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					                                                                    CHAPTER 16: World War Looms
                               16.3 – The Holocaust                                                                    16.4 – America Moves Towards War
       Explain the reasons behind the Nazis' persecution of the Jews and the problems facing           Describe the U.S. response to the outbreak of war in Europe in 1939.
        Jewish refugees.                                                                                Explain how Roosevelt assisted the Allies without declaring war.
       Describe the Nazis' "final solution" to the Jewish problem and the horrors of the               Summarize the events that brought the United States into armed conflict with Germany.
        Holocaust.                                                                                      Describe the American response to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
       Identify and describe the profound and lasting effects of the Holocaust on survivors.
The Persecution Begins                                                                          The US Musters Its Forces
1. What did the Nazis do to the Jews after taking power?                                        1. What did the US initially do after WWII began in Europe?
2. Why was it almost impossible for Jews to escape from Germany?                                2. How did the formation of the Axis alliance affect the US?
Hitler’s Final Solution                                                                         “The Great Arsenal of Democracy”
3. What was the goal of the Final Solution?                                                     3. How did FDR help the Allies?
4. What was the process of the Final Solution?                                                  4. Why were some Americans opposed to providing aid to the USSR?
5. How did the Nazis industrialize the murdering of Jews?                                       5. What did the Germans do that threatened FDR’s lend-lease program?
6. How did the US respond to Jewish refugees?                                                   6. Why did FDR take one “unneutral” step after another to assist Britain and the Soviet
The Final Stage                                                                                         Union in 1941?
7. What other brutalities took place in concentration camps?                                    FDR Plans for War
8. What did Gerda Weissmann mean when she said, “ Survival is both an exalted                   7.What was the Atlantic Charter? Why was it important?
         privilege and a painful burden”?                                                       8. How did the US end up in an undeclared war with Germany?
9. Explain what is depicted in the image below.                                                 Japan Attacks the US
                                                                                                9. Why was Japan on a collision course with the US?
                                                                                                10. What event brought the US into the War?
                                                                                                11. What is in this picture? Is it important? Why or why not?

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