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                    Evaluating Communication Strategies

                               Amy Brewer


                              March 2, 2011

                               Dr. Mancuso
EVALUATING COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES                                                                   2

                               Evaluating Communication Strategies

         Being a successful human services worker requires a strong sense of people skills as well

as the ability to build trusting relationships with clients. The easiest way for human services

workers to communicate with their clients effectively and form constructive relationships with

them in a way they will trust the worker working with them is to adapt to their specific

personality and empathize with their situation.

         Hypothetically speaking, if I were the human services worker in this scenario following

the direction of my manager to decide the best communication approach for each client, I would

have to have a confident understanding of how to form a trustworthy connection and personal

bond with every client. Furthermore, I would have to possess the desire to learn about each

client’s personal history in such a diverse setting of people to succeed in communicating

effectively with him or her. I would try to gain my clients’ trust by showing an interest in

“who” they are and where they come from by asking them questions about their own personal

values, and moreover by showing a respect and appreciation for what made them unique. Some

clients may be more comfortable telling me about their situation as I actively listened and helped

them establish a goal plan. Some clients may be more responsive to me assessing their needs

and providing them resources for their goals. However, the majority of clients would need both

ends of the spectrum: evaluations as well as active listening.

         Human services workers must have a genuine interest in their clients’ cultural

background, not just their life circumstances but what about them makes them a unique human

being. Be it a distinct ethnic background, age, sex, or any other discerning feature that sets each

client apart, human services workers need to demonstrate interest in each client on an individual


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