Link Building Techniques and Strategies by thuhuyen1983


									If it were as simple to get top rankings for web sites as getting thousands of links pointing to
your site as possible then all you would have to do is buy a bunch of site wide links and you
would be on top. The two main things you have to consider when link building is the quality of
the links and the time it takes to get them.

Of course you could purchase a site wide link from a high page rank site and it should be
quality but now consider the quality of all of the pages within the site. You may get a few good
back links but is it worth what you paid?

I learned very quickly in my Internet marketing career that having thousands of links pointing
to my site in a short time was a bad thing. The top SE's like to see what is called natural link
building. In other words they like to see a site grow over time. What this means is that if you
acquire thousands of links in a very short period of time your site will be penalized.

So, what are the effective link building techniques and strategies?

Article Distribution - This is possible the most effective way to grow the popularity of your site.
Write an article a day or as many as you can write and submit to the top article directories. This
provides one-way links to your site from article directories and also provides one-way links from
other sites that use your article.

Reciprocal Linking - This is probably the most popular type of link building but if not done
properly can get you into trouble. Explained, reciprocal linking is when site A puts a link to site
B and site B puts a link to site A. This can be effective but watch out for bad neighborhoods.
There are a lot of Webmasters who try to take advantage of this technique in many ways.
When you are looking for possible reciprocal partners, be sure to choose quality partners and
always review link requests.

Triangular Linking - This is a technique that you can do in order to get a one-way link to your
site and two others get a one-way link as well. To do this site A links to site B site B links to site
C and site C links to site A. Sites A, B and C now have one way links.

Purchasing Links - This is a link building technique that can be extremely effective if done
correctly. When you are looking for a site in which you want to purchase links from, be sure
that it is quality and worth the price. As I mentioned before you do not want to purchase too
many all at once. If you purchase one or two really good, high PR, quality links for a good price
then it is all worth it.

There are many other proven strategies and techniques when it comes to link building. I try to
combine a little of each and I have seen some great results. Just do what you know is right and
never try to bend the rules. Always keep quality in mind and your link building campaign will
prove to provide your site with many visitors.

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