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									Writing Content for the Web

Driving traffic to your site can be difficult, especially with millions upon millions of websites out there. One of the easy
ways to attract site visitors is article marketing. It’s a known fact that most internet users browse the web to gather
information so this traffic generation strategy is a sure way to satiate their needs. If you do not have the time or talent
to write compelling articles, why not try copywriting outsourcing? There are a lot of skilled writers out there who can
help you with your article marketing efforts.

Even if you have decided to outsource your writing needs, it is still important for you to understand the do’s and don’ts
of writing content for the web to make sure that your article marketing efforts are not put in vain.

    1. Do not use jargon.
       There are terms that may be familiar to the writer, but not to the users, so even if you have written a very good
       article, it would not be useful if your readers cannot understand what you are trying to say. To sum it up: write
       to express, not to impress.

    2. Avoid using acronyms and/or abbreviations.
       Users who are not familiar with a particular topic will be at a loss if your content is filled with undefined
       abbreviations or acronyms. Try to make use of these terms sparingly and provide the definitions.

    3. Use uppercase letters only when necessary.
       Writing web content using uppercase letters slows down the reading performance of your users, plus it is
       annoying. Readers may also find your article condescending if there are a lot of words in uppercase letters. You
       do not have to write in that way just to prove a point.

    4. Make your article short and simple.
       In other words, get to the point. Avoid using flowery words because doing so will slow down the reading
       comprehension of your readers. Avoid making long sentences and paragraphs. Instead, use bullet points to
       make the article more readable.

The Philippines is one of the most sought after countries when it comes to copywriting outsourcing. You will also find
that staff leasing in Manila is more affordable here compared to other outsourcing destinations.

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