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									Military Saves
The Campaign
Military Saves Based on CFC model
 • What is the CFC model?
CFC Model
 •   Project Officers in every unit (at least 1 per 50 people)
 •   100 % Ask
 •   Goal Setting
 •   Competition
 •   Kick off Rallies
 •   Target Account Strategies
 •   Leadership Breakfasts
 •   Personalized Correspondence
 •   Recognition Items
 •   Leadership enrolling in a public way
 •   Evaluation
 •   Celebrate Successes
 •   Keep the Campaign Alive all year
 •   Publicity/Marketing
Key to Success

 • Installation Commander Involvement

Campaign Success: Necessary Players

                               Personal Financial
   Military Saves Week


    On-Base Financial        Financial Management
      Institutions          Education and Counseling
Key to Success

 • Volunteers to Run the Campaign
 • Recruiting:
    – Need people to POC the Campaign
    – Policy letter tasking personnel or directing
      people to run campaign
    – A lot of success with “Voluntolds”
       • These are the people who get
         personally involved and change
         their lives

Campaign Impact

          Out of a 5000 member installation

               If you have at least 200

                  And ½ of PROJOS
                    or 100 people
                  change their lives

Campaign: Leadership Dynamics


                          Officers and

           Installation                  Operating
              Base                         Forces
             Support                       Tenant
           Commands                      Commands
Campaign Strategies
 • Maintain the Campaign Momentum – most
   campaigns take years to succeed
 • Emphasize negative for attention-getting and positive
   to change behavior
 • Grow strength of social norm
 • Integrate efforts with other groups (co-branding)
 • Develop relevant and powerful motivational
 • Work nationally and locally
 • Tailor campaign to audience and behavior change

Campaign: Strategies in Action

  • Strategy: Maintain the Campaign Momentum
    – Tactic: Annual “America Saves Week”
       • Started in 2007
       • Participation Increases Each Year
America Saves Week
 • Yearly reminders to assess your savings status
 • Act to improve
 • When you act, act automatically-through
   automatic savings

Campaign: Strategies in Action

 • Sites, PostersStrategy: Emphasize negative to
   get attention and positive to change behavior
 • Tactics: Newsletters, Pamphlets, Web

      “The transmission goes out on     “That’s what an emergency
      your car. Your child gets sick,   fund is for. After all, you may
      and your spouse has to stay       not be able to predict what’s
      home with the child. All of a     going to go wrong, but you can
      sudden, not only are you not      be pretty sure that eventually
      making your regular deposits to   something will. An emergency
      savings, but you’re up to your    fund gives you a financial
      eyeballs in high cost debt,       cushion that helps you avoid
      wondering how you’re ever         the worry and expense that
      going to dig your way out.”       comes with taking on debt.”
Campaign: Strategies in Action

  • Strategy: Grow the strength of the social
    – Tactic: Saver Scoreboards
Campaign: Strategies in Action
 • Strategy: Integrate and coordinate efforts
   with other groups
   – Tactic: Partnerships with nonprofit,
      corporate, and government groups, MWR,
      AAFES, on base banks, and credit unions
Campaign Success: Player Integration
Campaign: Strategies in Action
 • Strategy: Develop powerful, relevant and motivational
   – Tactics: Pamphlets, Web Sites, Posters
       • Slogan: “You can build wealth.”
       • Other Examples:
         – “You don’t have to be rich, you just have to plan.”
         – “You can save a quarter, anything, as long as you
         – “I want to live with my parents for         the next 30
         – “Are you savings ready?”
Campaign: Strategies in Action
 • Strategy: Work both nationally and locally
   – Tactic: Grassroots Community Outreach
      • Organizing saving fairs (similar to health fairs)
      • Encouraging financial educators to encourage
        wealth development and enroll savers
      • Persuading schools to adopt or improve asset
        development curriculum
      • Monthly “savers” meetings (they compared
        these to AA meetings)
Activity Ideas for Local Use
 • Place America Saves Week articles in
   newsletters/newspapers, get civilian media coverage
 • Host motivational workshops
 • Declare a goal of new savings accounts opened,
   dollars to be saved
 • Promote Saving at Tax Time, hold EITC workshops
   and promote tax preparation program sites while
   encouraging Saver enrollment –divert money into
 • Organize local Money Fairs at the base library

Activity Ideas for Local Use
 • Set up America Saves Week display/area for
   reading/research and Web access to saving, debt
   reduction, and wealth building
 • Encourage enrollment as a Saver at information desks
   or reception areas
 • Hold contests/activities targeted to youth on saving
   and wealth building
 • Send emails installation wide
 • Place a link to America Saves Week and Military Saves
   website internal network
 • Add Military Saves messages to a daily
   communication bulletin

Campaign: Strategies in Action

 • Strategy: Tailor your campaign to your
   audience and behavior change goal
   – Tactic: Different cultures between the
      services—figure out what works
Campaign: Evaluation

 • After the Saver Drive we’ll look for feedback on
   the following:
    – What was your target audience?
    – How did you promote the week?
    – Which resources did you use?
    – Estimate how many people you reached
    – What were your most successful activities?
Military Saves Week Website

 • For campaign resources:

End Result: Behavior Change

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