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									Key Benefits
of Offshore Software Testing
          Errors are possible in any sphere,
software development is not an exception from this rule.

                  Bug-free Software

               Focus On Development

                 Time-saving Option

                    More Effective

                     More Quickly

      Bug-free Software
 Bug-free Software

     Along with specialized techniques and tools, used by
      offshore testing individuals or teams, this kind of
      service guarantees that this type of work will be
      fulfilled by highly qualified staff and will take far less
      time. Your customers will be satisfied by the error-
      free product.

      Focus On Development
 Focus On Development of Your
 Software Product

     If you outsource all testing tasks to others, your
      developers will concentrate only on the core product:
      its initial development and improvements, sales and
      marketing strategy.

      Time-saving Option
 Time-saving Option

     Offshore software testing can save your time in two
      major ways. First, outsourced staff implements
      various techniques and instruments along with their
      expertise to eliminate errors and bugs and improve
      the overall quality of your product, you will save
      much time.

      More Effective
 More Effective in Terms of Cost

     Proper testing tools are often too costly and
      additionally you will have to hire and pay salary to
      qualified testing staff, often it is not feasible
      software development companies.

      More Quickly
 Job Is Done More Quickly

     Software testing, which is done by a specialized
      company, is conducted quick – it leaves more time
      for you to make improvements and successfully
      release your product, giving precious time to position
      the software on the market and develop needed

  Quick Facts
      Annual Losses

Annual losses of the US economy due to various software errors
is equal up to $59.5 billion.

       Majority Uses

The majority of software developing organizations from the US
use services of the offshore software testers.

      No Resources

Most organizations in this sector do not have all necessary
resources to carry proper software testing.

                                                            “quality is a rule”

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