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Pool thermometers are relatively inexpensive and come in a variety of styles:

* Floating thermometers are available in chrome, brass and plastic. They come designed
as fun and colorful animals including alligators, ducks and turtles. Some floating
thermometers have a matching chlorinator or brominator that can be purchased
* Hanging thermometers come with a cord to easily fasten to a pool's rail or ladder.
* Digital handheld thermometers are increasingly popular because they are portable,
accurate and quick.

Find Out All About Lonestar Land Design:Today, outdoor living design is all about
extending your indoor living space to the outdoors. Designing an outdoor living area will
not only create extra space for your family to enjoy but it is also one of the best ways to
increase the value of your home. Our team of landscape designers have the skills and
tools to create an outdoor environment that will meet your unique needs. Our designers
and project managers can integrate your style with our cutting edge design and building

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Cleaners come in all shapes, sizes and various weights and some have wheels while
others don't. Cleaners normally slide on the bottom of the pool's floor to clean while
others may skim on the surface. Some are able to perform both functions.

Lone Star Land Design Services:

This associate performs basic landscape and hardscape construction tasks while following
standard Lone Star Land Design work methods and practicing safe work habits to provide
quality service to our clients. This position is under the direction of a Crew Leader. This
position does not require the operation of motorized equipment.
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Trey believes that in order to be the best, you have to strive for excellence everyday. All
employees of Lone Star Land Design are held to this high standard to ensure that our
customers are getting the best product and services possible. Lone Star Land Design is a
member of many organizations in the green industry, including the American Society of
Landscape Architects. Trey and his family live in Central Austin.

# Using an energy-efficient pool pumps that fits the dimensions of your pool will also
increase its energy efficiency. A pool pump that is too large or small can waste energy
and be prone to problems.
# Solar lighting is an inexpensive way to add light to your backyard during the evening.
Solar lighting is available in floaters for pools, or in backyard lamp post models. Also,
motion detector lights in your patio or pool area are also great ways to conserve energy as
they illuminate when you are present. Consider energy efficient light bulbs for all of your
backyard lights.
# Well maintained pool equipment and properly balanced water will have your equipment
working more effectively and may also save you costly repairs.

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