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                Quoting, Summarizing, and Paraphrasing Sources

                                 Amy Brewer


                               January 30, 2011

                                Paula Stanton
QUOTING, SUMMARIZING, AND PARAPHRASING SOURCES                                                         2

Axia College Material

                                                Appendix E

Quoting, Summarizing, and Paraphrasing Sources
Summarize:                                         The author of this article claims that racial
                                                   profiling and affirmative action are almost
   Be brief.                                      identical in nature (Somin, 2010).
   Reflect key facts or ideas.
   Help readers understand context.
   Do not insert personal views.
   Write in your own words, except for
    quotations.                                    Somin, I. (2009). How Affirmative Action Is Like
                                                   Racial Profiling. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.
Paraphrase:                                        In this article, Melber (2010) argues that
                                                   affirmative action laws are becoming
   Use details.                                   disregarded, because Americans have to come
   Reflect the structure of the source.           to feel that ethnic favoritism is beginning to
   Reflect the ideas of the original author.      have adverse reactions. The author claims
   Do not insert personal views.                  that Barack Obama‟s election can be greatly
   Write in your own words, except for            attributed to affirmative action laws that helped
    quotations.                                    minorities achieve the same educational and
                                                   professional opportunities as the majority
                                                   groups (para.1).

                                                   Melber, A. (2010). Affirmative Action Programs
                                                   Promote Equal Opportunity. Retrieved from
Quote:                                             According to Connerly (2008, para. 2), “the
                                                   practice of applying different standards in
   Choose a well-stated key idea.                 college admissions and setting aside contracts
   Use a verb of attribution to introduce the     for „minorities‟ and women is never called
    quotation; for example, He claimed, She        discrimination, when it is to the benefit of such
    reported, they assert).                        individual. Instead, such practices are called
   Punctuate correctly.                           „affirmative action‟ or the promotion of
   Cite in APA format.                            „diversity‟.”

                                                   Connerly, W. (2008). Affirmative-Action
                                                   Programs Are Unnecessary and
                                                   Discriminatory. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.
QUOTING, SUMMARIZING, AND PARAPHRASING SOURCES                                                              3

How do you decide which information is noteworthy and which is not?

        When deciding which information to use, first I make sure that the sources I have are trustworthy

and qualified to provide the information I am looking for. I like to use index cards, and write down

anything I feel may be beneficial to my essay. After my research is complete I use material that my

sources were able to back up and support.

How do you determine whether to quote, paraphrase, or summarize a source?

        I rarely use direct quotes, and would only feel comfortable quoting from a well-known, reputable

and dependable source. When I do quote a source word-for-word, it would be because I am using that

source (and the source‟s reputation) to back my opinion.    In my opinion, summarizing and paraphrasing

are the easiest techniques for me to use, because the majority of the time I am using a source to base my

whole opinion on; and in these instances I feel that paraphrasing and summarizing are the best methods.

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