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     B2B Marketing Success Story

                                             Presented by Team A

• Liquidity Services “reverse supply chain business”
• $69.5 billion market in 2009 ($38 billion in 2004)
• More then 500,000 bulk sales transactions in 2009
• Went public in February 2006 (LQDT $12.48                  )
                                                Friday closing

• 550 worldwide employees
• Used by over 900,000 professional buyer
• 80% of items listed are actually sold
• Offered in 116 countries

• Liquidition.com
  Mother ship: Resources, grouping thousands of useful company websites
• Govliquidation.com
  Exclusive contractor of the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service for
  the sale of surplus and scrap assets of the US Department of Defense.

• Liquibiz.com
  The European source of Business Surplus

• GoWholeSale.com
  Search engine to help wholesale buyers to connect with wholesale
  Features content and supplier listings on a network of sites and channels,
  including Wholesale411.com, Wholesale.com and WholesaleIndex.com.
    Compete against eBay

• Precision online marketing and branding
• Bulk shipment
• Targeted marking
• Focus on B2B
• Businesses going out of business
• Businesses looking to sell their products in bulk
    Building Trust

• In the News

• Licensee of the      Privacy Program

•         safer way to pay and get paid online
•          SSL, identity and authentication, domain name

•       Quality process and quality information

•      Better Business Bureau
 Wholesalers rather then

• Liquidation.com       Bulk sellers finding retail buyers
• GoWholeSale.com      Retailers seeking out suppliers
• Wholesaler can bid on keywords for sponsored listing
• Retailers will see sponsored listing first
• Study supply for same type of product
• Wholesale product is better
• Liquidation product could be damaged
• Over 3 million wholesale business buyers
• Targeted search and online advertising
  Key elements in core product to
  create an augmented product

• Sellers are offered a Global Marketplace

• Complete support for presentation (graphics and text)

• Support for transactions (auction and bidding engine)

• Real-time tracking of transactions

• Offers at least 2x as much value than in offline world

• Auctions close every 2-3 days and no sniping allowed

• Opt-in Email marketing
Broad range of services to
buyers and sellers
    What accounts for price

• Liquidation.com is quite different than standard

• One-time buy for low-priced auctions on bulk products

• An excellent place to get started with wholesale

• Easily browse the products and prices

• If the market is flooded with $2 auctions for your
    Price Comparison

• Consumer electronics to clothing to cars

• Great for people with their own eBay store

• The more you buy the more you save

• Xbox 360 retails for $299 dollars for one

• But if you buy 15, you could get each one for $75

• Great place to save some dollars on internet shopping

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