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									RICHARD T. FITZPATRIC, SPHR                                              E-mail:
3837 Monet's Lane                                                             Home: (513) 769-6225
Cincinnati, Ohio 45241                                                            Cell: (513) 218-0485


Accomplished Human Resources Executive with diverse leadership experience in all facets of the Human
Resources function. Extensive knowledge of the strategic management of employee and executive
compensation including development and administration of variable incentive plans and non-qualified
arrangements. Proactive leader of employee engagement and organizational development initiatives.

Areas of expertise include:
Total Rewards – Design & Administration                Talent Acquisition & Management
Qualified & Non-qualified Retirement Plans             Leadership Development
Corporate Governance                                   Succession Planning

                                    PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio                         1988 – October, 2009
The Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati, one of the twelve FHLBanks and an instrumentality of the
Executive Branch of the federal government, is a private sector cooperatively-owned wholesale bank
with $90B in assets.

Vice President, Human Resources & Administration
Chief Human Resources Officer providing leadership, strategic planning, and execution of the Human
Resources (HR) function.

Key Results – Total Rewards
 Introduced a total rewards strategy which reduced annual compensation and benefits expenses to
    one of the lowest in the FHLBank System while maintaining highly competitive, superior quality
 Designed and introduced annual and long-term incentive plans for executive and corporate officers.
 Created annual incentive plans for line management, exempt and non-exempt staff which shifted a
    large percent of annual compensation cost from a fixed to variable expense.
 Revised employee benefits programs resulting in cost savings that exceeded $500,000 annually.
 Initiated comprehensive revisions in two qualified retirement plans, which resulted in a 40 percent
    reduction in the normal cost of these plans.
 Revised non-qualified SERP and Deferred Compensation Plan along with introduction of excess
    contribution/excess 401(k) plan resulting in improved participation and retention of key executives.
 Installed grantor (rabbi) trust which increased security of the benefits obligations associated with
    non-qualified plans.
 Utilized as internal consultant/subject matter expert by the other FHLBank System HR officers on
    compensation topics including executive compensation, qualified and non-qualified retirement
    plans, health and welfare benefit programs.
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Key Results – Organizational Development
 Authored initial Management Succession Plan and subsequent revisions. Introduced leadership
    development programs for potential successors and other high performing individuals.
 Developed and implemented diversity recruitment strategy to enhance minority and female
    representation in the workforce.
    – Introduced minority internship program subsequently adopted by other FHLBanks.
    – Led development of system-wide diversity recruitment strategy.
 Initiated programs targeted at maintaining employee engagement and improving retention while
    the company underwent federally mandated restructuring and subsequent downsizings.
    – Outsourced and transitioned two major divisions affecting over 500 employees without incident.
 Successfully resolved a variety of complex employee relations issues, including matters with the
    EEOC, IRS and other regulatory agencies. Negotiated settlements were finalized at or below
    authorized amounts.

Key Results – Corporate Governance
 Routinely interacted with the Personnel Committee of the Board of Directors, prepared exhibits and
    led presentations on executive compensation programs, incentive plans, qualified and non-qualified
    benefits, HR programs; prepared and maintained Committee minutes.
 Authored the Compensation Discussion and Analysis report (describing executive compensation
    practices) for Personnel Committee and Board approval included in the annual Form 10K filing with
    the SEC. Drafted HR-related 8K releases in compliance with SEC requirements.

                           PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE PRIOR TO 1988

Providence Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio                                  Director, Employee Relations
Marion General Hospital, Marion, Ohio                   Director, Human Resources & Labor Relations

Key Results:
 Member of senior administrative team with regular interaction with the Board of Directors; led
    presentations on employer relations matters and employee compensation topics.
 Implemented comprehensive revisions in compensation and fringe benefits programs, including the
    design and introduction of the first private pension plan.
 Introduced employee relations programs to maintain non-union status; chaired negotiating
    committee for initial collective bargaining agreement and two subsequent economic reopeners.


                             University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio
                      Bachelor of Arts, Major: Personnel/Industrial Relations.
      Completed additional graduate level courses in Human Resources and Industrial Relations.

                                 PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATIONS

                     Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHR) – Life Certified
                                      Lean Six Sigma White Belt

                                  PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS

               Greater Cincinnati Compensation & Benefits Association – Board Member
                           Greater Cincinnati Human Resources Association
                              Society for Human Resources Management
                                            World at Work

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