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									San Antonio Chiropractor, Dr. James Franklin, Helps Locals Get Relief
From Tension Headaches

San Antonio, TX, 16-MAR-2011: Dr. Jame Franklin, San Antonio
Chiropractor, has been recognized for his success in providing safe and
natural solutions to individuals suffering from tension headaches. Dr.
Franklin has developed the skills and techniques to give individuals the
ability to become active participants in their health and wellness.

Dr. Franklin provides a holistic approach for individuals suffering from
headache pain that includes both gentle, low-force manipulation,
alternative therapies, and education to provide them with the tools they
need to alleviate recurrence of headache pain and proactively deal with
stressful or tense situations.

When interviewed recently, Dr. Franklin stated, "When a person gets
tension headaches, they often are left incapacitated and unable to focus
on the tasks or activities they are trying to complete. This pain may be
the result of a stressful work or home environment or putting too much
pressure on their body by sitting in the same position for several hours
each day. I work closely with my patients to ensure that they are taking
the proper steps to identify and address the triggers to the pain and can
begin to enjoy a greater quality of life."

The doctor completes a thorough physical examination that includes x-rays
to identify areas of the spine and neck that may have compressed discs
which are pinching the nerves in the spine. He also discusses the
triggers of the headache pain, as well as the history of the pain.
Patients are asked about their lifestyle, diet, and exercise regimen as
well as medical history and injuries that may have occurred in the past.

After evaluating the information collected, Dr. Franklin creates an
individualized plan that may include a change in diet to increase the
vitamins and nutrients needed by the body to regenerate and heal more
quickly. In addition, he will recommend stress reduction techniques as
well as ways to proactively deal with stress and tension in daily life.
Through a series of gentle low-force manipulation and alternative
therapy, including deep tissue massage, patients report that they begin
to feel relief quickly after beginning their program.

To get more information about the methods and techniques used by Dr.
James Franklin, San Antonio Chiropractor to help residents find relief
from tension headaches, visit today.
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