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This article discusses about Mother's Day serenades which you can send with the help of the online gifting store,

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Title :   Serenades for your mother on Mother's Day
Description : This  article discusses about Mother's Day serenades which you can send with the help of
the online gifting store,

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Mother’s Day is the celebration of motherhood as well as of maternal bonds. It is the day when the
whole world recognizes the significance of mother in one’s life and honors her in various ways. This
unique celebration of Mother’s Day varies from March, April and May. While the whole world
celebrates this day in the month of May, in United Kingdoms, Mother’s Day is celebrated either in the
month of March or April. In the current year, Mother’s Day in UK will be celebrated on 3rd of April. If
you are staying in UK, you can celebrate Mother’s Day by sending gifts to India with the help of is one of the most preferred e-gifting website, which helps you to send gifts to
India on different occasions and festivals. We are proud to offer you some extra-ordinary gift items on
the occasion of Mother’s Day. Starting from chocolates to fresh fruits, sweets, gift vouchers, Mother’s
Day Hamper and more are offered on Mother’s Day.

However, if you want to give something really special to your mother on Mother’s Day, go for the
serenades offered by our website. We offer you 2 days as well as 3 days serenades especially for
Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day serenades are one of the most special way to say how much you love
and care for your mother. The 2 days serenades of our website will give you the opportunity to send
gifts for two consecutive days. On the other hand, if you go for the 3 days serenades, you can send
awesome gifts to your mother for 3 consecutive days. Depending on your choice, go for the serenade
to surprise your mother this Mother’s Day. Both the serenades offer different variety of gift items.
You can opt for the 2 days serenades to send gift to India on Mother’s Day. In this category, you can
choose from the different serenades available. If you go for the ‘Unforgettable Moments’, you will get
to send pink roses along with dry fruits and gift voucher from Taj on the first day. On the second day,
 you can send a packet of Ferrero Rocher, Gerbera-Basket and a box of kaju barfi. If your mother has
a spiritual bent of mind, then you can go for ‘For My Mother’. This serenade comes with picture of Lord
Krishna and Radha and Gerberas in the first day and fresh fruits, and Red Carnations, Red
Anthoriums and green foilage in the second day. You can also go for the serenades that come with
beauty products, cakes, fragrances and sweets.

You can make your mother feel really special with our selection of gifts offered in the 3 days
serenades. You can go for the ‘Lovely Serenade’, which will let you gift her with a toaster on the first
day, sweets on the second day and flowers and a cake on the final day. If you opt for the ‘Love You
Sweet Mother’, you can send ladies bag, saree, sweets and roses to your mother on this special day
of celebration of motherhood. On the other hand, convey your warm feelings and love for your mother
with ‘Your Warmth is Always’ and send this Mother’s Day serenades to India. On the first day, your
mother will get flowers and chocolates, on the second day, you will send her sweets and roses and on
the final or third day, bring a smile on her face with a chocolate cake and flowers.

Our website is known for timely delivery and we deliver gifts to the remotest places in India as well.
Since we value the time of our customers, we guarantee you to send serenades on Mother’s Day
to India on your preferred day and time.

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