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Rowdie shake


									#1                                                 Awesome
were #1, we can’t be #2 cuz were gonna beat        A-W-E, S-O-M-E, awesome, awesome,
the whoopsies out of you, the whoopsies out        totally
of you
                                                   Be Aggressive
4 more                                             Be agreessive
1 we are the COWBOYS                               B-E- aggressive
2 a little bit louder                              Got to
3 we still cant here you                           B-E-A-GG-R-E-SS-IVE
4 more score more
                                                   Before You Know It
ADDISON                                            Before you know it
(cheerleaders)A-D-D                                Before your eyes
(fans)I-S-O-N                                      Addison Cowboys
(cheerleaders) A-D-D                               Will blow your mind
(fans) I-S-O-N
(cheerleaders) A double D-I-S-O-N yeah             Bad
we’re #1 lets go                                   Cowboys is our name, Football is our game,
When we say blue you say white, Blue               Blue is our color, White is the other, Huh!
(fans) white                                       We think were bad, Huh! We know were
(cheerleaders) Blue                                bad, Huh! We think were bad, were Bad!
(cheerleaders) when we say number you say          Bang Bang
1, number                                          Bang Bang Choo Choo Train, come on
(fans) 1                                           Cowboys do your thing, get it get it get it get
(cheerleaders) number                              it, got it got it got it got it, huh! And let it
(fans) 1                                           roll!
(cheerleaders) when we say go you say
Cowboys, go                                        Beat
(fans)Cowboys                                      B-E-A-T
(cheerleaders) go                                  Beat the _________
Yeah                                               Blue & White
                                                   Blue & White
Addison Country                                    Blue & White
This is Addison Country                            Lets fight
So you beware
                                                   Bring It
Attack                                             Bring it we got this game, back up you know
A-TT-ACK, the cowboys are back                     our name, go cowboys, what, come get it
A-TT-ACK, the leader of the pack
A-TT-ACK, attack, attack                           Charge Up
                                                   Get going again, never give up and never
Attack #2                                          give in so charge, up, charge up
Attack, jump back, we’ll make you shake
your knees cause we are the might cowboys          Cookie Monster
and we do as we please                             The Cookie Monster says that the Cowboys
                                                   are, the great big cookies at the top of the
                                                   jar, The Cookie Monster says that the
                                                   ______ are the itty-bitty crumbs at the
                                                   bottom of the jar!

                                   2010 Addison Cowboys Cheers
                                                  Down By the River
Cowabunga Dudes                                   (Coaches)Down by the river
Cowabunga dudes                                   (cheerleaders) Down by the river
Lets kick some shell                              (coaches) we took a little walk
Cowabunga dudes everybody yell                    (cheerleaders) we took a little walk
GOOOOOOOOOOO Cowboys                              (coaches) we came across the ______
                                                  (cheerleaders) we came across the ______
Cowboy Power                                      (coaches) we had a little talk
Cowboy Power, we are #1, always on top            (cheerleaders) we had a little talk
the best                                          (coaches) We washed them down the river
                                                  (cheerleaders) We washed them down the
Cowboy Power#2                                    river
Sock a little Cowboy power to the ______          (coaches) we hung ‘em on a line
                                                  (cheerleaders) we hung ‘em on a line
Cruisin                                           (coaches) we can beat the _____
Cruisin for a bruising                            (cheerleaders)we can beat the _____
We’ve got you now                                 (coaches) any old time
Cruising for a bruising                           (cheerleaders) any old time

Pow                                               Dynamite
P-O-W                                             Dynamite, our team is dynamite, our team
You’re through                                    goes tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick,
Cruising for a bruising                           boom dynamite, boom dynamite
You yeah you
D-D Defense                                       (coaches)EIEIEIO
D-D-Defense, hold em Cowboys, hold em             (cheerleaders) EIEIEIO
                                                  (coaches) Come on Cowboys lets go
Defense                                           (cheerleaders) Come on Cowboys lets go
Defence, Defense                                  (coaches) Shoobie doobie doobie doo
Go Big D                                          (cheerleaders) Shoobie doobie doobie doo
                                                  (coaches) Uh huh uh huh
Dinosaur                                          (cheerleaders) Uh huh uh huh
Get up and yell it
Like never before
Get up and yell it
And walk your dinosaur
Boom shakalaka boom

