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									   Shikhar group is a blue
chip company that is built
  on extraordinary service
   and deep integrity, and
   doing a roaring trade in
    real estate business.
Hauling the trust unto the
     last, our motto is to
 alchemize the functional
     design, architectural
marvel & tactical site into
    an attractive, nature-
loving place at a price you
 love. Since the beginning
  to the closing stages, we
 proffer a comprehensive,
 no-excuses approach that
    builds sheer trust and
  delivers supreme results
    with tandem of times.

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Mini Township
develloped for
Defence personals
with more than 120
numbers of
independent units
ranging from two
bedrooms to four bed
rooms with all basic
Price: 25 Lacks |
Plan: Independent
Size: 2000 sq ft / Unit
Satt-Tall Road Nainital
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With a wide range of living
options like villas and
cottages based on Vaastu
principles, adherence to
international construction
quality, design and
specifications, landscaped
open areas are some of the
feature of this project. This
mini township of about 70
independent cottages (ALL
SOLD) with two- three bed
room accommodation is
located on an east facing hill
top with a dense reserved
forest on the back side of
the Hill.
Apartment For Buy | Pine
Price: ON CALL |
Plan: 1/2/2+SER/BR
Location:3 km from
Countryinn Resort Nainital       Call Now 9897599113
Structure - Earth quake
resistant structure as per
latest IS Codes considering
stability in specified earth
quake zone.
Brick Work- Load bearing
brick work with first class
bricks in cement Mortar 1:6
and 1:4 in half brick walls.
External Finishes- Coarse
sand plaster painted with
textured paint or Equivalent
paint Sloping roof shall be
decorated with tiles or
painted with spectrum or
Frame & Shutter –Door and
window frames will be
provided in class 1 Salwood
and shutters will be
provided in Sheesham wood
with glass panes. All
doorframes will be provided    Call Now 9897599113
in flush doors.
Whenever the name
Nainital comes,
mentioning of its lakes
is inevitable. The city
of lakes or the lake
district of India,
Nainital has such titles
to its credit because of
its scenic landscape
dotted with lakes. A
place of varied
topography, Nainital is
located at a height of
1938 meters above the
sea level.
Apartment For Buy |
Price: ON CALL | Plan:
VillaSize: 120 Nali
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Heavenly located &
aesthetically designed
amidst ravishing
natural beauty of
nainital on Satt-Tal
Road Overlooking the
picturesque lush green
Bhimtal Valley and the
Emerald Lake.
Apartment For Buy |
Valley View Flats Lake
Price: 30 Lacks |
Plan: Residential
FlatsSize: 2500 sq ft
Location:Bhimtal Satt-
Tal Road Nainital
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Some rare special offers
on our most lavish
properties in our
exclisive Collection of
farmhouse and villas.
Each is a masterpiece
of architecture and
design, individually
styled, luxurious
interiors, furnished to
an incredibly high
Apartment For Buy |
Shyamkhet Farm House
Price: 50 lacks |
Plan: Farm HousesSize:
5000 sq ft
Location: Bhowali
Ramgarh Road Nainital      Call Now 9897599113
Built for Tirubala
Exports Kanpur at
Bhimtal Satt - Tal Road.

Apartment For Buy |
Guest Houses
Price: 50 lacks |
Guest HouseSize: 5000
sq ft
Bhimtal satt-tal Road

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A hill top seems to be
touching the great
Himalayas, Feeling of
Sunrise and Sunset
takes takes you through
true imagination of
peace and glory. The
Farm House is made on
around two acres of
land. The project site is
about 45 km from
Apartment For Buy |
Farm Houses At
Price: 40 llacks | Plan:
Farm HousesSize: 2
nainital                    Call Now 9897599113
A project efficiently
designed with all the
ultra modern facilities
located on a hil top
surrounded by the eye
soothing lush green
trees, easy access,
beautifully land escaped
with dense forest on the
back, wide roads and
round the clock security.
Apartment For Buy |
Sunny Forest
Price: 60 Lacks |
Plan: Duplex
CottagesSize: 2500 sq ft
Location:Sunny Lake
phase II Bhimtal Satt-Tal
Road Nainital
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Inherently a valley
winning the heights of
most of the beautiful
hills, lakes around
providing a natural
environment, peace and
feeling of joy, adjacent
to Bhimtal Nainital
highway. There are
cottages one bed room
to three bed along with
all facilities designed
and made inline with
European style.
Apartment For Buy |
Krishna Heritage
Price: 25 Lacks |
Plan: Duplex
CottagesSize: 3 Accers
Nainital Highway
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