, tradeshow or event organisers to be a speaker?
Do you participate as a Guest Speaker and Blogger on Industry Peer's websites?
Are you regularly featured in local, national or international press?
Are you regularly featured in trade journals/magaziens for your industry?
Are you featured on any "expert" sites online?
Do you regularly participate in Industry Groups, Clubs or forums online?
Do you have a large network of fans, followers, friends and advocates?
Do you use online distribution tools to extend the syndication & reach of blogs etc?
Do you wish things to continue the way they are at the moment?
Have you given up in wanting to fix your social media marketing problems?
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