                                  2010 Addison Cowboys Cheers
Everywhere We Go                                     Go cowboys
(coaches)Everywhere we go                            Go, Go cowboys
(cheerleaders) Everywhere we go                      Hey, Go Cowboys
(Coaches)People want to know
(cheerleaders) People want to know                   Go Fight Win
(coaches) Who we are                                 Go, go, go, go, go
(cheerleaders) Who we are                            Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight
(coaches)So we tell them                             Win, Win, Win, Win, Win
(cheerleaders) So we tell them                       Go-Fight-Win
(coaches)We are the Cowboys
(cheerleaders) We are the Cowboys                    Hello
(coaches)The mighty, mighty Cowboys                  H-E-L-L-O, Addison Cowboys, say hello,
(cheerleaders) The mighty, mighty Cowboys            hello, hey hey hello, woo
(coaches)What do we want, what do we
want,                                                Hey Cheerleaders
(cheerleaders)To win to win                          (coaches) Hey Cheerleaders
(coaches) What do we want, what do we                (cheerleaders) Hey what
want                                                 (coaches) hey Cheerleaders,
(cheerleaders)To win to win, Yeah!!!                 (cheerleaders)Hey what
                                                     (coaches)let me see you shake your booty
Fans In The Stand                                    (cheerleaders) no way
Hey fans in the stand                                (coaches) let me see you shake your booty
Stand up and clap your hands                         (cheerleaders) ok, jump shake your booty,
Say go, go                                           jump, jump, shake your booty, jump shake
Go cowboys go                                        your booty, jump, jump shake your booty
                                                     (coaches) hey cheerleaders
Fire Cracker                                         (cheerleaders) hey what
Fire Cracker Fire Cracker, Boom Boom                 (coaches) hey cheerleaders
Boom, Fire Cracker Fire Cracker, Boom                (cheerleaders) hey what
Boom Boom, the boys got the muscles, the             (coaches) let me see you get down
coaches got the brains and the girls got the         (cheerleaders) no way
sexy legs and we won the game!                       (coaches) let me see you get down
                                                     (cheerleaders) ok stomp your feet, boogie to
Fire Up                                              the beat, turn around, touch the ground,
F-I-R-E                                              that’s the way we get down woo, that’s the
Fire up, fire up, fire up                            way we get down, woo
                                                     Hey You Cuties
Football                                             Hey you cuties in the blue and white suites
F double O-T-B-A Double L                            Say you you pull through
Get that, get that football
                                                     Hey You Over There
Get out of our way                                   Hey you over there
Hey, hey you                                         The parties over here
Get out of our way                                   We are #1 and having fun
The Addison Cowboys will blow you away               And this is our year!

Get that Ball                                        Hold That Line
Get that ball                                        Hold that line, Hit em hard, make them fight
Get it now                                           for every yard!
Knock them down

                                     2010 Addison Cowboys Cheers
Hot to go                                             Move it on down
H-O-T-T-O-G-O                                         Move it on down
The Addison cowboys are hot to go                     Move it on down
Say oh ah hot to go                                   Move it on down
Say oh ah hot to go                                   For a touchdown!

Jam                                                   My Back Aches
Jam, Jam, Jam                                         My back aches
Now that’s the way to move                            My skirts too tight
Just let your body go and groove                      My body shakes from left to right
                                                      Say ooo-aah we got the spirit – whoo
Jammin’ In the Stands                                 Say ooo-aah we got the spirit – whoo
We don’t need no music
We don’t need no bands                                Offense / Defense
All we need are the cowboys                           Our offense is ready, our defense is tough,
Jammin’ in the stands                                 so everybody get ready, to shake your stuff,
Jammin’ in the stands                                 to shake your stuff

Kick                                                  Peaches and Cream
K-I-C-K                                               Peaches peaches, peaches and cream, what’s
Kick that Ball                                        the matter with the other team? Nothin
                                                      nothin nothin at all, they just don’t know
Kick Off                                              how to play football
Kick off
Go, Go, Get Em, Get Em,                               Pep is the key
Got to get em, get em                                 That’s right
Go Cowboys Go                                         Pep is the key
Go Cowboys Go                                         And we are pepping it up for a victory

Kickoff (Everybody get up)                            Perfection
Everybody get up, get up for the kickoff,             We strive for perfection
everybody get up, get up for the kickoff              Witout a doubt
                                                      We strive for perfection
Lets get Physical                                     So check us out
Lets get physical
Get rough, get tough, get mean                        PHD
Let’s get physical and beat that team                 Our PHD
                                                      Will lead us to a victory
L-E-T-S-G-O                                           Our Pride, Hustle and Desire
L-E-T-S-G-O, L-E-T-S-G-O
Let’s go, Let’s go                                    Power to the Hour
Go Cowboys                                            More power to the hour,
                                                      more bounce to the ounce.
Let’s go                                              We are the mighty COWBOYS
Let’s go Cowboys let’s go, Let’s go                   and we'll boom, knock you out (pause)
Cowboys let’s go                                      boom, boom knock you out!

                                                      We are proud of you, say we are proud of
                                                      you, you betcha

