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Chiropractor In Frederick MD, Dr. Steve Digles, Provides Natural Scoliosis Correction


Dr. Steve Digles, Frederick Chiropractor provides safe and natural solutions to individuals suffering from Scoliosis. The condition can have far reaching ramifications to the body and prevent an individual from enjoy a normal active life without pain. With an individualized care plan, the doctor provides individual with the ability to increase their quality of life without the need for medical apparatus' or medication.

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									Chiropractor In Frederick MD, Dr. Steve Digles, Provides Natural
Scoliosis Correction

Frederick, MD, 16-MAR-2011: The New Life Chiropractic Center is pleased
to announce that Dr. Steve Digles has recently been recognized for his
success in providing natural and safe solutions to individuals who suffer
from Scoliosis. Scoliosis is a condition that can seriously impede an
individuals' ability to participate in normal activities.

When interviewed recently, Dr. Digles stated, "As a Chiropractor and
Physical Therapist, I have developed the skills and techniques to address
the three major causes of poor health, trauma, stress and toxins. When
working with my patients I use a holistic approach that increases the
body's ability to heal and regenerate. I teach patients how to become
active participants in their overall health and wellness and give them
the tools they need to live active and healthy lives without the fear of
constant pain."

When examining patients for Scoliosis, Dr. Digles conducts a thorough
physical examination that includes the Adam's Forward Bending Test. This
test and x-rays show the abnormal prominence or hump that is often
related to Scoliosis. The doctor also performs range of motion tests to
measure the mobility of the individual. When needed patient's are
referred to other professionals in the center for further therapy.

To get more information about the techniques and methods used by Dr.
Steve Digles, Frederick Chiropractor to provide the natural and safe
correction of Scoliosis visit today.
Individuals and members of the press interested in getting further
details about this press release will find contact information below.

Dr. Steve Digles

The New Life Chiropractic Center

Ballenger Creek Professional Center

6550 Mercantile Drive East Suite 105

Frederick, MD 21703

Telephone: 301-668-2222

Fax: 301-668-2223


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