                                      2010 Addison Cowboys Cheers
Prouder                                                   Rock Steady
were the cowboys couldn’t be prouder                      Rock, Rock Steady
if you can’t hear us we’ll shout a little                 Cause your team aint even Ready
louder                                                    To Rock, Rock, Rock, Rock
                                                          Steady, Eddy, Eddy, Eddy
Push                                                      Rock Steady
Push ‘em back, push ‘em back, way back
                                                          Rock the House
Rampage                                                   Who rocks the house? The Cowboys rock
Cowboys are on a rampage                                  the house. And when they rock the house,
We are going non-stop                                     they rock it all the way down, all the way
Total domination                                          down
Straight to the top
The time is now as you can see                            Rowdie1
Cause we are kickin it up for a Victory!!                 R-O-W-D-I-E That’s the way we spell
                                                          rowdie, rowdie, lets get rowdie, woo
Ready to Go
We are ready to go                                        Rowdie1 (shake your booty)
We are set to fight                                       R-O-W-D-I-E That’s the way we spell
Cowboys are here to win                                   rowdie, rowdie, shake your booty
Blue and White
Reese’s Pieces                                            R-R-R-O-W-D-D-D-I-E, R-O-W-D-I-E lets
(coaches) Reese’s Pieces peanut butter cup                get rowdie woo!
let me see the Cowboys shake their stuff.
(cheerleaders) I can’t                                    Rowdie3
(coaches) why not                                         Let’s get ready, What did you say? I said a
(cheerleaders) because I can’t                            let’s get rowdie, rowdie. What did you say?
(coaches) why not                                         I said a hold up wait a minute, put a little
(cheerleaders) because my back aches, my                  bootie in it.
skirts too tight, my booty shakes from the
left to the right. To the left, to the left, to the       Rowdie4
right, to the right, to the front to the front, to        R-O-W-D-I-E
the back to the back.                                     That’s the way we spell rowdie
                                                          Rowdie, lets get rowdie
Rock On                                                   Crinkle, crinkle, crunch crunch
Rise up, gather around                                    We are a rowdie bunch
Let’s rock this place right to the ground                 Rowdie lets get rowdie, whew!
Stand up and cheer until you drop
This cowboy team cannot be stopped                        Rut Tut
Rock On, Rock On, Rock On, Rock                           Ladies and Gents we present to you all A
                                                          mighty fine game of Football, hands up rut
Rock & Roll                                               tut tut tut, hands down rut tut tut tut, all
Rock & Roll cowboy team got that soul.                    around rut tut tut tut, to the ground, rut tut
Shake it up and down and move it all                      tut tut, say hey rut tut tut tut, say hey rut tut,
around.                                                   tut tut One more time hands up rut tut tut tut,
                                                          hands down rut tut tut tut, all around like rut
                                                          tut tut tut, to the ground, rut tut tut tut, say
                                                          hey rut tut tut tut, say hey rut tut, tut tut. no
                                                          more times

                                          2010 Addison Cowboys Cheers
Score                                               Time Out
S-C-O-R-E. Score, Cowboys                           Its Time Out
                                                    Its Time to Shout
Scoreboard                                          We got spirit we can’t control
Look at the scoreboard and what do you see,         So let it loose and Rock and Roll
the Cowboys are winning by whoopie, by              They think that their really tough
whoopie, by whoopie, by whoopie                     But that’s ok, we’re hot stuff

Shake It                                            Touchdown
Shake it, shake it, don’t you ever, ever            Touchdown, touchdown, touchdown boys,
mistake it, we are striving through were here       you make the touchdowns, we make the
were ready to conquer you                           noise

Shout it Out                                        Twirl Around
Hey, Hey lets hear you shout                        Twirl around
Blue and White                                      Now touch the ground
Shout it out                                        We got a Touchdown
Go Cowboys
SP-Spirit                                           When your up, your up, when your down,
SP-IR-IT                                            your down, when your messin with the
Got Spirit?                                         Cowboys, your upside down
Lets hear it
Stand Up                                            Big V, dot the I, curl that C-T-O-R-Y,
Stand UP                                            victory, Victory
Be pround
Say Your name Outloud                               Way To Go
We are the cowboys                                  Way to go
We are the Cowboys                                  Way to be
The mighty Mighty Cowboys                           Super Super Energy
Say Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey
Go Cowboys                                          We Don’t Mess Around
                                                    We don’t mess around, we don’t mess
Success                                             around, we don’t mess around, we just get
S-U-C-C-E-S-S                                       down, down, down, woo! Down, down,
That’s the way we spell success                     down, Yeah!
Who’s gonna win it, can’t you guess
Addison Cowboys, we are the best                    We Got Spirt (back and forth)
                                                    We Got spirit how, yes we do
Take                                                We got spirit, how about you
Take that ball away                                 We Got Spirt
                                                    We got Spirit, yeah yeah
That’s OK                                           We got spirit, yeah yeah
That’s ok, that’s alright                           We got wha-at, wha-at
Were gonna beat them anyway                         What, what,
                                                    What, what, what, what what?
                                                    We got Spirit

                                    2010 Addison Cowboys Cheers
What, what, what, what, what ,what, what,
what, what, what ‘cha say, what ‘cha say,
beat ‘em, beat ‘em, beat ‘em, bust ‘em
that’s our custom, come on Cowboys
readjust ‘em, go fight win

What do you do?
What do you do to a COWBOY you meet
You get down on your knees
You don’t pray on your feet
You ask the mighty COWYBOY for mercy
to live
And maybe, just maybe, he’ll let you live

What You See
What you see is what you get
And you aint seen nothing yet so get get, ge
on up, whew

Y-E-L-L, Y-E-L-L, everybody yell, come on
go Cowboys, come on go Cowboys


                                    2010 Addison Cowboys Cheers

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